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    GOOD EVENING GAMESBIDS, & WELCOME TO THE 12TH ANNUAL OLYMPIC LOGO COMPETITION! Yes, this again. Following last year's reasonable turnout for a competition that was basically a giant timing error, we have returned to the tradition of GB's winter Cultural Olympiad for the 12th (!) edition. After an August start in 2017, I'm sure you're pleased to leave it to November 26 before breaking out the festive songs. First, as ever, a proper thanks to the two Aussies whose foundations for the comp led to its longevity - @thatsnotmypuppy, the founder who came up with the idea, & @Sir Rols, who kept it going & is enthusiastically taking up his newer role as official sounding-board once again - thanks mate Now, in my latest attempt to live up to the great comps of old, I'm going for a format that's semi-traditional, but incorporates what made the World Cup one of 2016 successful. In addition, our 4 cities (yup, 4, 2 summer & 2 winter) have been picked for controversy, challenge, & pure design potential, so there's a lot to work with. So let's go around the world, from A to Z & from M to...M, here are the logo comp cities of 2018: WINTER 2030 CITY 1: ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN (the controversy) It had to be. Everyone's favourite Kazakh not-capital, this is the city that bids for every Winter Olympics except the one it might actually win. It's the city everyone's talking about, & as the IOC finally run out of options, it's a Games that might even happen. How would you show it to the world? WINTER 2030 CITY 2: ZURICH, SWITZERLAND (for challenge) The largest city in the IOC's homeland, I can only assume that the reason it's never so much as bid for the Winter games is that mountains are a fair way away. That & the democracy thing. Neither of these matter to the comp (or the IOC), so how would you brand the Olympics' sort-of homecoming in 2030? SUMMER 2032 CITY 1: MEXICO CITY, um, MEXICO (for potential part 1) 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant Olympics of all time, & we're returning to where it all happened - Mexico's sprawling capital. From the Aztecs to Kahlo, Mexico is full of inspiration - a gift to the designers of our board. How will you show off Mexico as the Olympics return? SUMMER 2032 CITY 2: MUMBAI*, INDIA (for potential part 2) And finally, one of the largest & most vibrant cities on Earth - Mumbai. To emulate their big rival China by hosting the Olympics would be a huge deal for India - & in Bollywood's home city, design ideas shouldn't be hard to find. I've long wondered how the designers here would brand an Indian Olympics - here's your chance. *A note on names - Mumbai is the only official name of the city, not Bombay. If you really must use Bombay in your logo (for a visual pun, say) I can't stop you, but as we like to be realistic, bear in mind Mumbai is the only name that the IOC & India would use, & would be the name used for any real purpose. THE RULES/FORMAT We are, as ever, after logos that encompass the overall feel of the city and local influences that can be tied into a design concept. How can any of these cities articulate graphically what they could bring to future Olympics hosting? What flavour will they bring to the games? Will it inspire any of these to actually bid for the damn thing? The logos should be presented as full colour designs on white background. If you like, however, they can also be presented in black and white or utilised in forms like street banners, t-shirts, apps, vehicles, pins etc. For voting purposes, the main (colour) logo will be used on the polls, & extra stuff is not obligatory, but any extra material you produce may help you “sell” your design better to the wider GamesBids voting membership.  These logos are for the cities as they HOST the games. So you CAN use the rings, and don't need to include the words “Candidate City, Olympic Games 2030/32” or whatever the IOC want this week. Please post your preliminary submissions on this thread. If you want to hold anything back to be presented as a “surprise” when voting starts you can contact me or Rols via PM and I'll tell you where you can send the extra material. However, it would be nice to see as many on-thread submissions as possible for people to chew over in-thread, & to try & get the old buzz back. You can submit logos for any of the cities, & anything up to all 4 of them. However, you cannot enter more than one logo for the same city (see below). So entering one logo for each of Almaty, Mexico City & Mumbai is fine, but two logos for Almaty, say, is not fine. You are able, encouraged even, to enter for multiple cities. Feel free to post as many logo designs as you like, & to ask for feedback from our famously discerning electorate. If you really can't decide between your own designs for a city, feel free to start a poll (or to ask for one to be started). When the time comes for voting, however, you will be asked to settle on a maximum of ONLY ONE official logo per city as your official entry. The format is a revisit to the tournament system that served the World Cup comp so well in 2016. Exact details will depend on the numbers received - so will be revealed when we get there. Unlike the World Cup, the winter & summer 'halves' will be entirely separate, there will be two winners in the Olympic comp tradition. The competition is open to all members of GamesBids, or to any new legitimate members who join before the end of the submission period. I, with consultation, will rule on the legitimacy of new members. As you would expect, I will rule on any disputes - always aiming to be as fair as possible in the process. As always, just remember, this is all meant to be fun. Olympic spirit, remember?. Hopefully this will spark up some action on the board. I'll be dipping in, keeping a close eye on things, but otherwise will try and keep my green yoshi-paws off until the polling stages. The deadline for submissions is 1pm London time (that is, midnight in Sydney, as per tradition) on NEW YEAR'S EVE, 31 DECEMBER 2018. Thus, GB will begin 2019 with the voting. And this is just to alert @Rob. to the existence of the new comp in the hope that he'll do his traditional bit of putting up links to various free design programs etc for the benefit of those who want to take part but may not have the facility at the moment. All that is left to say is thank you Rols once again, and to all participants for having the guts to put your logos up for the annual GamesBids dissection, & may the best logos win. There are too many languages involved to do this properly, so I'll just say GOOD LUCK! 
