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Pyeongchang, Korea

Pyeongchang 2014 Bid: 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Population: 45,482 (2005)


Location: In the central region of the Yeongdong area, in the east side of Taebaek Mountains of Gangwon-do. In the east, there is east sea and adjacent to Jeongsun-gun on the west. On the south, there is Donghae City and neighboring with Yangyang-gun in the north.

Located at 700m high altitude, Pyeongchang County is the 3rd largest county in the nation. 65.2% of the whole area is highland and there are 23 places that reach up to 1,000m or more. Because of the location, the county, has long winter and has heavy snow fall yearly. The county is well developed with highland vegetables, and with Odae mountain national park's ski resort, and golf courses. Also the county is the starting point of the Namhan river of pure and untouched nature. People can feel the breath of Lee, Hyo Suk's literature in Pyeongchang County.

Olympic History: South Korea hosted the 1988 Seoul Summer Games

Bid History: Pyeongchang last bid for the 2010 Winter Games and was narrowly defeated by only 3 votes on the second ballot - Vancouver won.

Bid Status: Defeated by Sochi in final round of vote.

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