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  1. Well there would be the venue for any Birmingham bid - difficult to justify building one in Birmingham if a suitable relatively new venue is less than an hour away.
  2. Dan Walker has been superb, as have all the BBC presenters to be fair. Clare Balding gets all the credit once again but I think cycling turned out to be her krptonite - she didn't seem to grasp the basics of it and with her increased workload these games as the primetime presenter she wouldn't have had the time to study it in the way she could the swimming in 2012, where she had very few studio presenting shifts.
  3. Agree about Torino - that is by far the best OBS intro. Also love the CBC reworking of their Olympic theme for those games too. I hate though how OBS take priority on the end card - wasn't so bad when they had a nice logo but this year it's just the Olympic rings and "OBS" in big letters - would be much better if the games logo took prominence, though I do think countries who use the OBS titles can edit the ending of them. As for the BBC the Rio 2016 titles are probably now my favourites, though as a theme tune nothing will ever beat Barcelona.
  4. Absolutely ridiculous this got back in. Nobody missed it and from a cost point of view it's about the most expensive thing they can add - needs it's own venue (which isn't a standard sports stadia) and being a team sport it's adding hundreds of athletes to the programme. Pretty much all the additions this time around are a joke - skateboarders don't want skateboarding in, climbing surely isn't of the standard to even be considered for Olympic inclusion while squash still sits on the sidelines for reasons nobody really understands.
  5. I managed to just wake up in time for Adam Peaty's final last night - left it to my body to decide if it was worth waking up for and woke up about 5 minutes beforehand. Unfortunately my body also decided to keep me awake during the Opening Ceremony despite me getting bored of it rather quickly. NBC are probably as good as anyone as prepackaging highlights into a show, so no reason not to give network viewers the live option and the highlights option. The next two Winter Olympics at least should offer some live skiing in primetime without disruption to the schedules (they're normally held in the morning, so that'll fall in primetime). I don't see what NBC have got to lose in 2020 by giving viewers the chance to watch the evening events, including the ceremonies, live in the mornings and then having a mixture of live morning events and highlights of the days key moments in the evening. I'd be surprised if the overall ratings dropped for the ceremonies if they had a live broadcast in the morning and an encore in the evening.
  6. 1992-1998 the most interesting evolution of the graphics (I particularly liked Nagano), but got a boring from 2000 when everything was just tweaked slightly from games to games, probably a result of the creation of the OBS rather than local host broadcasting companies for each games. Rio is the biggest evolution but still basically the same as London - a nice design though but think the yellow text is awful.
  7. NBC possibly the only rights holder in the world that doesn't show it live - was ridiculous with the ceremony when they could surely have started at 7pm. Yes they pay the most for rights but collectively the rest of the world puts their hand in too - and the latter starts don't favour the Europeans. It's notable with the Paralympics that the swimming and athletics will begin about 4 hours earlier, much more suitable for UK audiences and still primetime for Rio. Anyone know what is "primetime" in Brazilian television? I guess in Tokyo we might get morning swimming finals again. Notice in Rio for the athletics though they're having finals in both the morning and evening session, so some (less appealing) finals are early evening in Europe.
  8. Just had a shot on the BBC at the end of their primetime coverage of the cauldron with the sculpture moving and it looks pretty impressive.
  9. Similar arrangement for the BBC, though their Olympic Park broadcasts are from within the park rather than the IBC. Most of the BBC1 coverage is from Copacabana, except primetime which is from the Olympic Park with Dame Clare Balding of Olympia. Reverse for BBC4 with daytime from the Olympic Park and primetime from the Copacabana - and so far all on the beach rather than in the studio.
  10. They seem to be keeping the second cauldron a secret - only a couple of quite unofficial videos around of it's lighting in the middle of the night and not seen a single shot of it on the broadcasts today. It's as if the IOC are wanting to downplay the cauldron and make it just about the lighting rather than it burning for the games. If the Maracana was the Olympic Stadium it would have been fine - the cauldron is just about visible above the roof line and it would look superb overlooking the athletics, and be one step up on the London cauldron. But it's not - it's only used for football and to be honest I would be surprised at all to discover it's been removed for those games. Hopefully Tokyo will return to the tradition but if this is the future of the games I'd rather see the torch arrive in the stadium earlier in the ceremony and then travel through the streets to the location of the city Cauldron to be lit at the end of the ceremony.
  11. Also as much as it was a nice idea to give the petals back to each nation I think it could have stood very well as a sculpture within the Olympic Park post-games and it's a shame it was effectively dismantled.
  12. The intro won't debut until tomorrow as the football has just been shown on the Olympic Channels using OBS titles. It's highly likely though the titles will be an edit of the promo as has been the case since 2004.
  13. I'm not sure I agree with the continental games being the qualifier event - they should stand alone on their own really and use some of the lesser events in individual sports, such as World and European Championships, as the qualifiers to give them extra importance.
  14. Not sure "bid" is the right term for the Commonwealth Games anymore. Last one standing is usually more apt. A shame Cardiff backed out but understandable, and I'd rather not see it back to England quite yet, although Liverpool is probably as close as it could get to me - although the all-Wales CG bid had the athletics just 10 miles from me, but that would never have been the final outcome. I take it there is little interest from Singapore in hosting, or it returning to Kuala Lumper. Canada seem to have backed out too. Would be good to see the games return to New Zealand though, but again is 2026 too soon after Australia in 2018?
  15. I loved the lighting of the cauldron in London (one of my faves, and for once something mechanical worked), but hated how it didn't shine over London for the duration of the games. Having the cauldron locked inside an empty stadium for half the games is not what it's supposed to be about. Therefore Athens probably wins for me - simple, elegant and quite modern.