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  1. It would also give NZL a chance to host an international Winter multi-sporting event (if you don't count the New Zealand Winter Games). Besides those two only Tonga has athletes that are currently active in winter sports.
  2. Lima's will seat 4,000 Toronto's was 6k with temporary seating (and I believe that number included tribune seating, games family etc.)
  3. Also inside the stadium:
  4. Hopefully you can make it. What hotel are you staying at in Sapporo?
  5. They could but they would need solid political support and then again the USOC needs to get on board (though they don't seem to be interested).
  6. Some of the requirements are here:
  7. Jordan and Uzbekistan are confirmed to compete now. Bahrain has withdrawn from the men's hockey tournament.
  8. I hope Buenos Aires wins...
  9. A coincidence in that London would probably present the best backup option. I agree with you Rols in that the the CGF is looking for a replacement (I have been told they were rejected by a certain city, but won't get into any details atm).
  10. Minor detail here: Since the women's 30km ccskiing event will be held on the last day now, both that and the men's 50k event medal ceremonies will be held at the closing ceremony.
  12. Anyways we had this back in 2014, so maybe 2027?
  13. 2027 would be 16 years since 2011 (same distance between 1999 and 2015). Maybe the USA might be interested if they decide that they will not bid for 2028? Anyways PASO confirmed the two bidders, and traditionally the host will be elected in the host city of the next games (Lima), like with the past three editions.
  14. Richard Peterkin ‏@rncpeterkin 10m10 minutes ago More Trump's Executive Order on immigration is totally contrary to Olympic ideals. For him, collective responsibility trumps individual justice Just think of all the other IOC members who feel the same.
  15. Some venue information: