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  1. Dodgy- there's a few where France or Russia got there first and the British weren't the ones who forced them to let go.
  2. The host nation in broadcasting terms has no control over the host nation in political terms.
  3. Alas...Not in a Commonwealth country. It would be handy if all countries which have been invaded by the British were eligible to join the Commonwealth.
  4. - and as the total capacity is around 50,000, they could probably all fit in that lower-left area without ticketed seats. On the other hand, that assigns them "C & D seat" status ... ... but on the gripping hand, doing something significant to the show in that area would be awkward, because it would be directly behind a sizeable percentage of the audience ...
  5. One goof now corrected, and two omissions remedied, including this charmingly intoxicated entry:
  6. Having been consistently defeated by the British and/or the Germans on almost every possible occasion over the past 300 years (most spectacularly on the one occasion when they picked the winning side, only to find the winners allying themselves with the theoretical losers during the peace process), the French have always had to promote a "cultural empire" rather than a meaningfully political one.
  7. Les tricheurs! The linked article article states that the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie "represents 80 Francophone countries" but on inspection it turns out that they are counting Canada as four (Canada as a whole, plus Québec and New Brunswick, plus Ontario as an "observer"), Belgium as two (Belgium and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles), and most of eastern Europe also as "observers"- presumably due to the traditional French mania for promoting their language as ideal for diplomacy.
  8. And now for something completely different: This July, I hope to do something vaguely useful with the spreadsheet I've been compiling since 2012 of the videos of London 2012 Opening Ceremony fireworks which turn up, seemingly at random, as "Recommended for You" when I use YouTube (and other online video services). To start the ball rolling, I've put the basic list online, currently only accessible via the following link: Please let me know if you spot any major goofs or omissions !
  9. It would be a neat irony if this course was followed, and the 2024 games went like a dream, while the 2028 host nation started descending into civil war from 2018 onward (which seems, this particular week, like a possibility for either of them).
  10. Variety and others are reporting that the British company behind the Bridget Jones films is to make a biopic about refugee Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini, directed by Stephen Daldry:
  11. The timinbg's awkward, but I wonder if a cricket ground could be used as an athletic stadium?
  12. I doubt that many kids today would recognise the average Eurovision song as "their music"- although the situation is slightly complicated because the songs can often have political or parodic elements.
  13. Background and lyrics for O.K. here: Meanwhile, will Brexit affect the UK's chances?
  14. As it happens, yesterday saw the release of this video, which illustrates Rio 2016's legacy very neatly by failing to mention Rio 2016 at all:
  15. Best of luck with that, given that their 2026 plan tentatively involved the creation of a big new stadium for Everton F.C. Their current stadium, like Liverpool F.C's, is rectangular, optimised for football. To the best of my knowledge, the only place with space for a track and seating capacity over 500 at the moment is Aintree Racecourse.