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    Ok, I know there always used to be a good few members who only creeped out of the woodwork when a logo comp was on, plus there’s several old big names who haven’t been seen round here for some time. Since we don’t have status updates anymore (grumble) the only way to alert them is like this: @daveypodmore @Glacib @woohooitsme83 @Scotguy @JO2024 @mr.bernham @Rob. @Lord David This doesn’t include anyone who I know is aware of the comp, isn’t in any kind of order, & I’m sure I’ll think of more. Also, Utkarsh, you can also submit a logo for any of the other 3 cities, but not for Mumbai unless you want to replace the one above. Housekeeping done
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    Anyway, if the Swedish government just doesn’t want it, there’s nothing the IOC can do, no matter the “verbiage” they’re using about them. Just ask Calgary 2026 that. Milan is their best bet ATM, especially now that the Italian Government just came out & committed themselves to the bid on a ‘just in case’ basis. As for SLC, I actually would like to see the whole process fall apart just so the IOC has no other choice but to give 2026 to them, & then watch you, your emmy fool & dumb offspring, dart boy, all explode from the shock!
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    Bach “won’t be too concerned, though. They still have two other excellent candidates” (left)! In the meantime, the rest of the members are like:
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    I assume you mean 'complement', but instead you've unwittingly given us a brilliant insight into what the IOC's current leadership probably thinks should be happening.
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    The IOC doesn’t panic. They enjoy being in complete denial. If Calgary drops, I totally expect Bach to come out & say - “we’re not too concerned. We still have two excellent candidates for the 2026 Winter Games” - lmfao
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    Spain will bid to the host World Cup in 2030 Luis Rubiales, Pedro Sánchez and Gianni Infantino spoke about the matter on Wednesday It's been too long since Spain hosted a World Cup on its shores -- in concrete, since 1982, when tournament mascot Naranjito was one of the stars of the tournament. 12/09/2018 Upd. on 13/09/2018 at 09:28 CEST Jesús Malagón (@86malagon) IN SPORT.ES España presentará su candidatura para el Mundial 2030 The idea of hosting football's showpiece for a second time came up again on Wednesday in a meeting at Moncloa between RFEF president Luis Rubiales, FIFA chied Gianni Infantino and the president of Spain Pedro Sanchez. Spain's main objective is to organise the World Cup in 2030. However, there are various alternatives in which that could happen: either as a stand-alone candidate or as joint hosts with Portugal and Morocco. The second option is the one which Rubiales feels gives the country the best chance of winning the vote. The meeting was Infantino's second official visit to Spain in less than two months, after taking part in the RFEF's General Assembly, when Rubiales made his debut as the organisation's president. Thirty-six years ago, on our shores, Italy won th 1982 World Cup, beating Germany 3-1 in the final at the Santiago Bernabeu. In 2020, Bilbao will be one of the cities which hosts a European Championships which will be spread across the continent. The upcoming World Cups will be in Qatar in 2020 and in the USA, Canada and Mexico in 2026. https://www.sport-english.com/en/news/futbol-internacional/spain-will-bid-to-the-host-world-cup-in-2030-7030800
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    /\/\ I suspect the Swedish Olympic Committee has friends in the opposition who have told them to just go ahead and when the opposition becomes the ruling coalition (soon, I hope), then they can officially announce their support. If the SOC did not have hidden promises from at least one side, they wouldn't be proceeding to go forward.
