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  1. If you plan to be in Pyeongchang during the Games, plans are afoot in having the Pyeongchang area be the first South Korean base area to have 5G wireless communications before its widespread commercial release in 2019 with strong support from official media partners Korea Telecom (KT) and Samsung with Ericsson, Nokia, Intel-- at a 5G Center set up near the vicinity of the world’s longest (2,018 meters) Alpensia Sliding Center, where the luge/skeleton and bobsledding will take place, to test-run data transmission at a maximum speed using the 28 Gigahertz frequency band. Includes a KT-developed installation of 26 network stations, a 200-gram Sync Cam. Even on the bobsled's nose. Also includes new features for VR like with torch carriers' experience: Little more on Samsung's plans to utilize the VR for the Winter Olympics. No doubt it will expand from it used in Rio De Janeiro with more events and have more experiences to use: Publicis UK will handle and develop the Pyeongchang 2018 broadcast, digital activation and integrated Olympic Channel content to promote the Olympic movement and values ahead of the winter games: Cross country skiing gold medalist Anders Sodergren puts down the skis and picks up the mic as a skiing analyst for Discovery Networks Sweden/Eurosport for Pyeongchang:
  2. Eurosport's own Pyeongchang 2018 broadcast brand logo unvieled as its first for Eurosport's Olympic coverage, patterned after what NBC and CTV have done. Not much better than NBC's Pyeongchang logo for similar reasons noted already here with NBC and Korea. Odd to me the purple color vibrant identity used incorporates K-Pop symbolism: Eurosport and Discovery Communications really are committed to go strongly in the digital multimedia department with an agreement as the official mobile broadcasting carrier to all 50 European nations and territories for Pyeongchang 2018 with its mobile streaming service in Eurosport Player and teaming up with NowThis, the digital company, in providing social video like already with the Olympic track legends one mentioned in my last post: Stating the obvious here with Germany in that it's without a doubt a brand new era in German Olympic TV broadcasting with Discovery Communications through Eurosport taking over in this Olympic cycle over the two domestic public broadcasters, ZDF and ARD, couldn't come to an agreement and consequently not getting involved this time for a first. Citing how the broadcast rights fees getting cost-prohibitive. Feels strange but we'll get used to it (some never will though). Moving into the private-TV realm. Plus the free-to-air hours this time are to going to be limited with at least no more of that alternating channels each day. Does say they will air way more than the 100-hour minimum on the FTA side--on Eurosport 1 Deutschland proper and DMAX and both could handle it daily instead of alternating days--but currently TBD and become more Team Germany in focus and top showcase Olympic moments but with some concern, raised by some, that some winter sports less popular with the German public get depreciated with considerably more advertising than ever during the Olympics on German TV. Pay-TV side of Eurosport's Olympic broadcasting in Pyeongchang will have specific packages (ranging from either 6,99/20 euros monthly to 60 euros annually). Talks are already planned to nab a lot of the ZDF and ARD sportscasters that did the Olympics: Of the three Baltic nations, only Latvia will have its public broadcaster showing Pyeongchang and Tokyo for an undisclosed fee. It'll come with at least 100 hours through LTV1 and (mostly) LTV7. ERR in Estonia walked away from a 800,000 euro broadcasting offer for this cycle before Eesti Media took over
  3. That link Quaker added in his last post here surely has to be a reason why CBS did not want any Final Four Team Streaming on TNT and TruTV as cable companions on the TV side. For those who don't know, especially overseas, is the Turner networks under the current CBS-Turner Sports multiyear deal would allow the Final Four games be called on two specific calls by the participating teams on the those cable networks using the same feed along with the unbiased national one on CBS/WTBS. Will return next year when WTBS (I still call it that) takes over again the national Final Four broadcasts. Anyhoo, from the Eurosport side of things it's now just starting to develop Olympic interactive online vids and social content like how Olympic legends compare with each other like on the track. More importantly, it plans to sell online ad space and, based from the looks of what's said here, there could be distinctions in the coverage throughout 30 local online editions with its own sportscasters for the 50 European nations and territories not named Russia instead of just being pan-European: Magdalena Forsberg leaves SVT for the Swedish edition of Eurosport and it Swedish sister FTA channels Kanal 5 and 9 that also has Peter Forsberg, Anja Paerson, and Per Elofsson to analyze biathlon in time for Pyeongchang. The Discovery Networks Sweden side promises to have the most TV hours of the Winter Olympics in Swedish TV history with its stable. Bigger than what the MTG/Viasat channels did for Sochi? That certainly seemed like a lot there:
