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BidIndex USA Information : BidIndex Definitions

New York NYC HLT 69.31 62.85 3.46 62.85
San Francisco SFO HLT 69.05 61.88 2.41 66.64

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SYM = Bid City "Ticker" Symbol (hyperlinks to City description); STAT = Status (PRE=Prelisted, DLD=Delisted, HLT=Halted, or MM/DD of last change); CHG=Change


What is BidIndex USA?
BidIndex USA is a mathematical model developed by that when applied to an Olympic Bid, produces a number that can be used to rate a bid relative to others - and possibly gauge its ultimate success. The BidIndex USA model is a variant of the original BidIndex model. It eliminates many of the geopolitical issues that surround the international aspect of the full IOC vote - and concentrates more on the fundamentals of the bid.

What causes a BidIndex USA number to change?
BidIndex USA numbers change when either the fundamentals of a bid change, a competing bid changes, a competing bid either enters or drops from the competition, or the election fundamentals change. For example, as time goes on a bid may increase government support, lose public support or the USOC may release information such as an evaluation report. These kinds of things affect the day-to-day dynamics of a bid and result in a change of the BidIndex USA. We don't expect frequent changes because of the relative lack of new information coming from a national bid in contrast to an international bid.

For more information, read about the standard BidIndex model.

BidIndex Definitions

City = Applicant City

Symbol = A 3 letter short form of the city

Status = Current listing status

Prelisted = Data is being accumulated for the city to create new BidIndex

Delisted = Bid has ended because (a) city did not make short-list, (b) city dropped out or (c) bid election is over

Halted = Index is waiting to be updated due to significant fundamental change such as the release of an evaluation report or an IOC announcement

MM/DD = The month and day of the last Index change for this city

High = All-time Index high for this City

Low = All-time Index low for this City

Change = Value change from previous Index listing

Index = The City's current BidIndex value

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