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  1. Blanka Vlasic and the two Skelin rowing brothers appear in a black and white 2008 HPB commercial that set in and around Zagreb as the two are practicing their routines. An orchestra appears too. Only thing in color is the CGI red cube spinning around serving as the company's logo. HPB is Hrvatska Postanska Banka (or Croatia Post Bank), Croatia's national banking chain originating from its national post service, of which both parties are account holders. IMO, we should have something like here in the USA with the USPS: Apollo Anton Ohno, one of the most decorated US Winter Olympians, speed skates around a darkened ice rink in what quickly turns into like a vinyl LP for this 2010 AT&T TV commercial that was surely played heavily during NBC's Vancouver 2010 broadcast that encourages viewers to follow Team USA during Vancouver as the instrumental music from London-based British band The XX's "Intro", easily one of my favorite instrumentals, plays during this:
  2. I'm really glad that I just now found this. In a part of the world where sports is overwhelmingly dominated by men through still-enforced cultural traditions, Nike is helping through its stable of its female Arab sports stars to help shatter those still-prevailing and still-persistent narrow cultural assumptions regarding Arab women getting active in sports with the coded underlining of "you shouldn't be doing this", largely coming from men, as they show that they're just as good as the guys. Nike already had Algerian-French dancer-turned-actress Sofia Boutella for several years, but this commercial takes it to another level with this campaign to them that pays tribute to them entitled "What will be said of you?". To be sure, there has been progress and pioneers involving women in the Arab-Muslim world. Think Nawal El Moutatwakel and Hassiba Boulmerka and the serious challenges both had to go through towards success. But there still has ways to go. Women's gyms are nearly non-existent there and in some countries like Saudi Arabia, girls are prohibited from having PE classes in their schools. What we got now is the latest wave who will shatter that: these athletes the global sportswear brand are behind with shown are Jordanian boxer Arifa Bseiso, Emirates artistic skater Zahra Lari, fellow athlete Amal Murad, Tunisian fencer Inès Boubakri, famous emirator-Yemeni singer Balqees Fathi. Boubkari is no stranger to Olympic competition with Beijing and London already under her belt in her experience. But it was with Rio last summer that Boubakri scored bronze in fencing, a first for African women in the sport that she dedicated her victory "to the Tunisian woman" and "all those who fight for freedom". Filmed in Dubai and since sparked serious debate from its February online release. And it's voice of the Saudi artist Fatima Al-Banawi who answers the question "What will be said of you?" in critiquing the reactions from those in the Arab/Muslim world to those women indulge in competitive/recreational sport. She says (translated): "You should not be there," "It's not very feminine," "You're not for that," she would say. But she can choose to listen to the voice in her, the one that blows her "You are strong," "No one can stop you," "You will find your way" or "You will become something great". I'll discuss more next time: Belgium's 2008 high jump gold medalist and 2012 flagbearer Tia Hellebaut wishes for some Pizza Hut after clearing another bar and gets some as a group of actors, pun intended, sing (or is that lip-synch?) a cheesy song about its wares at a Pizza Hut restaurant for Pizza Hut Belgium:
  3. Calgary's city government is pushing and recommending for the Calgary Flames' new home to be at a 7.2-acre parking lot location directly southward to the Olympic Saddledome as a Plan B that will soon be called the Victoria Park Project that can be used for Olympic ice hockey should Calgary gets it (highly doubt it): Calgary Pursues Plan B for New Arena But the Flames still, as far as we know, prefer CalgaryNext with the arena and stadium connected to get it. Project there isn't dead yet: CalgaryNext Isn't Dead Despite Moving Victoria Park/Arena Plan B Ahead
  4. Agreed that an overhaul on the men's program for US Soccer in emulating the DFB from Germany in the previous decade may be in need. Having a very nice level top-flight national soccer league in the USA with some Canada sprinklings in the form of the MLS is very important, for one major reason, deepening the national soccer talent pool, something the old NASL failed to achieve effectively. But it's not the Barclay Premier League, La Liga, or the German Bundesliga. We do have a solid team that has a World Cup appearance pedigree since 1990 that's always since been at the top three CONCACAF qualification teams, but we have really more of a yeoman team even with players with some experience in top leagues across Europe. One that's got very good players and strong goalies and defenders but not possessing global superstars, with all due respect to Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, and Clint Dempsey. It's a team that can surprise for a time or two and generate mainstream American sports interest during its World Cup campaign. But not always depending on the matchups facing them. Team must have some serious bench depth; I seriously don't think we'll be serious World Cup contender in the foreseeable future. It might take a generation. And yes, we in the United States lack the decades-built prominent soccer sports culture that many nations have, even dating back to the old American Soccer League that held ethnic teams which made the sport non-mainstream to older Americans at the time. Pulisic surely has the goods to be our first bonafide global soccer superstar, barring a series of injuries. But he's still a kid and needs more serious international experience. We can also could use some young players who not only posess a high soccer IQ but also some creativity. Sometimes soccer here in the US, despite the tremendous strides made to its credit in the last few decades since Paul Caligiuri's goal in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in November 1989 to finally get the USA back in soccer's grandest stage, the United States still has some ways to go. We are more of a mishmash with our soccer cultural influences still trying to figure it all out with our uniqueness; we used to pattern after England for the longest since that's was deemed as the best with its sphere of influence then mixed with a bit of Germany. Now we turn towards the Hispanic influence that's still emerging.
