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    Fox News is strong with this one.
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    Easy to dismiss that as a silly comparison but actually, you can easily see Macron turning up and speaking in French and English to the IOC, as Blair did, whilst his opposite number struggles to to string a sentence in his native language and goes around insulting other nation's cultures.
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    The idea of Donald Trump giving a speech in support of LA and Macron giving a speech in support of Paris is like Chirac VS Blair. Only this time, it's France with the charismatic, attractive, liberal leader.
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    OK. The Festival of Books, at the USC Campus. I usually try to go every year; I didn't go last year. It used to be held at UCLA, and then some years ago they moved it to USC. Though I'm a UCLA Bruin at heart (my sis went there and I've always loved the campus) and will always bash USC whenever I get the opportunity (hehe), I like that the book festival is at USC---more centrally located, and very rail transit handy. The book fest seemed particularly crowded this year. You can see this fountain in the 1967 film "The Graduate" with Dustin Hoffman, where his character follows Katharine Ross' character from LA to Berkeley. Though the film does contain some shots that were filmed in Berkeley, for some reason, most of the college campus shots were actually filmed at USC, even though the setting is UC Berkeley. Tippi Hedren being interviewed and speaking at the book fest. She seems like a very down-to-earth person. Taking questions from the audience. And guess who had a tent at the book festival? I was actually kind of surprised to see them. And there were actually some Olympians there signing books. Los Angeles State Historic Park. It's actually very convenient to the Chinatown Metro Station. And, you get a good view of the historic North Broadway Bridge, or what used to be called the Buena Vista viaduct. At the time of its completion in 1911, it was the longest and widest concrete arch bridge in California, as well as the first major Beaux-Arts style bridge in Los Angeles. Double dutch! Mmm, pupusas...
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    Paris 2024, The Partner Of Trust For The Olympic Movement In six months’ time the International Olympic Committee will take its decision on who will host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Choosing the partner that will organise the world’s greatest sporting event is an incredibly difficult job for the IOC. Drawing on the experience acquired in recent campaigns, Paris 2024 is now even more determined than ever and ready to meet the challenge, a century after the last Summer Games organised in France with the inspiration of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. I was fortunate enough to experience the Olympics early on. They have definitely inspired me in my career, helping me to become a more complete individual well beyond the competitive arena and the quest for performance. They have enriched my spirit and given meaning to my commitment. The memory I retain of my first Olympics as a spectator is of the universality of an event unlike any other. Of my first opening ceremony, I remember the amazing solidarity between all peoples. That period of my life has given me an abiding appetite for hard work, respect and the quest for excellence. Now a member of the IOC and co-president of Paris 2024, I am motivated by the desire to share the passion which drives me in my daily life with young people around the globe. The 2024 Olympic Games in France would be a unique opportunity to welcome the whole world by offering a spectacular celebration in a Paris transformed into an Olympic park, from the Invalides to the Eiffel Tower, from the Grand Palais to the Champs-Elysées. For the visitors, athletes, volunteers, spectators, journalists and all the others who come to experience the event, our vision is of a Games that will go down both in History and in their own personal histories, that will mark their lives as it has marked mine. In 2024 we want to offer the world a popular and joyful celebration open to as many as possible, a moment when people come together as never before. I am convinced that Paris 2024 is the partner of trust that the IOC needs. The partner that can set the Games on the path of responsibility, thinking of the legacy as much as the celebration and having a decisive impact on education through sport, inclusion, health and mixing. France has the facilities and the know-how to organise major events. All the players in civil society are united behind a project in the national interest. After four bids, Paris and France are stronger and more determined than ever. We are ready to share an Olympic Games that will stand out in history. By taking up the challenge of an Olympics as spectacular and as enduring as ever, with the IOC we will set a new benchmark both in budget terms, taking a controlled approach, and in terms of sustainability, with exemplary social and environmental governance. Above all, Paris 2024 will constitute a major legacy for France, replicable on the international scene. Paris 2024 will open a new chapter in an Olympic movement that demonstrates even more solidarity between Games, confirming the IOC’s initial promise of creating a better world through sport. Paris 2024 gives us the means to show that the Olympic Games can be an opportunity for organising cities and that the Olympic movement is an opportunity for the whole world. Paris 2024 gives us the means to help revive cities’ interest in this marvellous event so that the Olympic movement continues to inspire people all over the world. A few weeks away from a landmark decision in the IOC’s history, our ambition is to think about what comes after and about others. About what comes after, because the Olympics will give fresh momentum to the regions of a country, France, whose hunger for the Olympic movement is keener than ever, and for people all over the world, by encouraging sport. About others, precisely because this project, a meaningful one which will create value for the Olympic movement, is intended to be shared with the whole world in order to strengthen its spirit of humanity and community. https://www.google.com/amp/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58f53c32e4b0da2ff862a0ce/amp
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    It's what they said... Argentina , after the withdraw, totally supports Santiago 2023... And I hope Chile supports Buenos Aires 2030 Olympics... The second Olympics in South America... A few moments ago, Chilean Sport Minister, Pablo Squella, confirmed that the Goverment goes ahead with the bid... So, it is the virtual host for 2023 Panamerican Games. the first Pan Am in Chile ever!!!! Squella appealed Chile will try to host the best Pan Ams ever... You can not imagine how happy I am!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you realize that the coliseum was originally built with public money? What has gotten the Olympics into trouble is not the use of government funding, but rather governments wasting money. Every major city in the world spends money on public housing, including Los Angeles, so the fact that Paris will use a government funded village is not significant.
