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  1. At this pace looks like Euro 2016 won't be the only tournament Netherlands is going to miss...what went wrong?
  2. They're starting to install the seats on the Olympic Plaza. (Photo taken on March 17)
  3. One year ago finally someone uploaded the Opening of Latakia 1987 Med Games but sadly it was on a very poor quality. Well, one year later, Gsf Sport in Youtube has uploaded at last a good quality version of this show done by the same producers of Moscow 1980. I didn't expected hearing a mexican song in the beggining o.O
  4. Bandabi (the Paralympic mascot) also got his own short animation, pretty similar to the Soohorang one but depicting the Paralympics sports.
  5. Correction. The capacity is now 35.000. They reduced it because of budget. To be fair, 50.000 was too much for a temporary venue. Also i forgot to read the note which says "Seat image might differ from actual venue" which heavily implies stuff might change depending of the stage setting.
  6. I can't believe some are actually taking Turkey seriously. they're not better than the Kim's typical tantrums these days. It was fun to see him buttmad against Netherlands not too long ago.
  7. Uh oh... http://linkis.com/www.theblaze.com/new/vvSXD Meanwhile it seems China is turning their backs on NK as well.
  8. Seems like this is the seat planning for the Opening Ceremony, according to the ticket website. It's not being very specific though (if the athletes are going to be seating or not)
  9. Well, it had to be done. Beggars can't be choosers.
  10. I find this very ironic. Shortly before Seoul 1988 happened, they also kicked out a president (which was the last military dictator that country had) and elected a new one shortly after, marking the beggining of the current democratic era.
  11. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-39202936 South Korean president Park Chung Hee impeachment was upholded, which means she's officially removed now from office. Needless to say, some people are not happy and political wise the situation is kind of similar to Brazil back in 2016 minus the economic crisis (even the son of Samsung CEO is involved in this whole mess). Presidential elections will be held in 60 days from now.
  12. I would love to hear those one day, whenever you can As for the music of SLC handover, i'm not sure myself. I've been searching for that one for a good time as well.
  13. Spain still has more serious issues to deal with than going for the Olympics. Like Rob said, La Peineta is now a football only stadium which will be used by Atletico very soon so I guess they finally gave up on the olympic dreams. Not mentioning they don't have Samaranch around anymore to give them a little push. I find hard for Italy to bid again and I don't have much faith in them after two bids in a row being pulled back. Maybe if they send another city but Rome (which is dominated right now by an anti olympic sentment) I would say otherwise. Argentina is still recovering from the mess which was the Kirchner rule (not as bad as Dilma but still) and Macri is not exactly the most popular person around. The reason they're able to make the Youth games is because they really don't have to build up anything much from scratch, with the exception of the village. I honestly don't see them bidding for the Summer Olympics very soon. Not mentioning Rio would still be very recent.
  14. They were apparently selling lots of them at Lotte outlets a couple of weeks ago due to the One Year countdown. If you scroll up and look at the pictures I posted you can see some of them. Not sure if they are still selling those but you can try going there. Mascot products are also sold by The North Face stores.
  15. No matter how bad things are, they can always get even worse. This is going to be a specially hard year for the IOC.