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  1. I am still not a huge fan of this. So Canada/Mexico/USA would get half of CONCACAF's qualification spots. I can see the games of importance being staged exclusively in the USA. But I think that if this were to go through that Mexico should get the opener, USA the final and Canada the 3rd place. I'd rather see Canada/USA do a joint bid to host the 2027 Rugby World Cup.
  2. I am not a fan of this idea. If it was joint it should be Canada-USA or USA-Mexico. All three is just too much. I'd assume that it would be Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal from Canada. Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City from Mexico. And your pick of 8 of; Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, San Antonia, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix. I think I just provided the reasoning for no joint bid.
  3. It does seem odd. In a year when realistically only the USA is a serious contender to make a joint bid with the other big countries of North America. I am guessing there is FIFA politics are at work here. From a logistics point of view this would be a crappy World Cup for fans. Mexico City to Montreal to Los Angeles anyone?
  4. So 17 skaters in figure skating. Highest qualified nation and given the results Canada should be favoured for the Team Trophy. Chan needs to clean up his long program and D/R need to recover and rework their programs to be more inline with the judging.
  5. A little surprised by speed skating since the consensus is that Canada is sending a stronger team to Pyeonchang then was sent to Sochi.
  6. Biathlon: 5 men, 5 women; improvement of 2 over Sochi Curling: 1 women's team, would take a miracle for the men to not qualify Figure Skating: 3 pairs; looking good to send 3 ladies, 3 ice dance and probably 2 men unless Chan get get into the top 2. Hockey: men's and women's team. It is hockey.
  7. The only downside of Calgary hosting the 2026 Games is that Nenshi won't be the mayor. Hopefully by then he is the Prime Minister. As for the East/West divide. Around the time of Atlanta/Sydney it was fairly even in Canada between the winter and summer. With Vancouver and Sochi, there is a massive slant to the winter now. I think that if you did a cross-country survey. Support for Calgary 2026 would be much higher then Toronto 2028. Also from a political standpoint. The Trudeau Liberals have a lot to gain from supporting a Calgary bid.
  8. That is the biggest benefit to awarding both. You don't risk pissing off either the French or the Americans.
  9. I think most Canadians would rather see Calgary host a Winter Olympics compared to Toronto hosting a Summer. I certainly would. I also think of it this way. 2020 - Tokyo 2022 - Beijing 2024 - Paris 2026 - Calgary 2028 - Los Angeles 2030 - hopefully things settle down enough in Europe and in the IOC to have a traditional country host. That gives the IOC 13 years of certainty. 13 years to rework the public image, to rebuild the brand and figure out how the Movement is going to function in our brave new world.
  10. Vancouver could have been a disaster if not for one very important thing; VANOC spent a considerable amount of time and energy in getting the whole country invested and interested. Even than it wasn't really until the feel good story of Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first gold medal that it became what we remember. Pyeongchang is probably going to fall into the category of Nagano and Torino.
  11. Everything I have seen is that no matter who faces le Pan in the final round, they will win. Macron is probably the 'best' candidate to begin with.
  12. I've thought about that, but it has come a lot more into focus when you have Governors in California, Colorado, New York, Mass etc and than the Mayors of LA, Chicago, NYC and Boston publicly stand up to Trump. There is just no obvious choice like Obama was for 2008. I would like to see Andrew Cuomo or Deval Patrick but I think neither are likely.
  13. Is it sad that I am already looking for potential Democratic candidates for 2020. Hopefully Democrats will be intelligent enough to pick a Governor or Mayor instead of another senator.
  14. Yep, I take a banned steroid - one that is often the source of the 'I didn't do it' drugs to reduce non-specific allergic inflammation. Rols, Baron and puppy are old enough, they must be on something by now.