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    From LAist, new renderings of the LAX-Metro Connector Station, completion date estimated to be between 2021 and 2023: Link: http://laist.com/2017/04/17/lax_metro_connector.php#photo-6
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    Might be the star of the Paris Games http://www.bike-eu.com/home/nieuws/2017/4/paris-switches-velib-operator-from-jcdecaux-to-smoovengo-10129662 By 2020, Paris aims to become the world’s cycling capital with more than 1,400 km of cycling lanes and 15% of transport journeys made by bike. In 2018, the « New Vélib» will be launched an a larger scale, with inclusion of electrical bycicles. All of the 2024 Olympic sites will be connected to this network of cycling lanes.
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    Actually, the Olympic opening to the world and legacy of Barcelona is something that's pretty well known and accepted by keen followers of the games (like the membership here). And just today on the Olympic website: PRAISE FOR BARCELONA’S OLYMPIC LEGACY AS CITY WELCOMES IOC’S OLYMPIC SOLIDARITY COMMISSION - 25 YEARS ON FROM THE GAMES. THE GAMES WERE A BOOST TO THE INTERNATIONALISATION AND THE OPENING OF BARCELONA AND CATALONIA TO THE WORLD For everyone else - Sorry for continuing the thread drift, but the timing of the IOC article was just too good to pass up.
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    I don't care about your little feud. Be a big boy and stop this already
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    Yes, it's called arrogance. If that's how Angelinos think, then apparently they're not just known for their smog, but they're known for their smug as well. Even if that's how people out West think of themselves (and I'm still not sure that's as strong a thought there as you want it to be), it doesn't actually make them the face of America or the face of a new America. More than 3/4 of this country lives in either the Eastern or Central time zone. If the other 1/4 (or however much of the Western United States you're talking about) wants to think they're different, doesn't mean they represent the face of anything other than themselves.
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    Paris marathon today: The second biggest one (behind New-York) http://www.schneiderelectricparismarathon.com/en/event/key-figures
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    If anything, it would be an LA OCOG that could sell the idea to the IOC -- and there is legitimate reason for that in LA's case. The new stadium is more suitable for ceremonies, but the history is in the old one, so LA will have the know-how to merge both.
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    We'll be too busy with the Anglo-Spanish war to even notice.
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    The Paris 2024 team reduced LA2024 to technology, "show business", entertainment and storytelling", downplaying the importance and selling its bid as more and the movement as something that needs more than just that. "We believe that the Games are so much more than entertainment – more than just a branch of show business..." - Anne Hidalgo “Because the answers to the questions we face do not lie in just story-telling or technology.” - Tony Estanguet of course, they then moved on to talk about the culture of sharing (technology) and how Paris is the global hub of it. I get that they are downplaying their opponent and up playing themselves, but if they go right back into technology I think it's a clear indication of how important technology is and that they clearly perceive a threat of these strengths in LA's bid.
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    The bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 could ultimately be decided on the field-of-play, according to a source within the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The list of five initial applicants to host the Games has been winnowed down to just two, Los Angeles and Paris, after bids from Hamburg and Budapest […] View the full article
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    Yup. You keep showing up even though no one wants you around and it's impossible to get rid of you. That makes you herpes. You are the herpes of this website.
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    ^That's not much different than Wasserman's "but as in life, opportunities 'only' exist for brief moments of time", or the "if the IOC is serious about agenda 2020, then only L.A. can be that answer, but it 'only' works if L.A. gets '24 (& not '28). That ain't 'sexy', either Nor compelling. And also falls in the "ultamatum basket", bcuz L.A. is pretty much threatening (the city that supposedly has the Olympics in it's "DNA") that their plan is also "only" available for 2024, & then surprisingly just falls apart for 2028.
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    I think it's been mostly an ultimatum so far. I mean...it's starting to seem like EVERYTHING about Paris' bid revolves around the village issue.....maybe they are using it too much as a crutch and neglecting to explain why Paris is compelling. Most eggs now are in the "we have to host in 24 cuz of a real estate deal" basket........that ain't sexy.
