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    Rio's torch is eating London's
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    The one saving grace here is that Trump is not guaranteed to be (and probably won't be) the president come 2024. So even if LA is awarded the Olympics, there would be 3 1/2 years following Trump's term (assuming he lasts the whole way) to undo everything he'll have unleashed on this country. That said, Trump is still the president now and will be when the vote occurs. Probably not going to be a good thing. LA2024 needs to distance themselves as best they can from Trump. And it's a shame for them because they could do and say all the right things and Trump might screw it all up and there's probably little they can do about it.
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    Could you clarify how is the IBC less risky in LA than in Paris? Paris proposes an existing exhibition centre with one hall to be rebuilt (as part of a planned expension project, privately funded) while LA proposes a new IBC (4 new halls to be built as part of planned expension of Universal Studios + 1 temporary hall to be built by LAOCOG).
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    Like I just said in the L.A. thread, some of these members that oppose must be ones from countries perhaps wanting to launch bids for 2028. I don't agree with the author of one of the articles that these aren't "exceptional circumstances". 1980, 1988 & even 2022 aren't good examples to try to give them meaning here. While all those other races did also have two candidates, none of them, though, had the second candidate that wound up to be the loser as strong as both of the candidates for 2024. I mean, if the IOC is really interested in the likes of Baku-koo, Doha-hah or Putin-ville again (which is what caused a lot of the IOC's headaches as of late), then go right ahead. But what I'd really like to know, who does Bach think might not return for 2028 if they don't win 2024? I'm starting to think this is what's really fueling the double-award concept moreso than anything else now, bcuz they are indeed two very strong & desirable candidates, especially Paris & Europe (where referendum galore is taking place against the Olympics, & bids are flashing & disappearing right before the IOC's eyes).
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    The thing is, barely six months out from a games is still far, far too early to make any judgements about its legacy. Six months out from Sydney's games and also there was lots of hand wringing and snap judgements that the legacy was a failure. Four years on from the games and there was still criticism that Stadium Australis was a huge white elephant and Olympic Park was a dismal ghost town. Now, 17 years on, Stadium Australia is highly profitable and regular hosting major events in a range of sports. Olympic Park is a thriving working location attracting heaps of businesses to its locale. The indoor arena is now our major concert venue. We're in the midst of a huge new period of infrastructure spending and development. How long did take London to sort out its legacy from its Olympic stadium? Rio's barely had time to take stock of what it achieved, much less start pronouncing the verdict on its legacy. The Maracana, a successful and iconic stadium for more than 60 years, is now not suddenly a white elephant because of the Olympics. In the midst of an economic downturn, putting away the temporary venues is hardly high on the list of priorities for any government. Judge Rio 10 years down the track, not on some easy headlines mis-reading the situation now.
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    Yeah, but "high mess" is a total exaggeration. All the venues were finished on time - some cutting it very close and missing optimistic deadlines, but not something that was exclusive to Brazil or Rio's games (there are many cases - from Atlanta to Athens, of venues only coming together properly at the last moments - or Montreal, where they actually didn't complete the major showpiece structure). There was an hysterical over-reaction to many issues - like the water in the sailing area or the zika scare - that failed to materialise to the shock scenarios before the event. The "look" was mere cosmetic, didn't affect the delivery of the games was perfectly fine and serviceable at the end and only a bit lacking for those like us here who nit-pick over every detail of signage or graphics. They were what I would have expected or hoped for from any developing nation - Brazil couldn't or should't have ever been expected to deliver a Swiss clockwork games. I'm already missing the laid back latin delivery and expectations of them. And political turmoil? Well, in hindsight and perspective you gotta say from a western democratic liberal tradition and point of view, it was a pretty peaceful and constitutional "crisis". Definitely an improvement and evolution from the previous Latin American mode of operations which tended to involve violent coups, military actions and dictatorial crackdowns and oppressions.
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    2018 torch is like the son of London and Rios torches...
