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  1. When you break a record from a time of known rampant doping, there is always going to be suspicion. With how doping is being conducted now, it makes it even more suspicious when you can't even run an average time at a meet you will get tested at, compared to beating a 21 year old world record that no one has touched. This falls into the same category of Dibaba breaking a Ma's Army record a few months ago. When you beat a doped record, being doped to do it is not exactly a logical leap.
  2. Speaking of doping: Kendra Harrison breaks a dark-ages world record in a year when she has also run the co-3rd fastest of all time. When in the last 10 years only two other women have come within 8 seconds of the dark-ages record. When she couldn't even run a 12.54 at the US trials. Another Genzebe Dibaba.
  3. Craven has been a lot more vocal about the scandal in his reaction then Bach and the IOC. So it would make sense that they would have the balls to go through such a move.
  4. There are 7 pending disqualifications in weightlifting from 2012, including in Christine Girard's weight class.
  5. I think the IOC will compromise and ban the Russians in the 20 sports implicated. Thus allowing Russian gymnasts to compete. I am really surprised that the two other federations that have rules in place for complete bans, and have used them for Rio, haven't already banned Russia. Just did a bit of digging for team sport replacements Handball: women's team: either Germany as the highest ranked country not competing, or Poland, the next highest non-qualifier in the group. Volleyball: men's team: either Germany as the next best non-qualifier in the European championships, or Germany has the highest ranked team not qualified Volleyball: women's team: either Turkey as the best non-qualifier in the European championships, or Dominican Republic as the highest ranked team not qualified. Synchronized swimming: Canada either as the rightful Pan American representative or the next best finisher at the qualification tournament.
  6. Was judo implicated? Nenad Lalovic's response was interesting. You would think that a Serbian would be fairly pro-Russian but he pretty much said he would support the IOC decision and that a total ban wasn't a bad thing.
  7. I think the IOC is waiting to hear from CAS. If CAS upholds the IAAF's suspension, which I think it will. The IOC will ban Russia from the 20 sports implicated in the report.
  8. I doubt that Sun Yang will be like he was in 2012/13. He is a known doper at a Games where the IOC is probably going to be very aggressive in their testing.
  9. Nah Erdogan is Mussolini to Putin's Hitler. From what is being reported. FINA is really pissed about this, the IAAF has already acted. FIFA is probably going to suspend Mutko. The ICF has delayed quota finalization and looks to be on the path of expelling the Russians to go along with the Romanian and Belorussians they already expelled. So some federations are planning or have already taken action. The IWF is also probably going to out-right ban Russia like they did Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. The only interest federation is going to be United World Wrestling. It is headed by a geopolitical Russian ally.
  10. WADA has called on the IOC to 'decline entries' from the Russian Olympic and Paralympic Committees.
  11. It is just sad. I remember when there were Alexander Popov, Dimitri Sautin, Irina Lashko, and Alexei Nemov. Popular and respected Russian athletes. I remember a time when there was a lot of goodwill and hope for Russia.
  12. You have Turkey on both sides. Which is both ironic and highly amusing. Russia is really only staunchly supported by Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. The other stans like to keep up relations with the Americans and Armenia plays both sides too. Belarus probably has just a bad of a doping problem as Russia.
  13. There are no indications of state sponsored doping in other countries though. Yes almost every country has had instances of doping at one point or another. But it is not at this level of government involvement and state sponsorship. WADA and the IOC won't act unless there is enough pressure to bear. Dick Pound, the former head of WADA, has even said there isn't enough will to clean-up sport.
  14. PARALYMPIC SPORT?????? Are you f-cking joking me??? I guess nothing is untainted in this world. And curling? Who needs to dope for curling? WTF At the very least I expect the weightlifting and canoe/kayak federations to ban Russia.
  15. Athletics - 2; Damian Warner and Brianne Thiesen-Eaton Canoe/Kayak - 1; Mark de Jong Cycling - 1; Women's Team Pursuit Diving - 1; 3m Synchro Rowing - 1; women's lightweight pairs Rugby - 1; women's team Swimming - 1; one of the women I think Wrestling - 3; not sure which since all can win a medal 11 total. Other predictions I've seen run 13 to 16.