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  1. Thanks to all for the information regarding Ivete!
  2. And instead, the ARD now shows the replay of a political talkshow regarding the xenophobic attacks last week in the German city of Bautzen. They couldn't have chosen a more sobering reminder of how hateful and ugly our world can be. What a downer after that show of harmony, love, tolerance and global understanding that was just presented in Maracana. Ugh! I better go to sleep now, I guess. It was a pleasure, guys - even if I could only join for a few minutes! Keep Rio 2016 in your hearts! Even if I became very silent on these boards, the Cariocas sure warmed my heart with the hospitality they were able to show (due to lower ticket prices and the sheer "supportive nature" of the Paralympics) during the past ten days! And even if the Olympics were slightly more troublesome, Rio sure did a good job! More maybe later in the verdict thread. Obrigado outra vez, Brasil!
  3. Here in Germany, the video compilation was a very rushed and abbreviated thing. So ARD and ZDF still are somewhat a disappointment when it comes to Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies. I will never forget how in 2012, they showed the Paralympic opening only on tape delay and only parts of the Paralympic closing.
  4. And the German broadcast quickly ends completely - the moderator spoke only a few words of farewell. Now that is a very anti-climatic and disappointing end to seven years of Rio's place in Olympic/Paralympic spotlight, at least from a German perspective. I hope you guys still get a bit of live coverage.
  5. I suppose neneu typed one "n" too many. And so it seems to end - the German commentators already bid farewell. Awww, would have been so charming to hear "Cidade Maravilhosa" or something like that as the farewell song.
  6. Rominger, Ivete was called "THE super star in Brazil" by the German TV commentator. Is that true? I have never heard of her, I have to admit. And while the Brazilian audience seems to enjoy her, the athletes in front of the stage seem a bit lost. Would be nice if she sang a very famous Brazilian samba or bossa nova as the final song, in order to get also the international spectators engaged.
  7. True, and the song sounded a bit too much relaxed for that big moment of farewell. But however, I guess that's what we have to live with - it fits that low budget feel a bit.
  8. Charming idea to "blow out" the flame with those windmills! That was a new one.
  9. I guess a truly historic moment approaches - the very final moment of Brazil's three years in the focus of the sports world, with the 2013 Confed Cup, the 2014 World Cup and now the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Troublesome, but I hope also amazing years for the country!
  10. I'm slightly late for the party - I fell asleep on my couch and only awoke to Philip Craven's speech But this music concert part of the ceremony really looks a bit as if they ran out of ceremony budget. Or am I wrong?
  11. They rather shouldn't do this in 2020, because the pictogram segment in their handover already was pretty much a copy of Sochi's pictogram segment shortly before the cauldron lighting at the Olympic opening ceremony. That's why Tokyo shouldn't do such a segment in 2020, for the third time within six years in Olympic ceremonial history.
  12. Could you enlighten us when those pics of Maracana were taken, neneu? Do they show the preparations for the Paralympic opening or were they taken before the Olympic closing ceremony?
  13. And now to you, Rominger: I think you deserve not only one, but two gold medals - one for your excellent and very touching article, and one for the passion you showed for the Olympic idea and the Games in your home city, despite your difficult personal circumstances. That said, I and probably many other people here hope that you find time to come back here once in a while. Maybe it can sometimes take your mind off the problems in your personal life and in the Brazil of the year 2016 (and following). Best of luck!
  14. I hear you, Roland, I hear you... while waiting for at least only one edition of the Olympic Games to take place in my country during my lifetime. With the ever growing scandals in and around the Olympic Movement, I feel increasingly pessimistic that I will ever experience Olympic Games staged in Germany.
  15. I think that reindeer and Durban Sandshark said particularly interesting things: While reindeer was too busy with a major change in his life, things are actually pretty relaxed for me now and if there was any change in my life, it was a positive one: I'm quite newly in love, so that kept me a bit busy during the Olympic Games, too. But even that hardly explains why I still feel no real sense of withdrawal after the end of these Games. Maybe it's simply age and I don't get as enthused as easily about the Olympic Games. Or, something that would be more regrettable: Maybe it's due to all the Olympic controversies during the past few years, including the doping scandals but also the "NOlympia" victories in the Olympic referendums of Munich and Hamburg. Maybe I can't idolise the Olympic Games that much anymore, after having had to realise that the IOC is run by a bunch of corrupt people and/or cowards, just like FIFA. And Durban, another reason might have been that I had to work during the Games and due to the time shift between Brazil and Central Europe, missed out on quite a lot of events. But who knows... In any case, I second Wallenchinsky's move for prolonged Olympic Games. But on the other hand, I guess that it would be logistically difficult to stretch them out across three or even four weeks, especially when the Paralympics still have to be staged after them, too.