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    IDK where you get that, cuz that was part of Madrid's 2020 pitch, that over 80% of their venues were already existing & very little had to be built. Yet at the same time, they were also selling that somehow the Olympics was still going to create jobs & "help their economy". Obviously the IOC didn't buy the latter, but the former definitely wasn't their problem.
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    Sure, Thomas. It's never the IOC's fault. I wonder if the IOC will lash out at Budapest the way they did with Oslo (probably not since Budapest is the weakest of the 3, not the strongest)
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    Spain's economy would have to also improve a bit more before they launch another bid (which was a big sticking point against their 2020 bid, among other things). 2032 would be 40 years since Barcelona, so that could work, providing the Spaniard's have all the other checks in balance. But of course, the big elephant in the room then could be South Africa (which is when they said they could possibly launch [another] bid). Madrid's first two bids were also poorly timed. There was no way they were winning 2012 when London & Paris were also in the picture. Plus, Barcelona 1992 was still an achilles heel for Madrid, as viewed as "still too soon for Spain again". And 2016 was just foolhardy on their part, when London (Europe) was hosting the preceding 2012 Games. Not to mention the Barcelona factor was also still in play. Even former IOC president, Juan Antonio Samaranch (from Spain), told them not to bid bcuz of low chances. But they didn't listen to him.
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    Wrath? I wouldn't call it that. I mean, I was tired of bringing up my Olympics Bid arguments with friends and family and getting a simple "yeah, okay" in order to shut me up, so I joined this forum so I can talk to like-minded individuals and actually have counterarguments presented to me. This way, I can strengthen my own point of view, while also learning new facts about other views from counterarguments and counterpoints. Granted, it was a little rough, but I needed to learn the ropes of the forum and how to properly craft an argument on here at some point, better to learn it when I first started!
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    It seems to me that Anthonyliberatori is perfectly capable of conversing with people without you butting in. I responded to his posts as honestly as I can and he responded to mine with his own pov. I have no problem with him, he seems like a decent new forum member to me. You, on the other hand are a vacuous LA booster who gets nasty when people don't agree with you 100%. Apparently, even if I say LA is offering a remarkably solid bid, as I did in my very last post, I'm anti-LA. It's beyond pathetic. I'm fairly neutral in this race, as I have been for most bid cycles since supporting London back in 2005. I have no reason to spin things. So I'm not going to be called a troll by a prat like you who attempts to spin everything, even Donald f*cking Trump, into a positive for LA. FYI, Quaker and Roger clearly tired of your boring sh*t a long time ago. Posting uncritical propaganda in just one thread and attacking those who disagree means you contribute far less than any of them to this forum. Just sod off. You're incredibly boring.
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    If the IOC does decide to grant host to both 2024 and 2028 simultaneously, with the loser of 2024 getting 2028, I can see Paris for 2024 and Los Angeles for 2028. If Paris's bid is so contingent on this land that will not be available for 2028, and LA has 98% of the venues and could basically host whenever on a low cost basis, I think Paris will likely be chosen. Also, in 2028 there is no way that the current US administration will be in office, but in 2024, they could be just finishing their second term, if re-elected. The US administration and political situation has already been a hurdle for the US, and we haven't cleared a full month yet. LA really needs to be getting the support from the international community and IOC voters at this time, and I don't know how well they can do if our administration is forcing travel bans to/from countries that would definitely make an appearance at the Olympics. So, I think Paris will win 2024, with LA taking 2028. It just seems more likely given the circumstances, and LA's flexibility.
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    There's an obvious way Sion can save money on a logo:
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    That would be an excellent theory... If California became an independent State. Unless i'm missing, California is still part of the United States, so at the end Los Angeles is still an AMERICAN CITY. You can't use your argument as "California is independent from the USA" and next "California is the new America" by your own convenience. And still, if we use that type of flawed arguments, Paris (And France) is still part of a bigger institution called the European Union, which GDP is not only higher than the USA but also representates a bigger market. And related to the concept of global cities, you also need to considerate history and value of the world, as FYI mentioned. But then, considering that "American arrogance" from your part is really special.
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    Hey guys/gals, BS aside. Valentine's Day in Latin America is called "Dia del Amor Y Amistad" which translates into "Day of Love and Friendship" I am very appreciative of being a part of this thread, however scandalous and silly at times. Before finding this forum I felt like a weirdo being the only one being excited over Olympic bids, but here, its the norm, and while we often disagree, I felt welcomed. We don't know each other personally, but I am glad there are people out in the world as "weird" as me.
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    The Olympic Rings in front of Eiffel Tower are absolutely gorgeous!! Talk about great "marketing" to rub off one another!
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    And LA's swim stadium is just going to miraculously appear out of thin appear? Temporary still counts as build and while Paris' swim stadium may or may not leave a legacy, there is literally zero chance that LA could do so. You say don't downplay what Paris has to build. Heed your own advice and don't downplay what LA needs to do. The Coliseum is NOT capable of hosting athletics without investing a lot of money to get it ready, let alone to reset it to it's original form to work again for football.
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    Los Angeles is home to many, many minorities from countries around the world. And if Los Angeles was being voted on as a city, then none of these things would be issues in the first place. But on a much bigger important note, Los Angeles is going to be voted upon the *country* it represents, which ATM, is pissing off a lot of people in many different countries with it's foreign policies. And this is before some IOC members from other countries said that they were gonna make it "their mission" to make sure that the U.S. wasn't getting the Olympics. Now add this stuff, & well..
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    http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20151213/p2a/00m/0na/009000c Company that made 1964 Olympic torch aims to create 2020 flame December 13, 2015 (Mainichi Japan) Japanese version Factory foreman Masayuki Sato holds the torch used for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, left, and one being developed for the 2020 Olympics, in Nishigo, Fukushima Prefecture, on Dec. 1, 2015. (Mainichi) FUKUSHIMA -- Nippon Koki Co., an explosives maker that created the Olympic torch used for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, is aiming to be chosen once again to create the torch for the 2020 Summer Games.
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    I do not think this is good by any means. I'm just pointing out the reality of the global situation since the Bretton Wood Agreement of 1945 which established the modern global order. I would argue that since the 50s what happens in America has significantly influenced and effected what has happened globally and American culture has been marketed, sold, and incorporated on a global scale (in no small part thanks to the media dominance of LA and really the entire state of California). The world made America and in return, America re-made the world. It is because of this that Trump is a negative sensation. He is neglecting the world order America has spent almost a century creating. An order that has brought more peace and prosperity than arguably at any other point in modern history. A world order where nations worked alongside each other to accomplish common goals and western ideas of liberty, equality, and democracy were spread. It's devastating. And it's devastating that Trump is using America's influence to hurt our nation and other nations. I want to be clear, I by no means think America is the most amazing place on the world, but as of now it is still the sole superpower and as such it holds an outweighed effect on the world. Every empire (including the British and French) has had similar power. He's quickly wasting it and using our power for evil and not good. As a note, I'm a world history and international relations major. I've been to Europe, Africa, and Asia. I know a thing or two about the world. Also, Le Pen is not going to be President, but if she won she would have the power theoretically to copy some of the horrible things Trump has done and her recent support for his refugee ban is frightening to say the least. Macron will do a fantastic job at leading France and helping make it a leading player in the European Union again...I also look forward to his speech in Lima.
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    New theory... the IOC will award both the 2024 and 2028 games at their next meeting. Both games will be awarded to Paris.
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    Not when you also have Paris on the ballot, that's for sure. The whole "the IOC should 'beg' Trump & Washington to have the Games here" is exactly the type of entitlement mentality that produces the exact opposite reaction.
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    Well, I confess I often took mood/performance enhancing drugs while organising and running the logo comps.
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    the two of you seem about a half step away from making an accusation grounded literally in nothing. that's not healthy cynicism, fyi, that's a witch hunt.
