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  1. Upon extending its service to NBCUniversal in Stamford, CT, I've noticed a few openings pertaining to producer/editor, which is my background. Does anyone happen to have any networking information? I've applied before, but the jobs either gets filled from within or gets cancelled. Any help is greatly appreciated! Andrew
  2. Yesterday, JJK stopped by to speak at one of our local B&G club chapters. I wanted to do more then run a :20 soundbyte, so I put together a 1:36 package from her quotes.
  3. I know it's been a topic of great discussion on this forum, but will PC be trouble-free next year compared to Sochi and Rio? I don't know if the last two deserved the bad rap they had going into the Games, but I really wanted them to carry the same aura as London and Vancouver. I suppose the looming story for PC on the host side (Russian doping not included) is the construction of the bullet train, and if it will be ready by February (December estimated ETC).
  4. I actually messaged a couple of people with Olympic ties. One announced archery for NBC Sports during the Games, and professionally mentored one of my good friends and co-workers who actually gave me the contact info. The other grew up in a small town an hour away from me, and retired from speed skating, and now volunteers for Team USA. During the Rio Games, he worked at the Team USA House and kept live stats for this year's field hockey competition. Neither one has replied, and I did catch the "seen bubble" from one on Facebook Messenger. It's becoming rather frustrating. It seems like to do anything with Team USA or NBC, you have to be in a secret club. If I ever got my foot in the door I know I can contribute during the off-years, and always go above and beyond!
  5. According to the Training Center's Web site= FALL / WINTER TOUR HOURS - September - May 31 Monday - Saturday: Tours are conducted each hour beginning at 9:00 a.m. The last tour departs at 4:00 p.m. Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. I could just tour the place and let someone know I'm interested, and am coming all the way from Texas to show that I am. No way would I roam around the place unsupervised.
  6. Good morning! If I can get vacation time approved later this month, I'm thinking of traveling to Colorado Springs to see the training center and hopefully network with some brass from Team USA and the United States Olympic Committee. Any advice on what to do, or not do? After 10 years of working in local news, I'm definitely looking for a career that is Olympic/Paralympic-involved. I know they take interns and younger people, but their Olympic passion isn't near as intense. I kept a full journal of the Olympics and Paralympics, so I was wondering about bringing that- if anything, just to show off my diligence.
  7. Is there any sporting event where the ratings aren't down??
  8. I just made a Snapchat pitch to LA2024. I just sent two snaps showing off my Olympic/Paralympic collection, and then one showing the journal I took in the last two months. If anything, it showed I have the diligence, energy and enthusiasm to help out in any way! Does anyone here know how I could get in touch with someone from #LA2024?
  9. I could totally see myself leaving my VHS tape in EP for the four-hour show. For CBS, it was also when they didn't have NFL coverage and had the next Olympics Games approaching. Even with a four-hour show, it's almost parallel to the hugely-successful London Paralympics received here 16 years later. Even though it's playing at odd hours, I do think they answered the market demands and are increasing their coverage exponentially. Honestly, I heard very little about the Paras before May of 2012. That Ross Perot sighting in the story was rather random!
  10. Is this the first Paralympics to receive mass coverage here in the States. Im thinking the '96 Paras aired on TBS/TNT, due to Turner's Atlanta connection, but I can't find anything on Google.
  11. I try my best to put an equal amount of time and energy into both sets of Games. Even though the seven weeks of commitment, the 120+ pages of work, and the 100+ hours of viewing was a bit exhausting, I can say it was worth it! (It's also a heavy case of me not wanting to miss anything!) Thank you to the great athletes from the United States and other parts of the globe for two exceptional sporting events! PyeongChang is 507 days away! On a sidenote: I tried to post pictures from the journal I was taking, but I don't think I can do it from my phone!
  12. From all of the social media updates (Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, and YouTube), it appears these Paras have provided quite the atmosphere! It seems that the vibrancy from the Paralympics is what they wanted from the Olympic Games, largely because there are more events made available and accessible to the public. I wasn't there, but I'm sure Zeke can fill us in.
  13. I think there was already one from the OG, whenever the German Canoe/Kayak coach passed away in a car accident.
  14. Interesting that football is so hard for any other sporting event to compete with here in the United States, but EPL seems to be no threat to people watching the Paralympics in Great Britain!
  15. Perhaps the Paras should run the month before the Olympics. I don't know how they could've done it in Sochi or RIo, or even London- given how those towns were literally sprinting to the finish line to be ready for the Olympic Games. If the venues or events hadn't been ready, I'm sure the IPC would've felt "guinea pigged". The upside is that the only competition would be regular-season baseball.