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    So we really are seeing the end of the Olympic bidding process. Probably for the best in terms of the long-term health of the Movement, when you see the legacies of over-promising around the world. And if Coates is right (obviously there’s the caveat that he is Australian) there’s one thing for sure - Australia will be great hosts, they always are. I imagine this’ll mean Salt Lake 2030 will be confirmed at the same session if they get official quickly enough.
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    Yep. Obviously a priority for them. Right after finding a way to feed their billion plus impoverished citizens, fixing the epidemic of corruption and working towards basic human rights. Maybe abolish the caste system, cut down on the raping and the female infanticide. Possibly halt that undeclared domestic war against religious minorities as well and build some basic national infrastructure. Oh I could go on but that's just off the top of my head.
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    ... and yet neither Melbourne, nor any other Australian city or region is making any moves toward a bid. So let go of Melbourne, they’re not bidding. End of story. I’m a Melbourne resident and I know Melbourne have not yet shown any interest in a bid for 2032 or any other games. We are now in the Agenda 2020 era. A 2032 Brisbane/SE QLD bid has been shown to be very feasible under Agenda 2020. In Australia, only Brisbane and South East Queensland are making any moves ahead of a possible bid.