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  3. Crenshaw the Camel. That's the mascot sorted then!
  4. They just discovered the bones of an anchient camel on the Crenshaw Line. Tunneling in Los Angeles has resulted in a lot of good finds.
  5. Yeah, but 4 years is still a long slog; and specially in Ice Dancing, it's still so predictable.
  6. See? I was right! Beijing will probably deny it, but I am sure their forces worked to scuttle the Stockholm - Falun/Are bid. You can't have one Winter Olympics right after the one you just hosted with a venue named after an outlawed organization. What is one a dictator for??
  7. If I were in charge of a city hosting a Worlds, I would NEVER bid during an Olympic year because you just get a watered down version of quality. All the gold and most of the silver medalists all retire after the SOGs, so you just get the also-rans ascending to the top. They are greatly diminished.
  8. Well, until they encounter Roman ruins or Etruscan burial grounds while digging the tunnel.
  9. Phase II of the Purple Line extension has received its notice to proceed. Heavy construction is expected to begin 2018. The project per the contract should be completed no later than 2026, but with newly available Measure M funds the entire line (including Phase III) is expected to open prior to 2024.
  10. Another early morning before-anything-else-opens visit to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday. The usual theme of big cranes and mountains of concrete ingredients still continues of course: But the good news is that the greenery is definitely maturing- alongside an increasingly eclectic selection of lamp-standards: The maintenance / janitorial work is being carried out with zeal: Although some places are out-of-bounds even to staff:
  11. Deal, Lausanne and Monaco as IOC session host cities. Maybe Doha next?
  12. Finding this thread brings some memories
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  14. I will be in Paris in 2 weeks visiting relatives, any (Olympic Related) sites I should check out while I am there???
  16. Bach & Co might also be busy these days calling up potential replacements if the orange one and the grandson really start pressing the wrong buttons.
  17. Los Angeles' 3rd tallest skyscraper has just been proposed for across the street from LA Live, the Downtown Sports Clusters main hub. Dubbed Figueroa Center it will rise 66 floors and 975 feet. With a roofline that is taller than LA's current tallest and about to open Wilshire Grand, but shorter than LA's 2nd tallest which stands 1,016 feet and features a glass slide on the buildings exterior on the 70th floor.
  18. Per my source, four countries will forward letters of interests. Keep in mind this is just the country saying they are interested, and countries may enter more than one city. Australia England Canada - Federal government support was received today. Fourth one is a mystery!
  19. Three new *state of the art* luge tracks. The insistence from the federations that each venue be the greatest ever in that sport really drives up costs.
  20. In my opinion we should have Bandy, Snowshoeing, Orienteering and Ski Ballet to replace all sliding sports since they'll not drawing any new interest whatsoever in recent years..
  21. i like the idea but the figures seem a little high. the IOC is going to give host cities a billion dollars??? what??? maybe they could start smaller, or perhaps with some insanely practical ideas like demanding NO MORE LUGE TRACKS. i don't think this planet needs even a single extra luge/bobsled track. i'm sorry the athletes may be inconvenienced and divorced from the host city, but seeing as how alpine and city cluster distances are totally negotiable these days, eliminating silly winter olympics expenses should be a no-brainer. so in short look for a new IOC decree demanding two new luge tracks for every bid any day now. or as third-generation IOC voting member the count from sesame street would say: three, three new luge tracks.
  22. towards zero waste (part 2):
  23. Bach & Co should be busy going to Berne first (& Vienna for that matter, as the second option), to try & schmooze Swiss (& Austrian) officials, as well as the populance, to 100% go after the 2026 Games. But since we know they won't, since they're still living in Lausaunne-land, they'll have to take what they can desperately get their gnomeish hands on in the end.
  24. Or lets say zero, since these redundant youth games are really wasteful tbw.
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