  4. How NBC Olympics looks back at all the hard work bringing NBC's Rio 2016 broadcast and digital coverage last summer. As well as what they learned and how to adjust to changing patterns and habits. Quite a nice read:
  5. The US cable edition of the Olympic Channel slated for a summer debut, interesting as many are predicting the end of niche cable network, will just be a place during Pyeongchang (and likely ditto for Tokyo and beyond) as "potentially as a prime destination for viewers looking for deeper analysis of the games...[as] a place where we can talk to athletes, experts, coaches. [O]ur on-air talent through the course of the day [will] catch up and get a little more analysis:
  6. Back to my longstanding personal cult fave that's Moscow 1980 with the Closing Ceremony at Lenin Stadium on August 3, 1980. What's different here is you see some scenes that weren't in the first uploading we had from several years ago also taken from Soviet TV (still present in YouTube), like the mass trumpters in the beginning, IOC President Lord Killianin coming down the steps before delivering his closing address, to Misha actually seen through binoculars in the sky to the very end with some early 80s era optics. Perhaps this was shown on a different channel on TV CCCP like Moscow Television at the time. I think someone will eventually combine all the footage together and make it more complete. By the way, that Brazilian TV Opening Ceremony coverage from TV Cultura that Gilberto uploaded apparently has since been removed--though the parade of nations is still there. So we don't have the full Moscow 1980 OC again. Hopefully soon we'll get that with better resolution:
  7. Too bad I failed to notice NBC's ad changes too much on the multiplatform level with Rio because I was working at the time (I still work in retail and it was back to school time then with heavy hours). But as I said around London, the current NBC structure--and of US TV broadcasting across the board--is employing for their Olympic broadcasts over nearly 30 years will not work in the long run and requires a massive change with the rapid tech changes that younger consumers will embrace. Agreed on the primetime segment needing a de-emphasis, especially in distant time zones where the Olympics reside away from the continental US time zones. I wonder what the Seven Network's Pyeongchang 2018 plans are down in Australia. Been reading things online that its Rio 2016 coverage flopped in the eyes of many Aussie viewers despite having three separate channels in its return to Olympic broadcasting since 2008 with Beijing. Which is especially concerning since the next three Olympics are based in more favorable time zones for Australia and New Zealand in the TV scheduling before we all get Asia'ed-out with the Olympics. Sure Bruce McAveney will be there, but I project Mel McLaughlin will take a more prominent role this time. Actually making her the primetime anchor like she did with Sochi 2014 when she was back on Ten--and we do know Seven will use 7's main channel along with two subchannels 7TWO and 7Mate along for Australia's biggest free-to-air Winter Olympics coverage ever.
  8. We have yet to know about CBC/Radio-Canada's Pyeongchang 2018 broadcasting plans with TSN/RDS and Rogers Sportsnet. But to start with the CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions has overhauled its multiplatform sports sales and marketing department in anticipation ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics. We can also expect many of the same personalities returning next February as well as many of the same corporate sponsors like Bell Canada, Canadian Tire, Petro-Canada, Royal Canadian Mint, and Rona: Surely and obviously NBC Universal will be better prepared on the technological rapidly-changing viewership habits and its complexities this time around (like finding younger audiences) in Pyeongchang than what happened with Rio De Janeiro. Enter the Total Audience Delivery with digital ad packages and guarantees. Part of that slow, gradual realization of the changing viewing structure major companies are enduring for years: 112 global broadcasting delegates descended upon Pyeongchang for the World Broadcasters Meeting earlier this week: Eurosport will go VR along with 4KTV next winter. RAI could be onboard:
