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  1. More useless facts. (I love this) This ranking count each medal distributed (as everything were individual sports). It fixes the gap between swimming and basketball but I know it makes no sense
  2. So the disappointment of London was even bigger. I don't remember well but Canada used to finish the games ahead of Brazil, close to top 10. Anyway, when you host some important event you expect some improvement in the next olympics. Rio 2007 helped us in Beijing. Although its our record, yes. Not because judo, we had 3 medals in this sport. But swiming is the biggest disappointment. I was also expecting more medals from the women in football and volleyball (beach and indoor).
  3. The biggest disappointments in the "continent" were Canada and Mexico. They are the last countries that hosted the panam games. Canada won many bronzes but few golds. Colombia has improved. I think its the first time they are ahead of Argentina. For Brazil this is our best result. The second in America for the first time. Lets see if we will keep improving in Tokyo.
  4. lol I had not noticed. I took this table from this site:
  5. Positive: Great Britain Negative: Mexico
  6. Interesting article on the best TV olympic program from Wall Street Journal:
  7. Bronze? Well better than nothing. I also won my medal at home.
  8. Congratulations Team GB! In Atlanta 96 you won just one gold and finished behind Brazil. Look where you are now! We have to learn from what you did and also try to improve.
  9. I was expecting a boring handover but was very cool. Can't wait for Tokyo now.
  10. I could not hold my tears when the flame was gone. The opening was fantastic, the closing was fantastic, the games was amazing. I know some people here on GB are still biased by the bad media but everyone will see after that we did a good job. No zika, no terrorism, no serious glitches that could stop any of the thousand of events. I am a proud brazilian this night.
  11. The ceremony is officialy over but the athletes are still there dancing. This is carnaval. Never stop.
  12. Now just come to my mind that the quality of the costumes used in closing are far better than opening.
  13. Lol. These brocolis people dancing are so funny