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    UCLA housing expansion moving forward to keep up with UCLA housing needs, regardless of Olympics, that will consist of 6,900 additional beds. http://dailybruin.com/2017/03/12/ucla-to-propose-new-dorms-apartments-to-match-enrollment-increase/
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    in the fall i guess i'll shamelessly sexually objectify the US and canadian speedskating teams once again via brutal anonymous polling as we gear up for a winter olympics that may or may not be canceled due to nuclear war (don't we say that every winter olympics though?).
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    And this is the key part, but somehow there's still a stuborn blindness from certain posters - Build an Olympic village with public money is not the problem when these building have a posterior use and a full social recovery. And when it's righfully planned, this isn't a waste of money.
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    There's no mechanism for that. Even if you had proof Trump himself had paid Russian hackers to go into the systems and change votes, he is still POTUS. At best, Congress can vote to impeach him, but that just kicks him out of office and makes elevates the VP. There aren't any do-overs.
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    Wait.. what? I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but are you seriously saying that at the time, liberals were stupid because they should have known this could happen and should have played their cards smarter? I don't buy that. Easier to see that now, but was that really the thinking at the time? Plus, Clinton was a known political entity back then. Obama was not. If he loses the primary, he probably fades somewhat back into obscurity. So who knows where he'd stand this time around. And to really throw a wrench into your logic here.. if the thinking is that Trump happened because of Obama, then if Obama never became president...
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    If Australia wants to put its hand up again because no one else wants to bid, then why not Adelaide? They made a bid for 1998 and failed against Kuala Lumpur. There's far more infrastructure since then and I'm sure the Adelaide Oval can easily accommodate an athletics track, or have a reduced seating with a raised track (which of course also helps with ceremonies).
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    Just looked at the UAL stock. You say that the UAL stock has taken a "big drop". If you compare UAL to the DJI, you will see that over the past 30 days, the DJI is down 1.84% while UAL is UP 3.79%. Even just considering the last 5 trading days, both UAL and DJI are both down approximately the same amount. That is not what I call a "big drop". If you want to claim a "big drop" you need to only look at 2 trading days. But again, those 2 days are offset by the gains on the previous two days.
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    How The Olympic Games Changed Barcelona Forever And you'll find plenty of articles and stories that view it the same way. So this hardly 1 outsider's opinion where no one would agree with him.
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    With this and another comment wisely posted from Mr. Bernham, I found funny/sad how a die hard cheerlader, which supported the idea of Los Angeles as a more inclusive, tolerant. modern and multicultural American society, it's obsessed with the gay bars and use gay slurs as a form of derogative offense against critics, while dropping a full sense of smug. LOL
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    WTH has this thread turned into.
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    LA? Nobody lives there anymore. It's too crowded.
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    The lighting of the cauldron must be visible from the ceremonies stadium. The cauldron can be moved afterwards, though. So they could light the cauldron in the Coliseum and then put in on a float to parade around Los Angeles. But that would still leave the Rams stadium as a glorified concert venue rather than an actual Olympic venue. That isn't because people hate Los Angeles, though, it's because real estate, water and electricity are all in high demand. (Well, many people outside of Los Angeles hate the city, but the people who live there do not.) The real estate cost issue also forces people with lower incomes out of Manhattan and San Francisco, yet no one calls them "third world." Los Angeles does have climate and economic problems, but both of those are exacerbated by simple overpopulation. And they don't have anything to do with an Olympic bid.
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    That's the problem. All what is not bid dependant is not included in the budget. Thus, it is said there is no risk for LA project. but it's not true! Why the $1.8 Billion Housing construction for the Paris OV(which has started and will be done irrespective of the Games) would be a risk whereas the $2.6 Billion Hollywood Park stadium construction (which has also started) wouldn't be a risk? Why the $400 Million Roland Garros renovation (which has started and is not really needed for the Games) would be a risk whereas the construction of 4,169 new dorms at UCLA from 2020 to 2023 wouldn't be a risk? Why the $100 Millon Paris Arena 2 (2019-2021: not bid dependant) would be a risk whereas the $270 Million Coliseum renovation (2017-2019) wouldn't be a risk? And so on.... Paris has included all of the needed constructions (even those which are not bid dependant) in its bid file (see tables 22 and 23 here: http://www.paris2024.org/medias/bidbook/bb2_en_2017-digital150.pdf). I guess it is also to increase the legacy of the Games ($3.2 Billion of investments for the city). It's not so clear and transparent in LA bid file (not so easy to find all what is really needed for the Games)
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    I like how you think "finely tuned marketing machine" is the same as "perfectly run marketing." I've said repeatedly that the LA2024 committee is doing an excellent job. You know I've said that and yet you choose to ignore it. We know the selective deafness is working hard with you, but don't pretend like things are so ideal and perfect that if there's a tiny flaw out there, you want to pretend like it doesn't exist. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt!
