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  1. Now the question becomes, "Did the bid team do enough to raise Hungary's profile as a go-ahead, positive thinking nation, before their government pulled the plug?" If so, then the bid, despite its ultimate end, should pay for itself. If not, then a new question arises: "Did ending the Budapest Olympic bid without the referendum send a message that Hungary prefers a whimper to a bang?"
  2. Or they could be opened by Michelle Obama towards the end of her second term.
  3. Ah, sorry, I was misunderstanding you- those are the travel grants which help to ensure that teams from poorer nations can take part in the games, wherever in the world they may be held.
  4. I wonder how NBC would react if the Jan-Feb window was made allowable for a southern hemisphere Summer Games, or July for a Winter Games. Discovery in Europe might well be quite pleased.
  5. Travel grants? To the best of my knowledge, costs for foreign dignitaries (including IOC/IPC) are not the responsibility of the hosts, apart from security, local travel (which in London, at least, was built into most ticket costs anyway, to encourage public transport use by spectators, so successfully that some of the "Zil lanes" on major roads were abandoned because so many of the Olympic Family were travelling by train instead) and pre-booking of accommodation. All those costs can be mitigated by scale savings if the Olympics and Paralympics are held sequentially in the same city.
  6. Yes, it is a different issue, but it's a related issue which the IOC still needs to tackle. Purely geographical constraints should be minimised just as firmly as any other constraints, by modifying the IOC's criteria as much as possible. Alternatively, maybe it is time to abandon bidding altogether, and establish, say, three permanent venues in North America, Europe and Asia for summer and three more for winter. But personally, I think the permanent venues approach is just a route to a different type of disaster.
  7. Sadly, that's exactly the opposite of the real logic, which is to hold the Olympics and Paralympics as close together in time as possible, so they can benefit from the same temporary facilities (including temporary personnel).
  8. And yet, looked at in a different, non-political way, it does illustrate the problem. Finland, part of which is within the Arctic Circle, has hosted a Summer Olympic Games, but is barred from hosting a Winter Olympic Games. Narrow eligibility criteria, combined with high economic impact, have shrunk the pool of possible hosts dangerously close to zero.
  9. If the temporary venues have an economic value, then maximising that value probably should be high on the list of priorities, as should minimising value-reducing vandalism at permanent venues.
  10. The sad thing is, there's nothing inherently wrong with asymmetry; it's just more challenging to get right. Avoiding challenges is boring.
  11. Very true- but the best thing the organisers can do is probably not to make any atempt to stop it, simply use the referendum campaign itself as a further way to publicise Hungary (which, let's face it, is the real reason for the bid).
  12. Definitely not "sighon"; maybe a bit closer to "seeon" but being a Franco-Swiss name the "ee" is pretty short, and the "n" almost disappears in that funny French nasal trick.
  13. There's an obvious way Sion can save money on a logo:
  14. Will Uncle Vladimir help out his new best buds across the Atlantic by arranging a hack of RATP's computer control system?
  15. - and the Boulevard Olímpico on the city waterfront is perhaps even more impressive. Really massive crowds there on some days (during the Olympics- it was almost empty during the Paralympics).