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  2. You are looking at this logically. Most politicians care about winning elections, not making rational decisions. And this becomes exacerbated in a climate of political radicalism like the one we are in now. Again, I agree with your view. And I hope that Biden will be able to resist the pressure to do something stupid to take action against China, Russia and Iran. But I also hoped there would not be enough voters in 2016 who put sober analysis ahead of destructively antagonistic policies like "building a wall with Mexico", trade wars, and destabilizing eastern Europe. I was wrong, and lots of voters wanted to burn down the establishment. They probably will in 2020 and in 2022 as well.
  3. Adelaide would be a great host, by right they should've had 2018 to complete the set of mainland states. Would still mean only 1 of the first 7 games of the century held outside the UK or Oz though...what would it take for somewhere properly new to take it on?
  4. My partner has a major media presence here in Adelaide, and has been in constant battle with the Premier. We have been aggressively agitating about Adelaide hosting the Games- and the Premier has been forced to publicly face this issue again. I suspect we have played a role in Adelaide rethinking its withdrawal. Their first bid said it would cost a ridiculous $3 billion plus- the new figure of $1 billion is much more realistic. Adelaide has all the venues (including a magnificent stadium, Aquatic Centre, Velodrome, etc)...no reason it should be an expensive games.
  5. Notice how many black suited security guards rushed out!! Also I think this ''horse race'' at the time was the worlds richest- the President ""won"" millions for winning it!
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  7. Hamilton City Councilors expressed dismay Monday that the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is encouraging the city to bid for the 2026 edition of the Games instead of the originally planned 2030 centennial event in the Canadian city. Councilors had the opportunity to question CGF CEO David Grevemberg after a presentation during a General Issues Committee […] The post Hamilton City Council Pushes Back On 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid As Australia and India Said To Have Expressed Interest appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  8. Yes, Trump may throw a temper tantrum(p), but he doesn't have that kind of power. And someone I doubt he wants to napalm business interests in Southern California because that's going to make for one hell of a mess with 2028 with the contracts that exist on both sides. I don't doubt that he may try to do something ridiculous like that, but it doesn't mean he would succeed. That's absurd that US athletes should think they can't go to 2022. Again.. why? What would American athletes not competing in China accomplish? Would China suddenly be friendlier with Hong Kong as a result? Once again, you are STILL not answering the question. What is the purpose of an American boycott of the 2022 Olympics?
  9. Would it have though? Would history have changed if the United States didn't show up in Berlin and give the Germans a spectacle? Might have been an important statement by the United States, but I doubt it would have slowed Hitler's rise to power and his determination to wage war on Europe.
  10. And how much of all that with China is new material that didn't exist back in 2008? Suddenly it's an issue now that the United States needs to make a stand against? Again, is the goal to "spite" China? Or actually attempt to force a change in their international policy? Because if it's the former, it's going to come off as petty and likely will accomplish nothing. History tells us that the only thing that really happened with the 1980 boycott is that a lot of athletes lost out on a once in a lifetime chance to compete at the Olympics. That boycott you could argue was out of spite because I seriously doubt they expected the Soviets to leave Afghanistan if Western nations didn't show up in Moscow. Also remember that it was a Russian dissident that largely spurred on Carter's efforts to push for a boycott. If that's only coming internally this time, I don't know how powerful a message it would be for the American president to say "we're not sending athletes to China." I know why Trump would do that. I don't know why Biden would
  11. Politicians make decisions for political reasons. Carter boycotted the games because of domestic pressure to do something about the USSR after the invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian revolution, not because it was a good idea. (Even at the time a boycott was clearly a bad idea.) Whoever is president in 2022 will also be under pressure to respond to China's belligerence towards Taiwan, its aggressive policies towards neighbors like India and Vietnam, its theft of Western intellectual property and its attempts at corporate sabotage in the USA and EU. (And some dubious complains about Covid-19 as well.) An Olympic boycott is a cheap and easy way to spite China, and a president who doesn't have any good ideas for how to respond to China may see it as the "least bad idea" and thus a political necessity.
  12. "to do something".. okay, is that something a boycott? Again, what would that intend to accomplishment? What is the end game here that Biden would hope to accomplish a move like that? And yes, there's no comparison between Trump and Carter. Their motivations for a boycott are completely unrelated, so to say "well, they both led a boycott of an Olympics (assuming Trump plays that card)," that's largely where the similarities end.
