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Touring Beijing Show's Toronto Is Number One For 2008

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After touring Beijing during a trade mission, Ontario Premier Mike Harris said he was more confident than ever Toronto will win the 2008 Olympic bid.

Harris said, "I don't know anything more than when I came. It's first today, it'll be first after the vote in Moscow". The International Olympic Committee votes for the 2008 host city July 13.

And TO-2008's chief operating officer Bob Richardson, agreed with Harris. He said, "I certainly saw nothing in Beijing, and this is no disrespect to them, that would suggest to me otherwise. I think we have a very, very strong bid".

Richardson added, "the great thing about Toronto is we have excellent infrastructure. The city is by and large a clean city. We have facilities in place that we can show the IOC".

He said the Olympic bid is costing Toronto $22 million, but that's all being put up by city businesses. That figure will rise if Toronto wins the bid, because the city will have to build an Olympic stadium, an aquatic entre and a velodrome. But any cost will be more than covered by the tourist dollars that will flow in during the Games.

"The Olympic Games are worth literally billions of dollars in terms of economic spinoff" said Richardson. Write or read comments about this article

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