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  1. That's the kind of thing I would expect from South Korea given how crazy they are for E-Sports, but China? So now, being a pro at World of Warcraft/League of Legends/Overwatch is all you need to get a sport medal. So the "doping" tests will be about seeing who used cheat codes and/or hacked?
  2. Either way the damage is already done and the cat is out of the bag. If they're already having this issues within just one week there's no way they'll be around for long. Sweden, please be smart. It' not like you need the games anyway, you're already doing cool.
  3. Good riddance. Arthur Nuzman was starting to become annoying tbh. I would like to criticize the Rio games but it seems I can't do it anymore without some popping out saying how exagerated I am. In the meanwhile.... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/04/06/rio-olympics-officials-reportedly-trying-to-pay-debts-with-old-air-conditioners/
  4. Yup. They are not buying this lie anymore and the fact the IOC is either giving halfassed info or not info at all was already suspicious. Sadly, i'm kind of expecting Erzurum (or Almaty if they bid again) to win tbh. This is a golden era for authoritarian governments which only care about presuming to the world how cool they are while hidingthe truth of how repressed their people actually live by getting the games.
  5. Really hope they keep the Andes theme in the logo, since it's one of the most iconic elements of Santiago landscape (if not the most iconic), plus the fact it connects most of the west coast of South America. I thought the logo of the ill fated 1975 Pan Ams was also very stylish even if obviously inspired by Munich '72. A styized version of Chile coat of arms
  6. http://chile.as.com/chile/2017/04/21/masdeporte/1492806953_278571.html According to this report, all Santiago needs is to confirm once more the requirements they offered in their bid to become officialized by PASO. So they pretty much have one feet in the games already. Honestly, it's not like BA had much of a chance against Santiago, tbh. Argentina is still fixing the mess which was left by the Kirchner family, and Macri is not doing an exceptional job either. Still, after the surprise we got in 2013 when Lima defeated Santiago, anything could happen. I'm personally happy Santiago won. Seeing how Chile is pretty much the leading powerhouse in South America at the moment it was kind of sad we've never seen them host much events besides the 2015 Copa America and 2014 ODESUR (They had the right to host them in 1975 but everything went to hell when certain anglophile decided to use the stadium as a slaughter camp.) Congratulations, Santiago! I hope you host excelent games in 2023
  7. Another bid which probably won't last for long, same goes for Sion. You know it's going to happen and we're literally just sitting and waiting for it.
  8. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39612562 Meanwhile he just won a Referendum to give him even more enhaced powers (not without the typical irregularities/cheating you see on these countries). I have a feel we'll be addressing him as Sultan Erdogan by 2026.
  9. Either way, you can tell Japan wants to put aside traditionalism for these Olympics and want to go all out with what has really made them popular and liked on the last decade which is their pop culture. I wouldn't be surprised anymore if we get Anime transition videos during the Opening done by certain popular studio (Ghibli/Madhouse anyone?) However I would calm down the J-Pop and give it more room for the closing ceremony. Specially when it's obvious Korea is going to overexploit their K-Pop next year, its going to feel repetitive and too soon.
  10. I guess Erdogan noticed the current state of unpopularity of the WOG and decided to make a run for it. I mean, most sane countries are going to avoid hosting as long as this mess keeps going.
  11. Pff,,,yeah, as if Obama was the sole person to blame for it. I would like to hear what other American president has done about the NK issue. And let's not even talk about China. The PRC Government is literally to blame for having supported and aided that bonkers regime for decades. (and still kind of do it though they're starting to backpedal when they realized Un is a manchild worse than his dad and grandad)
  12. Yet he openly threatens NK of taking actions and said he's going to abandon Obama previous strategy of patience. And we all know he's just doing it for the polls. He never gave a damn for world peace, justice and all that jazz. Also, it's a known fact ISIS has done many false flags on these last years to try gaining the sympathy of people. I know Assad is an horrible person but to be honest I support no one in that conflict because both sides are horrible and whoever wins, syrians lose.
  13. Normally one wouldn't care about these petty fights about the nuclear tests. Problem is the American president has shown us these last week to be a trigger happy maniac. The nuclear test is supossed to hapen either today or tomorrow (it' already Day of the Sun in NK). China already movilized their troops to the border and Japan is preparing for a possible evacuation of their citizens from SK. If the worse happens I seriously don't want to be either NK or SK after tomorrow.
  14. Yeah, but looks like Ukraine didn't cared and kept going with it. EBU had to make it official today. https://eurovision.tv/story/russia-unable-to-participate-2017-ebu-statement I knew the ESC has been getting politicized on the last years but this is truly the climax of it. Absolutely sad. They will think it twice before awarding Ukraine with the ESC again.
  15. I read an article the other day they're even advising arriving to the Olympic Plaza the day of the opening ceremony before 2 or 3:00 PM (ceremony starts at 7:00 PM) due to fear of both heavy traffic/lack of transport and weather. This kind of speaks for itself.