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  1. Another early morning before-anything-else-opens visit to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday. The usual theme of big cranes and mountains of concrete ingredients still continues of course: But the good news is that the greenery is definitely maturing- alongside an increasingly eclectic selection of lamp-standards: The maintenance / janitorial work is being carried out with zeal: Although some places are out-of-bounds even to staff:
  2. I'm not sure they even make much effort to hide the truth about repression etc. Some international investors find repression quite useful.
  3. Let's settle it over a round of golf. I know a really nice course near Aberdeen in Scotland.
  4. Agreed: he's very fluent in English, yet still clearly as French as la Tour Eiffel.
  5. And therein lies a basic problem. That would appear to rule out something ilke Ken Livingstone's ingenious plot to bring the Olympics to East London specifically to provide an excuse for infrastructure developments that would have happened anyway if he had his way, but in normal circumstances would have become hopelessly mired in stalemated negotiations about a million details.
  6. Lib-Dem? Sadly, Tim Farron hasn't yet managed to do anything useful with them.
  7. It's a place in Holland, which controls the sea access to Amsterdam; hence Napoleon visited it for a couple of days in 1811 and ordered defensive improvements so the nasty British couldn't take over the Netherlands while Napoleon was heroically conquering Russia.
  8. If you explore it in Terraserver, you can see some very strange things appearing in 2017 satellite imagery of the Olympic Park, not only random patches, but even something that looks like a football pitch in the middle of the main avenue.
  9. Quite right too. Here in Cumbria some roads are still affected by floods back in 2015, due to bridges which were weakened but not damaged badly enough to warrant urgent replacement. Encouraging people to support local businesses which have become less easy to reach has become an important part of the recovery effort.
  10. In other words, the "crown jewels protection" which has kept major events available, by law, on free-to-air broadcast networks is soon going to look a lot like a figleaf.
  11. The bigest question from this is: will Snapchat Spectacles be A Thing in six months' time, let alone seven years?
  12. Paris and Rio are very different cities. Rio's Olympic village was about 20 km from the city centre; the proposed Paris village is about 7km from the centre of Paris. It will be worth developing, Olympics or no Olympics (but the Olympics may be needed to make it possible).
  13. Or- what if war breaks out in the Korean peninsula IN THE MIDDLE OF February next year?
  14. ... A big YES to that. I've always argued that part of the point of staging the Olympics (as opposed to bidding for the Olympics) is to create an excuse for pushing through large-scale urban projects, the real benefits of which will be most appreciated decades later.