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This glossary will explain some of the terms and concepts used on and in the Olympic Bid industry. This document will be continually expanded.

Applicant City
An applicant city has received approval from their NOC and has submitted an application to the IOC to be considered for a candidate city.

Bid Book
A bid book is prepared by a candidate city for presentation to the IOC and its members. It is a collection of candidature files that outlines how the City plans to stage the Games, including venues, budgets, marketing, public support, environmental issues and more broken down into 18 themes. The bid book can be several hundred pages in length and forms the basis the bid city's proposal, and the most important tool the voting members have to make their decision.

Bid City
A bid city is any city that has announced their intention to bid to host an Olympic Games.

Candidate City
A Candidate City is a City bidding for the opportunity to host an Olympic Games. The City has already received the approval of their NOC, has submitted an application and questionnaire to the IOC and have been selected to the short-list.

Evaluation Committee
The IOC evaluation committee is a small group that visits candidate cities and reports their findings back to the IOC members.

IOC, International Olympic Committee
The International Olympic Committee is the organization that oversees all Olympic activities. The main offices are in Lausanne.

NOC, National Olympic Committee
A National Olympic Committee is an organization authorized by the IOC to oversee Olympic activities within a particular country such as organizing national teams, hosting Games, marketing and sponsorships, etc. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is the NOC for the United States.

Questionnaires are submitted by applicant cities to the IOC. These documents are summaries of the bid book and are used by the IOC to select their short-list.

The short-list is created by the IOC from the pool of applicant cities based on reviewing the questionnaires. If they meet minimum requirements, they become candidate cities and proceed to the final vote.

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