  9. Switzerland goes to South Korea beating the Czech Republic 4-1: But I underestimated Japan all the while...
  10. Agreed that Al Michaels got one more Olympic cycle in him. Furthermore, he can continue on in his previous anchor role from Sochi as daytime/afternoon host on NBC and NBC Sports Network. He wouldn't be needed exactly right away as the broadcast starts February 8-9, but he obviously needs time to settle in Pyeongchang when he comes from Minneapolis. Surely, Michaels will brush up on the current goings-on for the then-upcoming anchor role while working on his Super Bowl research. Speaking of anchors, another Scandinavian TV network rights change hands with TVNorge taking over in Norway from TV2 Norge. Last summer it was announced that former NRK sports anchor and reporter Anne Rimmen and Jan Almaas will become the studio anchor dynamic duo in Pyeongchang for its ambitious coverage. Definitely for this cycle with a mix of being both on location reporting things and mixing in with some entertainment: TVNorge also got from NRK Morten Johannessen and Frode Martnas with Rimmen: And TVNorge announces at the one-year mark it will go 24 hours a day having special emphasis on showing every Norwegian medal contention with Eurosport Norway and Eurosport 1 helping out. It will have a 135 people staff on location in Pyeongchang:
  11. After a day off, the German and Swiss women are now one game away from qualifying to Pyeongchang. Germany, aka the Eagle Carriers, knocked off Austria 4-1 for a date with hosts Japan in the final game, who defeat France 4-1 in Tomakomai. Les Bleues disappoint me a bit in Tomakomai, Japan: Arosa, Switzerland is set for a collision course winner-take-all for the other direct Olympic spot tomorrow between hosts Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The Swiss down Norway, the Polar Bears, also 4-1 with the Czechs stopping Denmark's pesky Danish Lions 4-3, a team that's gaining serious high-level international experience:
  12. Which reminds me, both Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis and the Winter Olympics next year will both be on NBC during the same winter season just days from each other. Al Michaels (or Mike Tirico assuming he gets the broadcasting honor in the former) will have to immediately jet out to Pyeongchang from Minneapolis. New Olympic TV channel in Sweden. Another new era in Swedish Olympic broadcasting after SVT and MTG's TV3/TV10/Viasat channels with promises of "the best and most extensive coverage". Discovery's Swedish FTA channel is Kanal 5 and automatically gets the designated nod as the dedicated Swedish Olympic Channel round the clock. Kanal 5 will have Kanal 9, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, and Eurosport Player joining with it--though I do expect there will be additional temporary Olympic channels like Viasat did, which even included TV3 Sport doing the handball matches. Discovery Networks Sweden will also produce profiles including Jessica Almenäs, newly recruited for the Olympics, Jonas Karlsson, and Karin Frick as the "biggest and beloved profiles". And this will last until 2024: And this is the article from over a month ago that announces Jessica Almenas departing TV4 (Let's Dance, Biggest Loser Sverige, and Fotbollsgalan) and heading to Discovery Sweden's Kanal 5 as one of its three Olympic studio anchors with Karlsson and Frick:äs-till-kanal-5-xr
  13. Women's ice hockey qualification tournaments have started today in Arosa, Switzerland and Tomakomai, Japan. Today was nothing but easy wins. Switzerland blasts Denmark 6-1 that saw one of its top Swiss players Lara Statler score a hat trick. The Czech Republic scored a 5-0 shutout on Norway that I saw live on YouTube. Co-hosts Japan beats Austria by the same 6-1 score. Only really competitive match on the first day was Germany and France, the picks from Japan I think will either of them head to Pyongchang. Thier game was 3-2 in Germany's favor that went into a shootout. Whoever wins this will go there. So I'll revise it and say Germany. I also noticed a lot of these teams are really young and fresh off the junior ranks
  14. No small significance coming at the 1-year mark to the OC. Without a doubt, Tirico is more than up to this challenge, as said in the press release. Just had to get Mike's Olympic feet wet and acclimated starting with Rio. You know, I will miss Costas as primetime host as much I miss watching Jim McKay much earlier. NBC UNIVERSAL TRANSCRIPT ANNOUNCING PASSING OF THE NBC OLYMPICS PRIMETIME TORCH FROM COSTAS TO TIRICO That TVP-planned coverage of 200 hours for Pyongchang seems small. But it can still grow a little bit later on, of course. 200 hours seems small compared to what it previously did in Sochi. But the IOC broadcast minimum for Winter Olympics is 100 hours, so I'm sure priority on Polish Olympians and popular Polish Winter Olympic sports will get emphasized. And not only TVP Polska that was named but also newly included in Discovery Communications agreements are Eesti Meedia in Estonia, Georgian Public Broadcasting in Georgia, RÚV in Iceland and Latvijas Televīzija in Latvia. A deal has also been agreed with Lietuvos Olimpinis Fondas, managed by the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, as well as Czech Radio in the Czech Republic, which its radio deal supplements a non-exclusive rights partnership already signed with Ceska Televize: Prepare for the ultimate digital multichannel and multiplatform Olympic broadcasting experience with VR and AR including digital innovations along the way with over 100 events live and on-demand from Discovery and Eurosport across 50 European nations and territories continent-wide not named Russia. Plus, it's talking to several of the iconic social media/video companies in this with active partnerships planned. My question becomes will Euros also be able to hear the coverage in various languages without georestrictions? Discovery/Eurosport unviels a new Olympic film called Millions of Journeys, One Destination last month with Eurosport's new Olympic logo now seen that will last from this until at least 2024, signifying this brnad new era in European Olympic multiplatform coverage:
  15. The 2017 Africa Nations Cup Opening Ceremony that took place yesterday in Gabon's capital Libreville at the Stade de l'Amitie before the first game between hosts Gabon and debutants Guinea-Bissau. Has the mascot Samba the Black Panther and a boy with lots of dancing and includes recording artists Davido, Mohombi (a Congolese-Swedish recording artist best known for part of song with Shaggy), French rapper Booba (who's one of my favorite rappers around and is half Senegalese, a huge rap star in the Francophone world--was one-half of beloved French rap duo Luantic with Ali), Diamond Platinumz, Lumino, and Franco: