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  2. The upcoming situation proves what another WHITE ELEPHANT Birds Nest is. A beautiful state-of-the-art 75,000 stadium only to house a scaled down ceremony, 100 mins long and playing to maybe 1,000 people. They could've held it at a movie theater!! Goes to show how f*cked up the planet is and how OBSOLETE Track and Field as an Olympic sport really is. Time to remove T&F from the SOG roster as well.
  3. …. you mean Melbourne is a consolation prize? Looks like first prize to me. Melbourne and Olympic Parks: MCG 100,000 AIMI Park 30,000 Rod Laver Arena 15,400 John Cain Arena in velodrome mode 7,500 Margaret Court Arena 7,500 Kia Arena 5,000 Near or in the CBD also are: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre: 10,000 Marvel Stadium 53,359
  4. It seems like they've been there for a while - You can sort of see them here, before the stadium underwent ceremony prep work Also, those specific flagpoles are probably not going to be used for the ceremony, as they seem to be the leftover victory ceremony poles from 2008 As for the scaffolding next to the stage, it's probably there to support the structure while it was being built and for tech work during the construction of the set design
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  6. There appears to be a hole or opening cut out of the stadium roof (circled) above where the scaffolding near the flagpoles. Are these openings in the stadium roof part of the original design, or is it new ? Through the hole in the stadium roof you can clearly see through to outside the stadium. The scaoffolding, up to the hole in the stadium roof and then right outside the stadium is that narrow crane-like tower structure with the two permanent towers nearby. This is a puzzle ….
  7. One person from the CBC who will certainly not be present in Beijing this February is reporter Devin Heroux, who got mild corona at Christmastime but is now OK. But would had the deal with Beijing's very strict coronavirus testing. Staying in Canada instead. As opposed to being in Tokyo and Pyeongchang. Adds the fact the CBC would not send any staff who tested positive within the past 30 days. Overall, this will be interesting to have top-tier sports journalists covering these Games from around the world from a distance: https://awfulannouncing.com/olympics/cbc-devin-heroux-beijing-olympics-covid.html
  8. Looks like they want to settle for the consolation prize then.
  9. The inauguration of the redundant & wasteful “Youth Olympic Games” also doesn’t help either. But Rogge nonetheless wanted them as to have something for his “legacy”.
  10. But in their defense of those demands, they do say “should be”, not must be!
  11. /\/\ OK, Bear. Thanks. Forgot about the one-day start. Anyway, I keep thinking about how many THOUSAND torches have gone to waste, i.e., NOT used and will simply sit in storage or eventually be destroyed. Has anyone found any numbers as to how many they had ordered??
  12. February 3 is when NBC starts to air the preliminary competitions (which actually start on the 2nd, but it seems like NBC is going to skip that day)
  13. Because I WANT TO!! And you are so conformity-minded like the rest, that it becomes BORING.
  14. Why do they keep announcing FEBRUARY 3rd? So, it would start on Thursday, PST.
  15. Yeah Salt Lake City 2002 | Torino 2006 Olympic Flag Handover - Balich Wonder Studio - Live Entertainment Group
  16. Very similar to the 2008 fireworks which were and are still pretty good even today. I guess they will release the official sneak peak in a couple of days as per usual when we're less than 14 days to the opening.
  17. I've never forgotten about this.....more people should know about it to see the kind of satrapy the IOC is.
  18. There is no question LA will be selected as a host city. But they'll use SoFi Stadium as the venue rather than the Rose Bowl. That place was built to host mega events. The folks in Pasadena won't want the big crowds out there.
  19. As I thought, the rehearsal was held last night with fireworks - There is no footage of the rehearsal itself though
  20. Disagree. I saw an NBC promo for the Opening Ceremony last night and it specifically referenced "Ice and Fire". Which, apart from making me think of Game of Thrones, makes me think the speculation about an ice rink and a very fiery cauldron lighting are spot on. Opening Ceremonies are the evening of Feb 4th local time. Per NBCOlympics.com's schedule, I can watch it live at 4am PST, which means, just like the last two East Asian Olympics, the primetime broadcast will be on Friday evening.
  21. Calgary was never the favourite for 2026. Even when public support looked strongest, most surveys still showed Milan on top. The IOC is only the cherry on top of a heaping pile of **** that is the entire sporting infrastructure. Look at how influential various 'royals' from across the middle east are. The IOC has many members that are questionable beyond that as well. The organization has had a rather high turnover in the last 5 years and that probably needs to continue. But as long as the federations are still lacking in their own executive quality, the IOC in turn will be lacking as well. This is all not to say that the perception is not fully accurate, especially with regards to the money. I believe the IOC still has to file disclosure information to the IRS for various reasons. It is not like Bach is lining is pockets with NBC money despite the common media perceptions would have you believe. Pound was right though, not making a bad choice is more important then making the perfect choice. For 2022 the IOC made the bad choice before the vote. And sicne only a few years later they were willing to find the money to make the right choice is all the more problematic. And I am not convinced Paris pulling off a Los Angeles/Sydney/London level Games will do much. Because London didn't. Maybe not being followed by the poison pill that was Sochi might help but who knows. I have said it before, the IOC needs to accept whatever conditions Austria/Germany/Switzerland/Norway place to get a winter games into the Western European market again soon.
  22. With the current leadership of old boomers still inpower at the IOC, don't expect any of these changes happening anytime soon. Yes, Bach has to go, but he's just going to be replaced by another boomer with lack of awareness. Everyone is part of the problem so there needs to be a major shakeup/revolution in the institution, considering less and less serious countries/cities want to participate in an event which pretty much became a vanity/dick measuring contest with dubious actual contributions in the long term other than a huge debt and white elephants. They have been under the eye of the storm for some time and COVID just exposed it much more than it already was, with even a country like Japan struggling to make it (many years ago I would had thought it would had been a piece of cake to them). Some huge, catastrophic scandal needs to happen. On par with 2015's FIFAGate or even worse. A lot of people like praising Jacques Rogge in this board but that's just because the Olympics weren't under heavy scrutiny and still popular during his tenure. Many forget that a lot of his moves also led to the current situation, such as letting the Olympics grow out of control with more costs and unnecesary sport events almost nobody watches. Bach was his right hand man back then so he's from his same school.
  23. They lost relevancy after Marco Balich left and made his own company in 2013. They still do some minor things like the Euro 2016 opening ceremony, but that's pretty much it. https://youmark.it/ym-youmark/marco-balich-esce-da-filmmaster-events-e-si-mette-in-proprio/ https://www.balichwonderstudio.com/
  24. More like the CCP are cowards and wanted to avoid zero risks of the relay getting disrupted by Uyghur or Tibet activists. In a world much more globalized than in 2008, its not insane to think this could still happen inside China, even with all the restrictions. However I agree with you that the torch relay cannot be a massive road as in compared in the past anymore either way, since it just adds more to the pile of expenses the host country must do, and for an event more and more people, specially the young, just don't care about anymore.
  25. We know you like being a contrarian, why reminding us?
  26. Date;2022/1/22 News source:CNN Link to this article:https://edition.cnn.com/2022/01/22/sport/beijing-2022-foreign-athletes-covid-19-spt-intl/index.html
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