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  1. Toronto City Council to debate the 2022 Commonwealth Games on March 28...
  2. Looks like Lima 2019, might be the next city to withdraw?
  3. This was pre-pan am games. Now post games which were a success you will have some interest.
  4. City of Toronto staff are preparing a report for a councilor (James Pasternak) regarding hosting the games.
  5. Hambantota is out of the picture, as there is new leadership in SL. Though South African media frequently claimed SL was rumored to be the back up (dubious claim?)
  6. Article What is everyone's thoughts on this?
  7. Victoria's stadium with temp. seating had 35k. Toronto had 12.5k for the Pan Ams (with temp. seating), and there is no room at the stadium to add a considerable amount of seating.
  8. Every venue exists, the track and field venue could seat maybe max 20k with temporary seating... (about 20k short).
  10. York Region is literally a part of the Greater Toronto Area, nothing substantially bigger. The Pan Am Games were regional (with 17 municipalities). This had its benefits but also presented its challenges (such as transportation).
  11. "For now the first indoor athletics stadium for an Olympics is still an option since the Astrodome is still vacant and with no plans on its future yet." The IAAF would never approve it.
  12. " Currently, the Games includes 10 core sports - athletics, badminton, men's boxing, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, men's rugby sevens, squash, swimming and weightlifting - with each host selecting up to seven others of their choice.Under the proposal road cycling, artistic gymnastic, judo, table tennis, triathlon and wrestling would be added, with women's boxing and rugby sevens joining the programme, as the Federation aims to increase diversity.The Paralympic disciplines of athletics, lawn bowls, swimming and weightlifting remain compulsory, with triathlon new to the list of optional para sports, alongside track cycling, table tennis and wheelchair basketball, which are already optional" Via insidethegames AFAIK the proposal passed. Weightlifting for the 2018 Games has a quota set and due to the scheduling can share a venue with wrestling. These new ideas will help to keep down venue costs.
  13. Actually Rols, from 2022 (or 2026) depending on how certain people perceive it, 16 sports will be required, with the host allowed to pick 1 extra one (+ additional disciplines of those sports).