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  1. I hope the country name rotates as the cyclist moves. Very colourful
  2. Are they 2 giant hamster wheels in the foreground of that picture?
  3. Are they at risk of loosing the World Cup?
  4. If they compete, ANY Russian athlete I see winning a medal in Rio, I will be thinking do they deserve to be on that podium? If its state run doping, they may have benefitted at any point in their career. They need to get their house in order before they can compete at any games. And I say if you get caught doping its a life ban, whatever your nationality. Until it's a serious punishment it won't be taken seriously.
  5. The BBC animation is as ever, spectacular. Im really starting to get quite excited now
  6. Congratulations everyone, great competition all round
  7. I really like this voting format, really good job guys
  8. There was a really cool canopy running through the middle in the renders too. I always thought that looked really funky and would keep spectators out of the sun
  9. Its such a shame in the original visuals it looked incredible. When I think of Rio I think sea, sky and lush green vegetation. It meeds loads more greenery to soften it.
  10. My design for the England 2036 World Cup. Inspired by the incredible Red Arrows and their displays that inspire people to perform incredible feats.
  11. Im in. The in campaign has depressed the hell out of me with their scare stories, but Im still voting in. I want them to sell me the positives not try to frighten the bejeezers out of me. Farrage, Boris, Grove etc, don't care about me. They care about themselves and if The Sun, Farrage and Boris Johnson tell me to do something, you can bet by god I will do the opposite. Im voting in and Im voting in for Jo.
  12. To me this looks like those boxes are screens to project a backdrop fitting with a particular segment. I can see the segment as we see it being the Rio Skyline with sea, a sun and the buildings and mountains on those screens. Later the screens could create a jungle, or a favela or have faces of brazilian people. I do think of sun and sea when i think Rio.
  13. Think this kit will take a bit of getting used to. I prefer 2012's kit but this is very different https://www.teamgb.com/news/team-gb-kit-launch-rio-2016-designs-revealed
  14. Very happy with this choice and interested to see how it evolves