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  1. I'm Ready For This To Support Paris 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games.
  2. We Will Find Out Later This Year.
  3. Still no emblem launch yet, they will as soon as possible.
  4. Who We age getting so close in the next 7 months.
  5. So This Is The Last Deadline For The Bid?
  6. I didn't expect that logo I was hoping for the trophy shaped logo.
  7. I Think That Will Be Awesome If They Can Put The Logo On Videomapping On The Eiffel Tower During The Bastille Day Fireworks Show And For Election of The Host City.
  8. I Did Saw The Images Before It Was Pretty Cool To See That.
  9. The Torch Relay Already Went Underway Before The Opening Ceremony.
  10. PyeongChang Venue For The Opening And Closing Ceremonies Isn't Complete Yet.
  11. We Are Less Than 3 Years Away.
  12. Next Month Will Be An Incredible Asian Games, Because It's Almost Ready For These Winter Games.
  13. We Still Haven't Unveil The Final Host City Logo Yet.
  14. That Sound Kind of Australian Because The Instruments From That Country.