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ARCHIVE - 2010 Olympic Bid - Vancouver

The 2010 Olympic Bid culminated July 2, 2003 at the 115th IOC session in Prague. Czech Republic. The campaign began with a list of eight bids that was trimmed to four after the initial evaluation. Berne was forced to withdraw after losing a local support referendum. Vancouver held its own referendum but was successful and three bids - PyeongChang, Salzburg and Vancouver went into the final vote.

It was perceived that Salzburg and Vancouver had the best bids and PyeongChang was further behind, however geopolitics created surprises on voting day when Salzburg fell off the first ballot after getting only 16 votes. The speculation was that voters did not want the Games in Europe in 2010, they wanted a summer European Games in 2012 instead.

An even bigger surprise was PyeongChang's strong showing, winning the first ballot and only three votes short of clinching it. However Vancouver picked up most of Salzburg's votes from the first round and narrowly won by three votes in the final round. PyeongChang had been lobbying very aggressively in the closing days of the campaign.

2012 Bid Logos
Vancouver 2010Pyeongchang 2010Salzburg 2010Berne 2010Harbin 2010Jaca 2010
2010 Bid City Profiles and Documents

Andorra la Vella

How the election works
July 2, 2003 schedule and TV
Who Votes for 2010

IOC 2010 Evaluation Commission Report - PDF
IOC 2010 Applicant Documents - PDF
IOC 2010 Acceptance Group Report (Aug. 28) - PDF
IOC 2010 Candidate City Manual - PDF
IOC 2010 Candidacy File Guide - PDF
IOC 2010 Model Report - PDF

Voting Results

Vancouver 40 56
PyeongChang 51 53
Salzburg 16


  • February 4, 2002 - Deadline for NOC's to submit bid city applications to IOC
  • May 31, 2002 - Deadline for applicant city questionnaires (a 'bid book executive summary' used to help short-list applicants). Cities must submit 50 copies in English and French along with US$100,000.
  • August 28, 2002 - IOC will announce short-list of candidates, those who meet minimum requirements and become official candidate cities
  • September 9-14, 2002 - Meetings between candidate cities and IOC in Lausanne to discuss phase 2 of the Bid Process, Rules and Procedures.
  • October 31, 2002 - $500,000 fee due to IOC from short-listed candidate cities.
  • January 10, 2003 - Deadline for candidate cities to deliver complete bid book to IOC
  • January 10, 2003 - International marketing campaigns may begin
  • February 22, 2003 - Vancouver Plebiscite
  • February 14 to March 16, 2003 - IOC evaluation commission to visit candidate cities.
    • Pyeongchang: February 14 to 17
    • Vancouver: March 2 to 5
    • Salzburg: March 13 to 16
  • May 2, 2003 - IOC evaluation commission issues report on candidate cities to IOC executive board.
  • TBA - IOC Executive Board designates which Cities will be submitted for the election (i.e. final short-list)
  • July 2, 2003 - In Prague, IOC to vote on 2010 host city. 115th IOC Sesion.

Evaluation Commission

The Evaluation Commission was appointed on October 24, 2002. The team analysed the candidature files that the three candidate cities submitted January 2003 and made inspections on site before issuing a report in May 2003.

  • Chairman: Mr Gerhard HEIBERG (NOR)
  • Executive Director: Mr Gilbert FELLI (SUI)
  • IOC representatives: Mr Chiharu IGAYA (JPN), Mr Peter TALLBERG (FIN), H.R.H. The Prince of ORANGE (NED)
  • IF representatives: Mr Oskar FISCHER (GER) FIS, Mr Roy SINCLAIR (GBR) WCF
  • NOC representatives: Mr Tsunekazu TAKEDA (JPN), Mr José Luis MARCO (ARG)
  • Athletes' representative: Ms Pernilla WIBERG (SWE)
  • Experts: Mr Olav MYRHOLT (NOR) Environment, Mr Grant THOMAS (USA) Former OCOG, Mr Rémy CHARMETANT (FRA) Former OCOG, Mr Rick LUDWIG (USA) Finance
  • IPC representative: Ms Rita VAN DRIEL (NED)

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