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  1. Dirty NYC? It smells like flowers at LAX? Thank you for helping me to illustrate a point here Is it necessary to make ridiculous exaggerations (and trash another city) to make your point? That's the type of bullshit that ruins this thread. And zeke said it much more succinctly than I would.. this notion that people hate LA or view it as a small town is only being pushed but the likes of you and RuFF and it's goddamn ridiculous. This is a competition. I don't have an allegiance to Paris, I just think they're going to win. And that's not because I think LA is unworthy. They have an excellent bid. I've said that repeatedly. Saying that I think Paris will be chosen over LA is not some sort of insult on "the great city of Los Angeles," yet you and RuFF seem to regard that as some sort of inferiority complex. Nevermind that everyone know's LA's place in Olympics history and isn't questioning their credentials. The tone of this thread isn't that LA routinely gets criticized. It's the overly Utopian viewpoints that get presented that get criticized, and you're furthering that where your counter-point is to exaggerate with crap like "no, you obviously don't know how awesome LA is" You honestly don't seeing anything wrong with RuFF? That's amusing. We don't scold him because he has a positive take on LA. We scold him because he's a troll. He knows he's a troll. Many other posters (not just myself and FYI) know he's a troll. Just calling a spade a spade. I don't take any of this personally. Seems like you do though. Oh yea, and only consistently active thread on GB? Go ahead, distort reality a little more. Good to know that you're okay with a troll being a troll though. Probably can start to label you as a troll as well. Or at least an out-of-touch idiot.
  2. LOL, yes, the comments. We've actually been discussing this article steaming pile of turd for a couple of days now. Believe it or not - I know this will be difficult to comprehend - posters on this site (who aren't you) actually do go to other threads and don't just stay here. Actually, it's nice to go to other threads in the forum knowing you won't shit_stain those threads with the diarrhea you call your posts. And instead you'll continue to post links in this thread as if you think this is the only place Olympic bidding can be discussed.
  3. http://www.3wiresports.com/
  4. Darn right that was me! I would love to see his response if Paris wins the vote. Because he's positioning this less as his opinion as "no, this is all going to happen, I promise you." We'll see about that AA.
  5. Good. Hopefully this will encourage NBC to put less emphasis on primetime. I think we started to see this with Rio, but now it's being acknowledged more.
  6. It's very telling to me how much of that article he spends giving his credentials and explaining how he's not connected with the bid. This is his website. You would think that all goes without saying. Here's my thing with his reasoning.. maybe he's right that the IOC would be better suited with a privately backed bid rather than a government funded bid (that's assuming you can buy his logic that one is inherently safer than the other). But if he knows the IOC so well, is that what he thinks is going to happen? Is that how they'll actually choose a winner? I doubt it. Then my other personal favorite is that he gives his "LA is LA is LA" bit at the bottom and what's happening with Trump is inconsequential. But later, he says bring in Oregon and Washington and the companies/sponsors they have. So yea, no hypocrisy there. And my goodness, there are comments at the bottom of the article and he responded to 1 of them. Be forewarned, you might vomit a little after you see this... Alan Abrahamson says: February 25, 2017 at 8:54 am Dear Mr. Sidney: Thank you for the note. If you have ever been in Paris in the summer, you would know only too well why the locals leave the heat and humidity. As for LA and costs: I would refer you to the bid book. There is virtually nothing (one canoe slalom venue) to build. It’s already built.
  7. Gee RuFF.. so sorry I tried to run off paul. Because he's clearly so supportive of LA The sense I still get about LA - and this is personal intuition more than anything - is that they expect they can easily repeat what they did in `84. Which of course is much easier said than done. When the IOC was facing trouble in the 70's, it was the host cities letting them down. These days, the problem lies with the IOC. So that's what LA is getting themselves into. They can have all the confidence in the world that they can pull this off as successfully as they did before (which is why the polling numbers are so high), but the amount of money it costs so stage an Olympics has grown exponentially. Essentially, add a zero to the end of the 1984 numbers, and that's still less than what they're looking at for 2024. And 1984 didn't include things like a very expensive overlay to the Coliseum. So this is far from what they did the last time they hosted.
  8. After reading this article, I needed to take a shower. Actually, several showers. Because the level of stink coming off this turd he calls journalism is overwhelming. I have so many questions I'd love to ask, but here's the main one.. he lists his European cities he thinks will be there for 2028. That list includes Budapest. Really, AA? The city that literally just this week said no to the Olympics is coming back for 2028. Sure.
  9. I saw it. Thanks for sharing. And yea, it does look pretty nauseating.
  10. Pretty sure. If he was going to troll an internet forum, he would at least be better at it than RuFF is
  11. It's been well-established that publicly-financed stadiums provide little return to the citizens of that city, but let's not put an Olympic Park on the same level as an NFL stadium. US Bank Stadium has been around less than a year, but they already have a Super Bowl and a Final Four on the calendar. In addition to the Vikings, they have Gophers baseball, concerts, the X Games, and probably more I'm not even thinking of. That's a world of difference from a city like Rio building an Olympic park with few plans on what those facilities might get used for after the Olympics.
  12. You mentioned nothing about Asia in your first post. I agree it's unlikely, but it someone can make a reasonable case for it, then it's not redundant. Please don't turn this into 1 of these threads where the intent is to discuss the cities you're interested in and not actually for others to offer their opinions.
  13. What makes you think the Olympics in New York would be attractive and that 2028 is the ideal time for them? I've lived in NYC since the day I was born and I'll happily play the part of the arrogant New Yorker who says this is the greatest city in the world. But there's little about this city that's ideal for the Olympics and I certainly don't think less of New York because of that. I've made the point many times that if Atlanta didn't get 1996, then around 2008/2012 when NY was going through a sports building boom would have been the ideal time. That didn't work out though. 2028 is far from ideal for NY. Where's the main stadium? Where do they put the village? This is why NYC has shown little interest in hosting the Olympics. These things go hand in hand where if a city thinks they have a plan that can work well with the Olympics, we might see a bid. In New York where no such vision exists, we won't see a bid. You can't expect a city to show interest in spending billions of dollars unless they think it will benefit the city. Very unlikely we'll see that with New York.
  14. It's pretty creepy what has happened to the Silverdome now that it's literally just rotting away (although it would make a great shooting location for a post-apocalypse movie or TV show). That said, during its lifespan, in addition to the Lions, they had the Pistons for a decade, hosted World Cup matches, had the one-time record for Wrestlemania attendance and probably more. Here's the calendar of events for US Bank Stadium. I count a hell of a lot more than 10 events on here, even if the calendar gets a little sparse once summer hits.. https://www.usbankstadium.com/events Ditto for TCF Bank Stadium, home to Minnesota's MLS team. http://minneapolis.eventful.com/venues/tcf-bank-stadium-/V0-001-001978023-1 So yea, there's a lot more than 10 events per year in each. Not going to disagree that football stadiums are rarely worth the public financing they receive, but that's really ignorant to compare a white elephant Olympic venue that may or may not have had a legacy plan in the first place to most of the billion dollar football stadiums build these days, especially when those teams/owners are always looking for events to fill them.
  15. It's funny how when tRuFFmp was asked to address the point about LA's IBC versus Paris, I pretty much nailed how he would respond.. Not that it was hard to predict, of course. He did zero in on 1 specific piece and you gave an answer to a completely different question. And you wonder why we liken you to Trump. You were the one who mentioned the IBC in Paris (which yes, you grouped with the athletes village and I think Pure Facts addressed that). And when asked to compare that 1 specific piece in the 2 cities, you only talked about LA and didn't even acknowledge Paris by basis of comparison. Giving us the old "whether you like it or not" or "let's not pretend" isn't worth $hit if your point isn't valid in the first place. As if you should be talking about pretending, since that's what you like to do with LA in order to convince yourself of how superior they are.