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  1. I believe SI predictions are based on result lists of major international events and national events in the different sports first, but in a second step on the popularity of the athletes - therefore I believe that SI will always esteem the US-athletes higher than an athlete (since they know much more US-athletes than athlete from other countries) - except the results of the other athlete is sooooo obvious better than the results of the US-athlete...
  2. The prediction of the SI is interesting, but too much focussing on the US-athletes, which isn't astonishing, due it is an US magazine...
  3. ... interestingly Back tries to defend the decision of sunday when he replied to the blame of Harting - if he were really sure about the decision he wouldn't have felt the need to defend it... He is feeling that the IOC has lost all its credibility in concern of sport
  4. Yes, of course! The IOC delegated the decision to the IF's - so every international sports federation can join the IAAF to ban Russia
  5. Interestingly Putin founded a new Russian Drug agency between the CAS decision and today - it shall be run by Vitaly Smirnov... It is said now that this was done to prevent a general exclusion...
  6. That pisses me off also - the IOC denies her participation, due it decided that all Russian athletes are banned, who used drugs in the past - she took drugs in the past - therefore she is banned also...
  7. Bach can't take such decision alone himself... You are right that the IOC is already in serious situation, but it decided to bear it at the moment - the situation will become worse when there is one single positive drug test of a Russian athlete in Rio...
  8. ... that is exactly what I meant with "ban through the back door" - Russia will be very careful to send athletes to Rio now, due when there is one positive drug test, Putin's friend Bach will get into a very serious situation...
  9. Well, who thinks that all Russian athletes take drugs?
  10. That is not fair to the hosts
  11. Newspapers say something different here - all Russian athletes, who were involved in drug scandals are not allowed to go to Rio... It was predictable that the decision if Russian athletes are allowed to come to Rio or not has to be taken by the individual federations - since a complete ban would have been 'only' a precaution - not based on an actual drug abuse... The question will be how the Russian athletes are able to prove that they didn't use drugs individually Personally I think that it is a wrong decision by the IOC - it would have been better if the whole country would have been banned...
  12. It was predictable that the IOC wouldn't ban a whole country due doping completely - but it is a ban through the back door, since every participating Russian athlete will have to prove that he/she wasn't tested by the Russian Drug Agency ( I wonder how many Russian athletes were suddenly tested by the Belorussian or Azerbaijan drug agency?)
  13. I can imagine that Bach will say that the single Sport IF's have the power to decide themselves - I just wonder which IF's have a Russian president....
  14. We have to keep in mind that many Russian officials are members in the boards of the different sport federations - the IOC is in a dilemma it has to ban Russia due it "zero tolerance" politics toward doping, but at the same time it can't affront Russia at the same time... Therefore the delay of the decision about a ban after the CAS verdict about the IAAF ban of Russian athletes...
  15. Wasn't said in the report, that the secret service helped that samples were exchanged in Sochi? Or did I get something wrong? A reanalysis would be futile, when the samples were exchanged...