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    And yet, according to the story, the plan is not Olympic-dependent, but an acceleration of existing plans for Tokyo to emulate what they say is 100 per cent buried power lines in London, Paris and Hong Kong (and may I also add, similar to projects underway in Sydney by various councils to do exactly the same thing). I don't see how this can be casted as some diabolical Japanese-IOC plot to create a Potemkin village in Tokyo to hide the fact they are behind other cities in burying their power cables. And again, isn't it incumbent, or at the least incredibly desirable, that having won an Olympics, a city wants to ensure that the images that come out of it make it look at its best? Just basic common sense and ensuring you get the best value from your investment. In Sydney, for example, we DID end up burying those cables Ebersol objected to. And while we were already sprucing up the city for the games, it was decided to do side projects (which you won't ever find mentioned in the account books) to replace all the footpaths in the CBD to much prettier bluestone, a project hat caused huge disruptions to traffic and commerce the city in the mid 90s (much like the huge disruptions we have now pulling up our roads in the CBD to establish light rail lines). It was not Olympic-dependent, but definitely prompted by the Olympics to make central Sydney look much nicer. See, this is the type of problem the Olympic movement faces. You have a type of project that in any other time would be lauded as a nice piece of civic improvement, but in an Olympic city, where in the lead-up you have teas of media just looking for any negative angle they can find, you merely have to tack the word Olympic to the story to give it some sort of sinister connotation: "Look! They're tearing up power lines/footpaths/streetscapes just for the games! Think of the cost! Think of the hospitals and schools going begging!"
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    The Los Angeles bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games has been forced to deny claims that it ‘bought’ Facebook followers to reach it’s million-member milestone, an achievement the bid lauded in a press release Monday claiming that it was the first ever bid to reach the plateau. LA 2024 has eclipsed the one […] View the full article
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    And I think Alan Abrahamson has nailed this one. http://www.3wiresports.com/2017/04/04/paris-something-new-la/
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    Here's my investigation about athletics at the Stade de France (didn't know it before) http://www.lequipe.fr/Athletisme/Actualites/Le-meeting-ligue-de-diamant-ne-sera-plus-organise-au-stade-de-france/697147 http://www.supersport.com/athletics/international/news/160620/New_venue_for_Paris_Diamond_League So it seems that the next (and last) athletics meeting at the Stade de France will take place in August 2024 (if Paris is chosen). Wonder if this decision to move athletics from a 80000 seats stadium to a 20000 seats stadium (Charlety stadium) can have a negative impact on the IOC decision...
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    Just reread that Trump one (after a year). And while those comments in there are 'fictional', boy that tone & type of rhetoric sure isn't. It's right on the money, lmfao.
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    I think the difference is clear. Paris has their eye on LA (You guys too) and LA has their eye on 2024.
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    The professionalism of the LA2024 bid team is stellar. I'm impressed with the way they handled the unexpected visit to LA venues, the we have the sun too swipes, and now the Tony Estanguet ultimatum. http://gamesbids.com/eng/featured/la-2024-is-an-opportunity-not-an-ultimatum-bid-chair-says/ If I were the IOC i would be asking myself whether or not I want to partner with this bid team, especially in the face of the current negative feelings about the Olympic Movement.
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    Has anybody seen this before? German network ZDF coverage of the Seoul 1988 Opening Ceremony:
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    Should LA win 2028, it may see the Red Line continue south of Wishire/Vermont to Exposition/Vermont at USC, making travel between UCLA and USC significantly easier and faster. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and funding is provided under voter approved Measure M. http://la.curbed.com/2017/3/23/15041628/red-line-subway-vermont-metro-los-angeles
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    I think you mean the USOC turned down Dallas as a final candidate as the US bid for the 2024 games, not the IOC. Wise decision on their part. If I remember correctly their plan to host was a gigantic mess. They wanted a very spread out games similar to what Toronto had for the Pan Am games, which would not have been a bad idea if it weren't for Dallas' terrible public transportation system. Also a lot of the venues and games would have been held outside city limits, especially the ceremonies and track and field events. They even were thinking of wanting to cohost with Houston, for which we say a big f**k you to them Houston can host all by itself if it wanted to, but unfortunately we haven't shown any interst of hosting the games in years. A shame too as our only big obstacles as far as venues go are the outdoor water events like kayaking, rowing, open water swimming and maybe even sailing. For now the first indoor athletics stadium for an Olympics is still an option since the Astrodome is still vacant and with no plans on its future yet.
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    I hope nobody in the IOC really believes that it makes no difference in Germany whether Eurosport or ARD/ZDF will show the Olympics. There's more cash in it now, but inevitably lesser ratings and publicity here, which is also bad for minority sports (aka anything but football) as they'll now have restricted limelight appearance only.