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    Budapest really had no chance to begin with but still, the fact Hamburg, Rome and possibly soon Budapest (correct me if i'm missing someone) have all resigned just after the 2022 race which had something similar happen really shows up the terrible condition both the IOC and the Olympic movement in the world are right now after a series of mess ups. The fact Bach is still unable to find a convincing solution to this crisis is helping to make him look as one of the worst if not the worst boss the IOC had in their history.
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    LMFAO - projecting yet AGAIN, are you "silly" truffump!! You know what they say about the guys (excuse me, gurl in your case) who keep throwing homophobic rhetoric around. Why don't tell your "wife" to finally strap-on the DILDO you so "desperately" want up your dumb piehole. It's obviously what your fanticizing about! But this is so TYPICAL of your truffump twat, though. Everytime you're back into a corner to refute your twaddle, you resort to insults like the pus$y that you are. You know you can't further your petty, bias arguments cuz you know damn well that they're baseless & only filled your "spin". But go ahead, keep showing your true cunt colors. What little credibility you had left, is now gone, you irrelevant POS.
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    They can try with the show biz angle, but the days of The US being the benchmark of spectacle are gone....look at Beijing, Sochi, and every other Chinese event (yes at a huge cost). The world has caught up. Baku even had Lady Gaga...
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    Do you honestly think the IOC is looking at FIFA and thinking "gee, that worked out so well for them, let's do the same thing"? I doubt it. Yes, in the IOC's eyes, 1 loser may be too many if they think that city won't come back. This is about having 2 very solid candidates and trying to figure out how to make them both winners and not losers. So the idea is to hedge their bets a little and give both cities an Olympics. I don't think that's going to happen because it's not in the IOC's nature to do something like that and I think if they pick Paris for 2024, they'll take their chances with LA coming back for 2028 (which I believe they will).
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    ^That's precisely the point! And that's why many hold his opinions to a higher regard. Bcuz again, he tells it like it is, even if it's against the majority of his colleagues a lot of the time.
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    Why do you think PyeongChang 2018 and Beijing 2020 is a fail? since those Games are still in the future event..
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    Actually more like see-one (like how it ends on the word ph-one). But definitely not "on" like the English word.
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    hope you can find alternative way to Sapporo. ganbatte.
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    And not just that, if Benoit Hamon still stays as a key figure of the French PS, he'll follow the line of the recent center-left governments in Europe = NO money for these events, like 5S Mov. did in Italy, or the coallition government in Sweden. Bach must be stupid if he leaves Paris, because the legitimacy of the Olympics in Europe (Core center of the Olympic Movement and still being on the top sport powers with Germany, France, UK and Italy winning medals) is in doubt with the European bids starting to reject these events. People said Madrid would return this time or Barcelona would compete for 2022 WOG and here we are. Barcelona has a local government against these events and Madrid having a political inestability. Adding with the full hypocrisy of calling France as "not attractive market" is perhaps the biggest hypocrisy from these people. Unless i'm missing something, France is still one of the five most powerful countries by GDP and with a population of 65 millions of potential consumers, including a younger population comparing their european neighborns. LA may have the products, but Paris itself is a full branch. One of the top 4 elite Global cities with some of the most recognizable places around the world, being the headquarters of fashion houses, film studios, international organizations and still being one of the top tourist destinations around the world. And still, the full irony of this is RuFF wants to sell how "California is a sanctuary against Trump" and "How the world can see Garcetti and other embracing the minorities". Well, with these messages like "The IOC NEEDS Los Angeles", "We are the best place and market", "You will regret for snub US!" - Doesn't this remind the classic shenanigangs of POTUS Donald Trump? This message will help with the votes.
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    Marge Simpson: [watching Lisa practice fencing to get into Harvard] Sweetie, you could still go to McGill, the Harvard of Canada. Lisa Simpson: Anything that's the "something" of the "something" isn't really the "anything" of "anything".