  13. https://www.floridadaily.com/rick-scott-wants-a-meeting-with-ioc-to-talk-about-2022-olympics-in-china/ Uyghurs in Xinjiang and Hong Kong - neither a major issue in 2008. Also comparisons with the Bans on South Africa during Apartheid and Afghanistan due to the Taliban. I can even see Trump pulling the USA out of the IOC if they refuse to cancel. If I was a American or British athlete preparing for 2022 I would be preparing to accept that it is probable I would be bared by my country to take part.
  14. Sure, but there's no comparison between Trump and Jimmy Carter either. If Biden is elected he will be under pressure to do something about China too. It was already starting when he was on the campaign trail early in the crackdown on Hong Kong.
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  16. /\/\ It looks almost like something that could've happened in North Korea, except pudgy Kim ain't going to try something as risky as that. I wonder if they punished the horse for that?? Great find!!
  17. Lets not forget that the Turkmen President famously won the nations richest horse race (what a surprise)...and then....( I can guarantee you that this video is not available in Turkmenistan!)
  18. Even if the US had boycotted 1936, and say a few other nations, I doubt that would have changed the trajectory of history. Germany/Hitler (somewhat like Trump now) was hellbent on throwing that big hissy fit and taking everyone down, regardless of the cost.
  19. Might be? So you think the United States will boycott on "might be"? What specific behavior are we not tolerating that we would refuse to send an Olympics team to China? Particularly after we sent one there in 2008. You didn't answer the question. What would the purpose of a boycott that you think the United States and other Western nations might accomplish? We'll never know how history might have changed if the United States really knew what was going on in Germany in the mid-1930s and didn't send a team to Berlin. But this isn't 1936. It's 2020. The notion of a 1936 boycott had a fairly specific agenda. So did 1980. What's the agenda here? Again, with Trump as president, I can already see the narrative forming. Not with Biden. To say he's anti-China is not cause for him to organize and support a boycott.
  20. It might be seen as the opposite of 1936 - not tolreating the same type of behaviour that attending 1936 helped to further support.
  21. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, so it's terrible logic to try and conflate the 2. What does history tell us about the 1980 boycott? That in hindsight, it was a dumb decision. It was a virtually pointless gesture in terms of affecting global politics. And the only thing that changed was that a large group of athletes forever lost their Olympic dreams. They were the ones who were hurt more than the Soviets. So what exactly is the hope that a 2022 boycott would accomplishment? Do we really think China will change because a handful of prominent Western nations didn't show up in Beijing? Is this retribution for the virus? If you think Biden would make a political statement (forget Trump.. we know any statement he makes will be solely about him and his ego), what would that statement be? It can't just be "grrr, we're angry at China, let's piss them off by boycotting their Olympics." That's an empty gesture that, much like Carter in 1980, will be remembered as a pointless political move that served absolutely no means
  22. Carter led the 1980 boycott remember - so Biden might well support a 2022 boycott.
  23. The UK would Join the USA - so would probably Australia, Poland, Hungary among others.
  24. Huh? Totally idiotic. In fact, LA 2028 would be grateful to have China again there because China (Yugo and Rumania) filled in for the absence of the USSR and the other Warsaw Pact countries when they boycotted 1984. But in fact, it was actually nice to see 3 other Socialist countries buck the Moscow trend and by showing up at Los Angeles 1984, were in fact telling the USSR then: F*ck you, we're going - whether you like it or not. Besides, it's NOT up to the US hosts to have China or not -- not unless they want to break the terms of being a neutral host -- which I don't think they would want to. I just don't see where this comes out of.
  25. There is no comparison between Biden and Trump on this one. None. To repeat what I said above.. if Trump wins, he will push for a boycott, not because he is anti-China, but to fuel his own ego and to rile up his base. And for no other reason. No amount of advice is likely to do much on that front. Different with Biden. He knows that a boycott isn't likely to accomplish anything, so it's not a matter of advisors talking him out of it. Someone would have to talk him into it in the first place. And while Trump can't still be president in 2028 (unless he were to lose and run again), if Biden wins, members of his team could still be there in 2028. So they'll knew what the ramifications are of boycotting 2022 with regards to 2028. It'll serve little purpose, especially without a lot of backing from other countries as we saw with the 1980 boycott.
  26. Equestrian was obviously an egregious inclusion in a “Indoor and Martial Arts Games,” but the program was still composed of mostly of martial arts and indoor sports. Tennis even had an indoor arena for the Games. It might be best to think of the AIMAG as the Asian Mini Games. In fact, the 2013 edition in Incheon served as a test event for the 2014 Asian Games. I don’t have the souvenir program for the opening ceremony, but I do have the link for the media guide: http://media-cdn.ashgabat2017.com/ckeditor_assets/attachments/642/ashg2017_343_cer_opening_ceremony_media_guide_rgb_final_8_1_4_2.
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