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    https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/queensland-government-confirms-lucrative-ballymore-upgrade/news-story/0e50e5eecae12aaa2d4cc1220bb1ccf3 https://www.smh.com.au/sport/qatar-bid-should-put-queensland-s-2032-olympic-hopes-on-red-alert-20200729-p55glv.html
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    Having watched the behind the scenes overview of the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony, I actually liked the design of the stadium back then compared to now. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/50/44/ea/5044ea68a0bb29db59037f3a937652cc.png
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    Also on the night of the first dress rehearsal, the “swimmers” on the wires during Deep Sea Dreaming failed to go up.
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    The Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony started almost a disaster. During one of the rehearsals, the G’Day banner broke
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    it's okay. you can say "americans," I agree lol.
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    I made this video about the 1936 US Olympic Basketball Team that was comprised of Universal Studios employees. It was the first Olympics that ever included basketball, and the US took home the gold! It's a little-known story, but has so many interesting facets across the board. It was relatively controversial just for the team to attend. I hope you enjoy the video!
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    Been a joy to relive London 2012 this weekend - they've basically played out the official DVDs on screen over the last few days with the directors cut of the Opening Ceremony and seven and a half hours of games actions featuring plenty of presentation from the BBC at the time too. Unsurprisingly the Closing Ceremony is left off the repeat agenda. One thing though that really stands out, and it is nothing we didn't discuss at the time, is the cauldron. One of my favourite lightings ever but was a huge shame it didn't shine bright over the city - and even when the athletics stadium opened it was basically shoved in a corner and we saw it far more on the stadium screens than in place in the stadium.
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    Maybe in the long run, Uighurs and HK will be a bigger (PR) problem for 2022 than Covid-19, if they have a vaccine for that. But yeah, the IOC didn’t care about Human Rights in 2008 and they won’t in 2022. There might be however athletes willing to take a risk and speak up during the Games. That’ll be quite a show then.
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    How hosting most of the AFL can boost Queensland's Olympic bid Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/queensland/how-hosting-the-afl-can-boost-queensland-s-olympic-bid-20200716-p55ckk.html
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    Interesting find. Who would have guessed that Hong Kong, set to be transferred to China in 1997, would have a billionaire who was willing to "donate" Beijing's 100,000 seater stadium.
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    I mean, it's only fair that they are punished and equally get their games cancelled if Tokyo loses them. Even if they did not caused the pandemic, the fact that their lies and constant cover ups of the virus evolution which have also been exposed by either WHO's own dumbness or Taiwan (a country which China loves to isolate from everything and yet they managed to manage this disaster much better than many other countries) is still there. Even without the cancellation the shadow of a boycott is stronger than ever and Hong Kong might be the excuse the West will use to justify it. Let's hope nothing of this happens, but if Tokyo is cancelled next year get ready for the worst years for Olympism since WW2.
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    Agree with the logic of postponing Birmingham for 4 years. Hamilton hosting in 2026 instead of 2030 would just be annoying (I feel the same about LA 2028 and kind of hope if Tokyo doesn't happen they'll rejig things so LA happens in 2032!) . Is a real shame Singapore has yet to host the Commonwealth Games - they would be a great host city.
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    I guess the cauldron would have to sit on the roof - not much space outside the Stade de France for a freestanding one, so it's either on the roof or an in stadium version like London, though smaller stadium cauldrons and another one in the city seems to be the way hosts are going.
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    A potential SEQ Olympics logo https://imgur.com/9jc68Kq
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    There’s maybe an argument at this point to say give Birmingham 2026 & cancel 2022. Would give the World Athletics Championships & their athletes the space they need, 2022 is a very cramped summer. Although obviously it’d be best of all if they can find a host for 2026 & keep Brum - I like the Commonwealth Games, it’s very sad to see them in so much trouble
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    The finger-painting intros to the various continents are classy too. The look of the whole event is excellent.
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    So, the UK have always had a hill sufficient enough to hold alpine skiing events, even downhill, and we're just now hearing about it? If this is the case, why haven't the UK ever put in a bid to host a winters games.
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    If it's physically possible, Glasgow would be better than London surely #curlingscominghome
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