  5. Adding to your brilliant point about the slow demise of the Canadian men's national soccer program's fortunes, Canada Soccer did indeed miss out on some solid players that could've helped them like Owen Hargreaves, who opted to play for England and was at Bayern Munich, and goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, who opted to play for his native nation Bosnia-Herzegovina on its World Cup debut. In fact, that Bosnian team has several players like local product from my hometown Vedad Ibsevic and Edin Dzeko who got raised in other nations during their youths because of the civil war there. That 1986 World Cup team, while leaving Mexico not scoring a goal (and we all know what happens to teams that have this happen to them--they don't immediately qualify for the next one like China 2002, Greece 1994, and Australia 1974) they did hold their own against France, the Soviet Union, and Hungary. It was a ragtag team of mostly amateurs but did benefit from the dead-by-then NASL's inertia in having a few Canadian players and a coach in Tony Waiters, formerly of the Vancouver Whitecaps, with some top-level NASL experience. Hell, many of them were in the indoor soccer's MISL, THE top soccer league at the time in the USA, like Bobby Lenarduzzi, Carl Valentine, Branko Segota, and Tino Letteri. By the mid-1980s, the Calgary Boomers, Edmonton Drillers, Montreal Manic, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Toronto Blizzard all were either defunct or struggling financially. There was even talk of the turning the Montreal Manic into a Team Canada patterned much like that monstrosity south of the border with the Washington, DC-based Team America in 1983 for the next season. And this was when the USA was still in the midst of an international soccer dark ages. Surely, there's a solid ESPN 30 For 30 about that period, the NASL's rise and fall, and the Canadian portion there. There was the CSL that got created afterwards to boost the domestic development but had no influence on the national soccer scene there and was met with indifference. Surely those players from the latter half of the previous decade like Julian De Guzman and Dwayne DeRosario would gladly give their arms and legs for a taste of the World Cup for Canada. By 2026, actually well before then, I do hope the MLS would reconsider classifying Canadians as domestic players
  6. As online/mobile rapidly becomes more and more prominent when it comes to prospective Olympic advertisers for broadcasters, Eurosport's marketing director Ralph Rivera says it must adjust and adapt--and stop being intrusive from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic viewing experience (means it must come before and after events, for example). Sure sign it's not going to be your dad's Eurosport: Look for Asbjorn Myhre, coming from TV2 to the Discovery Communications Norway team, to cover ice hockey in Pyeongchang and his other favorite sports soccer and handball in Tokyo for TVNorge and Eurosport Norge:
  7. All that and the possibility that the Dutch may be a victim of its own success and influence with "total football" that was so innovative back then, now utilized all around the world in some strand or another. Maybe it should take a page from what the DFB did in Germany in rebuilding a decade ago at all levels. Look where it is now.
  8. Couple years back I brought out a Nike Spain commercial with Paul Gasol, Rafa Nadal, and Raul Inesta that came before the King Juan Carlos' address to the nation. Here Pau and his fellow NBA All-Star and national team member brother Marc, the "Hermano" in question, play one-on-one at a playground court just themselves refreshing themselves with San Miguel 0,0 alcohol-free beer after all that hype Paul brings to the public of playing a big-time opponent. Not Gatorade or Powerade, beer. San Miguel actually sponsored the Spanish national basketball team on their jerseys recently back when Li Ning was REB's athletic outfitter With a design and graphics that really scream the 1990s in the 1997 Wattie's Baked Beans NZ TV commercial that sees legendary horse reinsman Tony Herlihy being powered by Kiwi Olympic and Commonwealth gold medal-winning cyclist Sarah Ulmer as they're competing against thoroughbreds along a racetrack. Both actually enjoyed Wattie's Baked Beans that day
  9. Of course, you just know NBC is not very pleased with the NHL's decision yesterday to opt out using its players for the upcoming Winter Olympics because it wants to continue marketing the league's stars on TV (particularly for the casual American fan) as the Peacock holds the NHL's FTA TV rights. NBC obviously knew this was a strong possibility for months. I enjoy hockey very much and wouldn't mind seeing Canada facing Russia for gold (or even Slovenia) because I like to learn about these teams--bigger nations like Canada are very thorough with its history. Will they try to promote just the teams during the broadcast instead? Nonetheless, if the USA makes it into at least the medal semis it'll almost act as a moot point. But, with American NHL players repping Team USA in the Winter Olympics, the odds for gold will be markedly improved; ratings will be high for NBC regardless of the time zone residents are in. Better hope young guns Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel will eventually join Team USA. Hey, why not place greater emphasis on the women, who have an even greater shot at gold? Makes you wonder how this will impact future TV contracts with the NHL: Having endured last night's Spanish-language NCAA Basketball National Championship Game on Westwood One Sports Radio, a first, will this be the first Winter Olympics we'll get Spanish coverage at last on both Westwood One Sports and on Telemundo/NBC Universo? Back when NRK personality Jon Almaas was just about to defect to TVNorge with Anne Rimmen and serve as its evening sports anchor for its Pyeongchang 2018 coverage along with a sports and entertainment package on weekends as Discovery Norway rapidly builds its sports department and getting Norwegian sports TV rights like for the Olympics and soccer. It has already recruited several others in the past year, many from TV2 Norge:
  10. And Brianne Theissen-Eaton
  11. I think Lee's noms have something to do with his calls on Andre de Grasse and Derek Drouin on the track at Joao De Havelenge Stadium
  12. A list of the Sports Emmys nominees can be found here. The Games of the XXXI Olympiad for the NBC Sports Group's broadcast has a combined 14 nominations in both English and Spanish from Telemundo/NBC Universo. Even one of its TV promos got a nod: In Canada at the Canadian Screen Awards in March, The CBC won Best Live Sports Event for Rio 2016, Scott Russell won for Best Sports Host in a Sports Program or Series for his anchoring of Rio 2016 at the CBC. Sherali Najak, Mark Tewksbury, and Mark Lee were nominated but lost out in Best Direction in a Live Sporting Event, Best Sports Analyst In A Sports Program, and Best Sports Play-By-Play Announcer respectively, for Rio 2016. Also nominated for but lost Best Sports Intro/Tease: Down Under, the Seven Network's Rio 2016 broadcast is nominated for the fan-voted Silver Logie In Rio Today for Best Sports Program and in the jury-voted Most Outstanding Best Sports Coverage as part of 7's 22 overall noms, that's third behind ABC and Ten:
  13. Really nice announcement at SXSW that ESPN Audio and ESPN Films are expanding its ESPN 30 For 30 juggernauts into the extremely popular world of longform podcasts beginning in June. And one of those first batch of stories slated is about American decathletes Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson--you know, Dan and Dave---and the ill-fated 1992 Reebok "To Be Settled in Barcelona" Olympic campaign: No Olympic-centric 30 For 30 was nominated for the Sports Emmys this year, unless you want to loosely count the sole doc from that in The 85 Bears that involved a former Olympic hopeful in sprinter Willie Gault:
  14. NBC's coverage of the Rio 2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad garners 14 nominations, the most for any program, in the 2017 Sports Emmys for May 9:
  15. More Olympic broadcasting news from Sweden. Sverige Radio's Radiosporten now acquires the Swedish Olympic radio broadcasting rights to the 2018 and 2020 Olympics, extending its tradition since 1928, with plans for editorial and more comprehensive and broad coverage from Pyeongchang in a sublicensing agreement with Discovery Networks Sweden. 150 hours planned for FM with the digital coverage focusing on Team Sweden and international stars. Radiosporten's 2018 and 2020 Olympic coverage will come on P4, SR Play, and Maybe P1, P2, and P3 will get included somehow later with option to listen to Radiosporten's coverage through Eurosport video coverage online along with the Swedish TV channels: No big surprise considering NBCUniversal holds sizable stakes in both investments NBC Reteams With Snapchat, BuzzFeed for 2018 Winter Olympics Coverage And this: Wouldn't be unexpected that ice hockey will be the centerpiece for the male-centric DMAX's Pyeongchang 2018 portion of the coverage, especially giving great priority towards the German men's ice hockey team--and for the German women had they qualified out of and defeated Japan. We can expect DMAX to cover all the Olympic ice hockey games there live: When Discovery Communications granted the Lithuanian media broadcasting rights to the 2018-2020 Olympics, TV3 won the rights to it for the Baltic nation with that and TV6 mutually covering it for Lithuania on the free-to-air side along with Eurosport and Eurosport 2. Together, it will present the most hours for Pyongchang 2018 on Lithuanian TV than even for Rio 2016 with 400 hours. Entirely on HD for the first time there. Plus TV3 Lietuva plans to use a subchannel for additional coverage like Australia's Seven Network did with hopes to improve upon the public satisfaction of the Lithuanian Olympic TV broadcasting and the coverage itself. Also explains extensively the inside story in Discovery's and the Lithuanian Olympic Committee's broken-down negotiations with public broadcaster and former Olympic rights holder LRT as a partner before turning to Viasat's TV3 Lietuva. At least it won't reserve both ceremonies to LNK like it did in the previous cycle: The Spanish edition of Wikipedia indicates, though not with news resources cited there, that the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics will get covered on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2, FOX Sports 3, and DIRECTV Sports. France Televisions becomes a 4-year major TV media partner with the Comite National Olympique Et Sportif Francais for 2017-2020 after the latter's previous partnership with L'Equipe expired and thus wasn't extended. Was supposed to originally kick off in October: YLE in Finland, after getting and keeping the rights with Discovery on an undisclosed amount that weren't without some difficulties, will show everything live on two different YLE TV channels instead of just YLE TV2 from Pyeongchang 2018...except hockey. But will show reviews of the hockey matches. YLE Radio can air ice hockey games though. But what about the Swedish coverage on YLE Fem/FST5?