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    Germany wins right to host UEFA Euro 2024 football championship https://www.dw.com/en/germany-wins-right-to-host-uefa-euro-2024-football-championship/a-45655549
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    That was my website - The Pan American Games Fan Pages! Thanks for remembering it. I'm glad somebody appreciated my work. I'm sad, too, that it was lost - I was very proud of it. I loved watching the 1987 and 1991 games on CBS and ABC/TNT and was mad that there were only 2 hours of highlights of the 1999 games shown in the US (at least on English language TV) and none of the 2003 games which is why I decided to start the site and try to educate and inform people about the Pan Am Games - especially after I started researching their history in old newspaper articles and the USOC Olympic Books and other places, and discovered so many interesting and even bizarre things that happened at the games over the years. And, I like to think that I may have been successful as ESPN started covering the games (in Spanish at first) in 2007 - coincidence or not? Somebody re-posted some of what I wrote on my site on Wikipedia's Pan American Games pages, I won't get credit for it, but it makes me happy to know that I've helped to educate people about the Pan Am Games which I love so much. I didn't have the ceremony videos on my site, but I had links to them - which is what you are thinking of.
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    ^Exactly - & all the praises that the Olympics are finally ready to go to South America were being touted. And then looked what happened with 2016, the high anxiety that the IOC went through with Rio. And bcuz of that, I believe the IOC is going to cool for a while going to developing countries. “There’s more to Asia than China, Japan & South Korea”, but that doesn’t automatically equate that the other Asian countries are “just as capable” of hosting the Olympics. At least not as effectively & efficiently as the first three. Quite frankly, that’s a rather simplistic assumption anyway. And back in 2009 (when 2016 was awarded), the Brazilian economy was in a big boom stage. That’s not even the case with Indonesia right now. As a matter of fact, their currency has been steadily declining as of late. And that’s before we factor in all the pollution & poverty over there TBW. I find it funny, though, that the same people that are so critical of Rio 2016 after the fact are some of the same ones that are so gung-ho about Jakarta right now. Oh, the irony of it all lol.
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    Haha. This is great! Does LA even have a red light district? I would suggest they name their landfill after Trump, but landfills actually serve a very important service. It would be such an insult to landfills everywhere.
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    I would love a Shanghai games, but I think if it came down between Jakarta or Shanghai...I'd pick Shanghai. Especially given that Beijing is hosting in 2022. There's more to Asia than just Japan, South Korea, and China. Thankfully the rest of Asia is just as capable of hosting as China, Japan, and South Korea. I'd love to see a joint Singapore-Malyasia bid, or just a Kuala Lumpur bid. Either way the IOC would be going to a nation with a significant or majority Muslim population...that would be such a good transition ceremony; Islamic art and music in the LA Memorial Coliseum. Good thing Trump won't be POTUS then
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    Woo - woo; have missed a lot of hair-pulling here. Anyway, eSpots, would that include "1 or 2-man hacking" or "Upright or Supine Electoral Trolling"? You just know the Russians will again, field a superior team!!
