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  1. Women's baseball and football have been dropped from the 2019 Pan Am Games program, so much for gender equality And sport climbing will not be contested.
  2. USA winning the World Cup admittedly but not be likely, but its not out of the realm of possibility either.
  3. Canada would likely start in Vancouver. Toronto's stadium is going to be one of the smallest (if not, the smallest) so it won't be used I think for a Canada game. Though the Toronto Star did raise a possibility of a new stadium.
  4. Only Edmonton has agreed to bid then withdraw after the fact... I am sure if they have studied this for "years" that they have government support. Hosting a multi-sporting event costs more. For the WC a city only needs a stadium.
  5. This was apparently being planned for quite a while, pre Trump. Anyways, if all three went individually its likely that Morocco would have came in and won the bid. With the 3 CONCACAF nations vote splitting. Morocco on the other hand would have had the support from most of Africa (the biggest confederation) and the Arab World. Pooling the resources for the 3, in hindsight, appears the right thing to do, as now all 3 have a shot of hosting.
  6. 60 games in the usa, 10 each in Canada and Mexico.
  7. For Canada, it will likely be BC Place (Vancouver), BMO Field (Toronto) and Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton). BMO Field or BC Place will likely get the third place game (which no one really cares about anyways). The final should take place in the biggest venue imo, but yes I agree Azteca gets the opening or closing game, with the USA getting the other.
  8. I have heard its going to be a 12/3/3 split (18 cities total).
  9. They are separated, and have separate qualifiers for the WC.
  10. If you group cities by Geography it should limit the travelling fans would need to do.
  11. And Canada doesn't have the resources lol?? No one is doubting the USA was the presumed favourite if it was all single bids, but to just throw of Canada and Mexico as unable to host is just plain stupid. All three nations could host the event by themselves... but I do not believe I said that after the expansion of the World Cup was announced.
  12. Spoken like a true American!
  13. FWIW, seemingly out of no where North Korean athletes have started to compete in skiing events across the globe, presumably in the hopes of qualifying for the 2018 Games. If this is the case, why invest in athletes if they know they will be warring during games time?
  14. Well no NHL at the 2018 Games... Get ready for European domination
  15. Yes but the overall strength is weak. We have only 2-3 athletes that could medal (Bloeman, De Haitre and Blondin).