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  1. The fact there is way too much bureucracy in Japan is also not helping, to be honest. But it seems not even Japan is going to host the Olympics without a few couple of drama.
  2. 1995 Pan Am Games opening ceremony from an amateur angle
  3. Canada has always been a country with a deep love for winter sports. Pretty much like in nordic countries. So I was always assured the games were going to be a huge success. Italy, Japan and South Korea, on the other hand, while they've improved a lot in the WOG and achieved many things, the general populace prefers watching either football or baseball. While their games were/will be a success organization wise and for those who watched it outside of the host countries, on their own homecountries they will mostly go unnoticed. Korea still holds in high regard the 1988 games as the beggining of their own boom (much like 1964 was for Japan). They're a much different country compared to back then and pretty much hosted every sport event possible already, so its normal people are not going to get that excited for the olympics.
  4. Not sure what to think. With the Winter Asiad it makes sense, but not with the summer edition. Not mentioning its just going to make it grow out of proportion even more (right now it seems only East Asia is interested in hosting the games).
  5. I guess it's a thing of culture differences. Many outside here like us for our laidbackness and taking everything on a happy note. But in all honesty, some like myself are growing tired of this reputation and want to aspire for more. I'm sorry if i can be very nitpicky about Rio, though. I guess i'm dissapointed the post legacy is far from what most of us would had wanted and I still pray the venues can be rescued. I still want developing countries to host the games besides the typical powerhouses but the IOC always has to be demanding and greedy about everything. Btw, I never said the political turmoil was violent. In fact i was glad everything was solved in a peaceful manner and the games weren't tarnished beside a couple of booes to Temer .
  6. It's well known the Alt Right and people from certain boards love to mock and make lots of fake news about Sweden because of the inmigration thing and their wish of being a multicultural society. The same people which supported Trump. So I wouldn't really take those statements seriously.
  7. How did it went? I hope you managed to make it to Sapporo in time. Btw, I wish you best of fun over there!
  8. Infantino wants to make the WC more sustainable but why do I feel all of the decisions he's been recently making such as expanding the tournament to more countries are everything but making the tournament more affordable? Also, WC 2002 a huge success? Didn't Blatter complained a lot back then about it to the point he said no more co-hosting? Or am I missing something?
  9. Glad we're finally having a proper Buenos Aires 2018 thread! This one is from last December, showing works at the Olympic Village so far.
  10. Well, they were, at least from my point of view and many others on this board and out there. Besides Maracana which was ready for the event because of the WC, there were many delays on the construction of the rest of the venues, specially at the Velodrome (many of them caused by workers strikes, on a similar fashion to Montreal and Athens), water pollution, last minute details which were hard to miss (such as the bad setting of the Look of the Games). Yeah, the actual games were actually decent and I myself enjoyed watching them as there weren't so much problems as feared (the Zika thing was exagerated tbh), but this still doesn't changes the fact many in both Brazil and the IOC were yanking their hairs at all the problems before the games, and that the post-games times have quickly became one of the worst if not the worst in a long time. South Korea political situation at the moment is far from good, with an impeached president who abused of power/nepotism/whitewashing the image of her father. But the difference is the economic situation is far from worse as Brazil's which experienced the second worst economic fallout in the region, only surpassed by my country.
  11. Both opening and closing ceremonies as well for some of the sport events were aired here at Meridiano TV during Sochi, though with lots of commercial cuts. They didn't even bothered showing Vancouver back then given we didn't even qualified for the 2010 edition. If we fail to make it for 2018 i'm afraid it would be the same thing. Not mentioning the horrifying timezone we'll have to deal with, most if not all of the events will be shown on delay. Dunno if Meridiano would want to do that. The rights for the Summer Olympics were got by Tves ever since the 2012 edition. Both London and Rio were aired there, though they don't seem to have the rights for the WOG. Tbh i'm kind of expecting to have to watch the games online next year, though there's always hope.
  12. Not a ceremony video but rather about a K-Drama called "Reply 1988" which is a typical slice of life story happening, like the name implies, in 1988 (the year of the Olympics). some of the protagonists get involved in the olympics and they actually did dramatizations of the rehearsals for the Opening. One of the girls was supossed to be the placard bearer for Madagascar at the opening. And as we all know what they did at last minute...one wouldn't want to be on her place. Go at minute 26:10 , 42:10, 51:00 , 1:03:00
  13. That's certainly much better than that borefest I saw some hours ago. Even though they kind of copied Doha screen . Also ew, Erdogan.
  14. Painful to see but tbh I think most of us saw this coming given how both the preparation for the Olympics and the political situation in Brazil were both a huge mess. I don't blame them for picking Rio, I mean a lot of people back then were forcing the New Horizons meme into us and Brazil economic growth and the sucessful 2007 Pan Am Games were very promising. Too bad nothing of that ended up living to our expectations. I feel bad mostly for small, undeveloped countries, because they're not going to get a chance to host this event for a very long time after the messes which were both Athens and Rio, retospectively speaking.
  15. And to think we still have to deal with more of Bach shenanigans until at least 2021. People in the IOC should start pressuring him to resign a la Lord Killanin because he has failed really, really bad on solving all the controversies and hatred the Olympics are getting. Agenda 2020 has been so far an embarassing failure. He should leave with the last dignity he still has.