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  2. If we go for regions: Europe -Istanbul - Hopefully better times may come -Madrid - By 2032, they can finally get a reason to fight for an Olympics in Madrid -Moscow/St. Petersburg - Not because I like this, but we know Russia will try again. Maybe not Putin directly, but watch for his succesor. -Hamburg?/Munich? - Hopefully -Rome?/Milan? - Let's see if the domestic disaster ends. Asia: -Shanghai - This time in Shanghai -Seoul - Remember that region has national pride in competition -Ahmedabad - If Modi continues in power. -Doha - If somehow they pass the 2022 WC mess Americas: -Buenos Aires - They'll try, especially after Brazil. Oceania: -Sydney?/Brisbane?/Melbourne? - Now, it's possible for lack of names Africa: -If not South Africa, wait for another generation.
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  4. China might want to go again by then too.
  5. The Olympics in New York would be very attractive. If LA doesn't get anything in September, 2028 would be the ideal time for New York to finally host. Such a pity they've shown so little interest so far.
  6. Now the question becomes, "Did the bid team do enough to raise Hungary's profile as a go-ahead, positive thinking nation, before their government pulled the plug?" If so, then the bid, despite its ultimate end, should pay for itself. If not, then a new question arises: "Did ending the Budapest Olympic bid without the referendum send a message that Hungary prefers a whimper to a bang?"
  7. Or they could be opened by Michelle Obama towards the end of her second term.
  8. And Turkey is still "European" enough (At least for Olympic/sport purposes).
  9. maybe back to Asia..
  10. Yeah, that'd be great, too. Cuz I'd much rather see Istanbul than the likes of Doha-hah or Baku-koo. Istanbul is just so beautiful compared to those two despots. Even Dubai would be better. 2032 would really be up for grabs then if 2024 & 2028 get decided now.
  11. If somehow Turkey returns to the democracy and get rid of Erdogan, then maybe Istanbul have another shot. But yep, without a realistic African bid, this goes to Europe vs. Australia.
  12. Hopefully Germany will finally be able to get a bid off the ground. Maybe Rome will finally get their house in order, too. I see Melbourne having a better chance than Brisbane. But they'll have to propose later dates. The earliest would probably be late Sept. to Early Oct. The Asians will undoubtedly also keep putting their names in the ring, too.
  13. OK, granted Paris gets 2024; and LA goes for 2028 (in whichever manner these are handed out); and Durban has shot itself in the foot; who do you think, at this time, 15 years out, will shoot for 2032 and come close to getting it? I believe first signs of interest have to be in by 2023; and then the selection will be in 2025. It can't be a North American city, so it will probably be a European or Australian city. My guesses are Madrid, Melbourne or Brisbane. Maybe Rome again???
  14. To be fair though, Agenda 2020 is/was in transition. And of course, the 2 remaining candidates are the mega-cities that would like to show off that they can stage anything the IOC throws at them. Agenda 2020 is for the newer, smaller cities, like Budapest would have been perfect, Durban, Madrid, maybe a San Francisco, St. Pete. But if Lima goes 2024-2028, then all of that is out of the picture since the 2 cities have made their commitments; and perhaps Durban will benefit if they can get their sh*t together.
  15. Mike Lee is doing a great job for the campaign to 2024 Paris.
  16. The City of Paris, the Paris Academy and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) have launched a new initiative – ten measures to promote the passion for sport and the purpose of Olympism to up to 275,000 Parisian students. The infinitive is in line with legacy the vision of Paris’ bid for the […] View the full article
  17. Well with only two cities it has shown that agenda 2020 is a failure, the IOC is totally lost! Now why bother until September, the IOC should call a special meeting and give not award one city 2024 and the other 2028. It is totally stupid to move forward with this, it is now a joke! Some might disagree but I have been right in the past. The cost of the Olympics is still out of control.
  18. A day following Wednesday’s announcement by Mayor Istvan Tarlos that he will drop Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, members of the Athlete’s Commission have spoken out on the news. Even before the Bid Committee, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or the Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC) have officially spoken about the withdrawal […] View the full article
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  20. It's not the facilities that are the problem, it is the public money spent on facilities. In the rest of the world teams generally have to spend their own money on stadiums and arenas, or they use modest public facilities. Only in North America (and somewhat in Australia) is "welfare for billionaires" provided for sports team owners and their stadiums. Minnesota taxpayers have spent $350 million on a baseball stadium, $145 million on an NCAA football stadium, $498 million on an NFL stadium, $170 million on an NHL arena and $104 million on an NBA arena. Taxpayers in the UK meanwhile have spent/will spend nothing on the football stadiums for Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, etc. Of course the best answer is to do what New York has done. If politicians were smart they would not waste taxpayer money on either an Olympic Park or NFL stadiums.
  21. Yep - truffump & Co definitely fall into that category. We've heard that "we are the best" mumbo-jumbo before, only to fall on the IOC's deaf ears in the end, lmfao!
  22. LMFAO - projecting yet AGAIN, are you "silly" truffump!! You know what they say about the guys (excuse me, gurl in your case) who keep throwing homophobic rhetoric around. Why don't tell your "wife" to finally strap-on the DILDO you so "desperately" want up your dumb piehole. It's obviously what your fanticizing about! But this is so TYPICAL of your truffump twat, though. Everytime you're back into a corner to refute your twaddle, you resort to insults like the pus$y that you are. You know you can't further your petty, bias arguments cuz you know damn well that they're baseless & only filled your "spin". But go ahead, keep showing your true cunt colors. What little credibility you had left, is now gone, you irrelevant POS.
  23. One thing is opposite views and another thing is delusion and negation. But anyway, madrileños said the same in 2013, also Toronto stans... So we know how it can end...
  24. It's pretty creepy what has happened to the Silverdome now that it's literally just rotting away (although it would make a great shooting location for a post-apocalypse movie or TV show). That said, during its lifespan, in addition to the Lions, they had the Pistons for a decade, hosted World Cup matches, had the one-time record for Wrestlemania attendance and probably more. Here's the calendar of events for US Bank Stadium. I count a hell of a lot more than 10 events on here, even if the calendar gets a little sparse once summer hits.. Ditto for TCF Bank Stadium, home to Minnesota's MLS team. So yea, there's a lot more than 10 events per year in each. Not going to disagree that football stadiums are rarely worth the public financing they receive, but that's really ignorant to compare a white elephant Olympic venue that may or may not have had a legacy plan in the first place to most of the billion dollar football stadiums build these days, especially when those teams/owners are always looking for events to fill them.
  25. It's funny how when tRuFFmp was asked to address the point about LA's IBC versus Paris, I pretty much nailed how he would respond.. Not that it was hard to predict, of course. He did zero in on 1 specific piece and you gave an answer to a completely different question. And you wonder why we liken you to Trump. You were the one who mentioned the IBC in Paris (which yes, you grouped with the athletes village and I think Pure Facts addressed that). And when asked to compare that 1 specific piece in the 2 cities, you only talked about LA and didn't even acknowledge Paris by basis of comparison. Giving us the old "whether you like it or not" or "let's not pretend" isn't worth $hit if your point isn't valid in the first place. As if you should be talking about pretending, since that's what you like to do with LA in order to convince yourself of how superior they are.
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