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  1. Hey Sir Rols, I may give it a go. I have taken a massive break from here as well, but I may have a go for old times sake. I do love your competitions : )
  2. Have you changed your mind about Tokyo 2020 Martin?
  3. My hometown hero Joe Clarke came home to Stone Staffordshire back Monday and the locals carried him aloft in his canoe http://www.itv.com/news/central/story/2016-08-29/staffordshire-gold-medallist-joe-clarkes-olympic-celebration/
  4. Im interested to hear your post games report Martin
  5. Loved the handover. I need to watch it again. They crammed the Tokyo 2020 into it too many times but it was funny, stylish & cool. It had it all. The Mario thing was inspired. I bet Lizzie was saying "Been there done that" though. 9.5/10. Really looking forward to the 2020 games. Im determined to be there
  6. Ok...my thoughts on these games. I think the sport shone out. There were some incredible moments, sort wise I think it was a vintage games. I think I was expecting a lot more from the event as a whole. The Beach Volleyball venue was stunning, and some of the events did highlight the incredible scenery, but I was left wanting more. I wanted my jaw to drop at the incredible backdrops, but it never did. The empty venues and the lack of the look really took its toll for me. And the booing of competitors is quite alien to me, especially when at London I was in a crowd of Brits trying to sing along to the French anthem at one of the medal ceremonies. Towards the end the Olympic park seemed to get busy and the atmosphere seemed to start building but it was too late. I know times are tough in Brazil but they really did seem to promise so much at the start and did not deliver. The ceremonies were ok. No real WOW moments for me. The Tokyo sealed the limelight and the headlines from the closing which is not a good sign. The next host should never out shine the current host, but they did. The whole games for me was a 7/10. If the sport hadn't have been so good and Team GB hadn't done so well it would probably have been a 6/10. Im interested to hear Martins take on it as he was there in amongst it. Im glad they got their games, I just wished they had done more with the opportunity. Having a World Cup and then an Olympics so close means its going to be a very long time til we are all invited back but it hasn't made me think I need to visit Rio like I did after Sydney. But Thank you Brazil, thank you Rio, its the sporting memories that will last with me.
  7. They are saying Team GB will pip China to 2nd place. That is incredible. The fact that they are wondering if we should do a homecoming parade is crazy. We had one after London 2012 and the games were in bloody London. I do like the idea of Manchester or another City being the location though. I have also been really impressed with the BBC trying to get people inspired to take up sport too, its a good initiative and apparently ITV are closing down ALL their 7 TV stations on the 27th of August at 9.30 for an hour to get people off their sofas.....Thats incredible, hopefully the BBC will follow suit. Sports Centres will be opening their doors to welcome all. What a great initiative #IamTeamGB
  8. Cycling wise we get this every Olympics. Other nations ask why Team GB does so well at the olympics but not so well at the Worlds. Every time the answer is the same, the teams schedule is so that they peak at the Olympics not the Worlds. Other teams for some reason can't get their head around it, they focus on the worlds and then continue to the Olympics. Im glad other countries can't alter their programmes because if they do Team GB will finally get some competition at the Olympics. Its not rocket science, Team GB have told you how to beat us or at least compete on a more equal footing but next Olympics they will be still asking how do they do it, they are all idiots. The backroom staff of Team GB is also incredible and every detail is monitored, they are the best in the world and of course being well funded really helps but you still need the cycling talent. But we use the Worlds as a barometer and then peak at the Olympics. But yes god bless John Major, without his foresight we would not be in the same place. I was sad yesterday....no golds : (
  9. We need to celebrate this team big on their return. Im hoping Trott & Kenny will fly the flag at the closing ceremony together
  10. Sizzling Sunday? What an incredible day. 2nd in the medal table with more to come. Can we catch the USA napping? ; )
  11. Really disappointed in the numbers in the stadium yesterday. I feel sorry for the athletes as the atmosphere can take them to new heights. I looked at pics of the first day at London and the stadium was packed. Such a shame, pics of Jessica Ennis on the hurdles start line at London and Rio and the difference between the image is incredible. Is it that the Brazilians don't have the track stars that they want to see. I guess the Brits wanted to watch history and Mo Farah and Jesicca. Hopefully the stadium will fill as the competition goes on.
  12. I will never forget Pandemonium or the Printing press segment from Beijing or Athens fire rings. Each games gives us an image that will last with us forever.
  13. Its a beautiful thing indeed, but I saw it or something very similar to it ages ago on you tube. It feels too 'off the shelf' for my liking.
  14. Downloads and streaming of The Girl from Ipanema have gone through the roof apparently
  15. Im really not happy about the look. It all looks so amateur. It makes me realise what a brilliant job DarJoLe and the rest of the London team did dressing the venues. If you look back, they looked stunning and were consistent and professional. They really raised the bar in the branding stakes, wherever you looked you knew it was an Olympics, you knew it was London. The Rio look isn't distinctive enough, when shown on the banners its just another set of curves. I love the typeface but the branding fails to live up to the stunning location. I thought we were getting giant 3D versions of the logo. I know there are budget issues but this is an Olympics, its the pinnacle of sporting achievement, I want it to look that way.