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  1. The bid exploration committee is running a survey. Link at the bottom of the page:
  2. Yup. Things are pretty bad here. Downtown is like a ghost town. My job situation is iffy. I bailed on the oil&gas industry before it tanked. Been a seasonal worker for the last couple of years. Now back in school taking a fast track program. If this generates jobs, I say go for it. All our 88 facilities are still being used in their original format and the reason being is Calgary is pretty much the designated winter sport training city of Canada. And this is also good incentive to upgrade and improve the facilities. The bobsled track is slated to get some rehab work done regardless if we get the winter games. But there's also other infrastructure like the much needed C-Train line out to the airport. One thing that's currently being worked on is a big new overpass/interchange on the Trans Canada Hwy into Olympic Park. This is something that should've been in place back in '88. We'll see what happens. And like I said, if it generates jobs, do it. I'm keeping a close eye on the bid exploration committee happenings for potential work/job postings.
  3. Yikes. And it's only been 6 months!
  4. The bid exploration committee's website went live last night. Here it is:
  5. Get your bats or clubs ready, the Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya is clubbing its way to a theater near you in 2018! Margot Robbie is starring in the lead. Marie Claire: Margot Robbie Is Completely Unrecognisable As Tonya Harding
  6. I thought it was. Team Zissou's guitar playing Bowie song singer!
  7. Who was the singer at the end? Looked familiar. I just caught the last quarter of the OC so gonna have to watch on Youtube.
  8. I have to rewatch both ceremonies. I found CBC cutting too many times to commercial and missing stuff.
  9. Overall an ok ceremony. Anybody know what song she was singing during the cauldron extinguishing?
  10. A nice contribution to global warming. Look at all that smoke.
  11. Nice heart firework!
  12. Anybody know the name of the song she's singing?
  13. Looks like someone vomited in the stadium.
  14. Look at all those empty seats.
  15. Tokyo owns this closing ceremony.