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    LA against Paris and a European field that shrank as the race went on always meant LA was doomed. What's unfortunate is that rather than LA looking at what made them unattractive before Trump, the loss will simply be blamed on Trump being elected. The reality is that LA wasn't publicly the US's first choice, and just simply that attractive from the outset. Trump just sealed their fate.
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    Anyone else appreciate the irony that this re-appears on the day we've been talking about tacos?
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    So, what's new? a new slogan: MADE FOR SHARING a new web site with a new video: http://www.paris2024.org/en/vision some new pieces of information: Two major Olympic trails will create an inviting and festive promenade encouraging residents and visitors to wander while enjoying Paris and the Paris 2024 celebration: the River Loop will follow the River Seine and its canals from the Eiffel Tower up to the Stade de France; and the Light Trail will draw a path along Paris’s most iconic cultural venues and major gathering places. Two official live sites: the Trocadero Live Site facing the Eiffel Tower (should look like the 90 000 spectators fan zone for Euro 2016) the La Villette Live Site located in the Parc de la Villette (it will be dedicated to sport and culture) Olympic Village: The Village will host training venues for 60% of these athletes Nothing new concerning sport venues: I was hoping Handball could get the main Paris Arena (instead of basketball) after the successful 2017 World Championship... but it's not the case. That's what I noticed. What else?
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    And there goes any support from Australia!.. Trump had heated exchange with Australian PM, talked 'tough hombres' with Mexican leader Sorry, Rols. I know that you know that our president hardly represents the will of the people, so please forgive us!
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    And you call me batsh!t crazy with a provacative post like that. You're nothing but a CUNT troll, tRuffmp.
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    She won the popular vote by almost three million votes! I'd say that was a strong candidate in her own right. The only reason why Frumpy is still allowed to reside in the White House is bcuz of a severely outdated process that seriously needs to be overhauled. I think that's what history will really show.
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    As of today, Emmanuel Macron would beat Marine Le Pen on the presidential 2nd turn with 65% of the vote while Le Pen would get 35%. The Conservative candidate Francois FIllion supports are collapsing and it seems the socialist's chances of winning are worst than hell freezing over after the disaster of Francois Hollande presidency.
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    I remember other people saying (myself being one of them) that maybe he wouldn't mellow and he'd actually do everything he threatened he would do. Well here we are. And it's as horrible as we could have imagined.. Following President Trump’s executive order green card, visa holders already blocked by airports Trump's executive order could block 500,000 legal US residents from returning to America from trips Needless to say, this is all really bad for LA2024. The problem for them is that they can make the argument that by 2024, Trump is likely no longer president and many of these policies might be changed or outright reversed. But this is still likely to be at the forefront for the next few months, so that's likely weighing on the minds of IOC voters. And make no mistake, this is not merely a crackdown on illegal immigrants (as some have pointed out, Bill Clinton made a speech with similar talking points more than 20 years ago to a standing ovation), this is specifically targeting certain countries and it excludes other countries where Trump just happens to have business interests. That's not going to sit well with a lot of people. And again, we're only a week into his presidency.
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    Paris has now its scratch card:
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    For very different reasons nobody thought our coalition government would last a full term but it did. Hearing people saying similar about Trump this week feels like de ja vu, UK c2010.
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    Soohorang and Bandabi wishing us a Happy New Year 2017 with the traditional deep bowing. Also, there is a small House of Soohorang and Bandabi in Pyeongchang (apparently nearby Alpensia resort) The North Face, a clothing outlet, are starting to sell some merchandise related with the mascots http://www.thenorthfacekorea.co.kr/display/showDisplay.lecs?goodsNo=NF31082983 http://www.thenorthfacekorea.co.kr/display/showDisplay.lecs?goodsNo=NF31082984 http://www.thenorthfacekorea.co.kr/display/showDisplay.lecs?goodsNo=NF31079960
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    Here is the above mentioned video with some great views of the stadium that we've never seen before.