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    Yeah, it’s quite sad that what could have/should have been a good discussion about the issue of e-sports in the Olympics gets coloured and derailed by his bitterness at Paris getting in before LA, and his conviction that the future of the gams is LA, LA, LA! And sad that when it’s linked here, the linker chooses to highlight one oblique phrase about Paris being an Olympic dinosaur, ignoring the vast bulk of the rest of the article which actually does bring up some good issues amid the “LA is the savior of Olympism” prejudicial garbage. Now the issue of e-sports and the Olympics IS an interesting discussion and debate to be had. Tha actual AA article would have been a bit more appropriate in the thread on that subject. Considering myself a keen gamer, I can actually see both sides of that debate. I’ve been observing how the Overwatch league is growing so spectacularly in prominence, as well as the rising popularity of games streaming and platforms like Twitch. Yes, there is an argument to be made that a growing generation of keen e-sports spectators and followers is fast emerging and should be acknowledged and leveraged. But as an Oly fan, well, I can well understand the opinion that the whole concept of the games is built around the best of the best of physical achievements. It’ll be interesting to see how the IOC meets the clash of physical versus virtual sports in coming years or decades. Anyway, back to AA and just to trip him up on a few particular points. Firstly, his “dinosaur” jab. It’s so ironic, that in his new-found enthusiasm for e-sports (which somehow by implications means LA, LA, LA), he ignores the fact that it’s actually been the Paris team that has made overtures about including e-sports in 2024: https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/41790148. Or that it’s making its games debut this year in the Jakarta Asian games and as a full medal sport in Hangzhou in 2022 (but then again, it’s always been the Asians, led by Korea, who have been leading he development of competitive spectator e-sports, rather than California). His reasoning for dissing Paris re: e-sports seems to be on the basis that it’s too late now to be included in the 2024 roster (probably true, but if Bach was really keen on it, well...). But, hey, if the shoe was on the other foot and AA had got his wish and LA had gone first, I wonder how his Born Again enthusiasm for e-sports would stack up if it was to debut at Paris 2028 rather than LA 2024???? Then there’s his, what seems to be the basis of his whole manifesto, contention that e-sports (and by his definition LA, LA, LA) is the solution to bloating of athlete numbers from games to games. Is he seriously suggesting that adding e-sports, and the extra competitors it would bring, to 2028 would actually shrink the athlete numbers? Contradictory, of course - unless he’s suggesting that e-sports is introduced in REPLACEMENT of a raft of other physical sports. In which case is seriously now championing a future where LA’s legacy to future games is to turn it into a predominantly virtual event? I might well be a gamer and on the gamers’ side, but I still don’t quite feel easy with the notion of the games in the future becoming an event more based on virtual contests taking place on a server somewhere. Maybe I’m still old fashioned deep down. Sigh. AA just seems bitter and obsessed and just prone to cherry pick any old discussion to fit into his ongoing grudge. Starting to remind me of another past old alliterative poster who twisted any fact to suit his grudge... JJ !
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    OBS congress was held recently on the eve of the 2 year to go events and the mascot official introduction. According to the keynote, which shows temptative dates (that means, they could change), it seems the key elements of the Look of the games will be announced next month, while its official introduction will be in April 2019 for the 500 days to go events. Pictograms might be unveiled in October 2018, and the Torch design in March 2019. Medal design will probably be done in July 2019
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    I agree. Ruff is very obsessed and it is indeed sad. As for AA.. if the mantra going forward is "be like LA 2028," then the IOC is turbo-fucked. LA is an anomaly. A wonderful anomaly that the IOC should be thankful was there in the right place at the right time. But there is no way for virtually any other city to be like LA. This isn't a matter of management or planning. What LA can offer simply doesn't exist elsewhere. And if Paris isn't enough like LA to where Tammy and Tommy Taxpayer are on the hook, where else could they legitimately expect that to happen? If the Summer Olympics are largely being relegated to mostly the mega-cities of the world (and that's not necessarily a bad thing), so be it. However, if those cities don't fall under the "your stuff has to be built already" heading - and AA continues to point the finger at Paris that they do not, then what city is capable of offering that other than LA? Not sure another such city exists, so it's foolish to say the IOC should be hopeful of finding one.
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    Some leaked merchandise, guess we'll see the rest in a couple of weeks.
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    Japan 2019 - Tokyo 2020. France 2023 - Paris 2024. If I was the USA Rugby Federation I'd be bidding for 2027 as it is obvious that World Rugby is in cahoots with the IOC and this tournament is now being utilised as a test event
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    If eSports are a part of the 2024 Olympics, history is not going to give 2 shits that "the sound started in Los Angeles." LA will not get some sort of credit for "mulling" the inclusion before Paris did. They don't get to claim a patent on good ideas and even if they do, what's more important is the first Olympics to actually execute it. Gonna guess that none of the LA folks will be at an eSports event in Paris shouting "hey, we thought of that first, you stole our idea!" Because LA was reportedly talking about eSports before Paris (which is how it was reported, it's not like there was a public announcement), that means.. what, exactly? Other than absolutely nothing? That the Paris forum was against means less than nothing. But you keep going ahead in Trump supporter-like fashion to convince yourself that Paris is against eSports despite evidence to the contract. And that you have zero evidence to back that claim. Because no, something not being high on their agenda does not mean they were against it. Doesn't even mean they weren't thinking about it. Certainly doesn't mean they only started talking about it because LA did first, as you're trying to frame this.