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Toronto 2015 "On Track, On Budget" - CEO

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Ian Troop, CEO of the TO2015 organizing committee of the Pan-Am Games, told the Toronto Sun, "we're right on track and right on budget". We've got five major builds and they're all moving forward through the procurement process, At this point we're right where we need to be and moving forward briskly on these".

The organization committee is working with a $1.4 billion budget.

The five major builds include revamping Ivor Wynne Stadium in the city of Hamilton for soccer events, building a Pan-Am Aquatics Centre and field house at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus, and a 12,500-seat stadium at York University. Also a pool and field house will be constructed in Unionville, just outside of Toronto, and there are plans for a velodrome to host cycling events with the location yet to be determined.

Troop said, "we expect to have all of them starting construction in the middle of 2012 to be finished by 2014, which will be for test events, and it will be a full year ahead of the Games.

A 25-metre pool, gym, fitness centre and indoor track is included in the Athletes Village plan.

Troop added there's a "strong team" made up of representatives from the province of Ontario's transportation ministry, Metrolinx and local municipal groups who are in charge of making sure traffic congestion doesn't get too irritating.

An Air Rail Link, which will transport 5,000 passengers daily to and from Pearson Airport, will reportedly be ready in time for the Games.

Meanwhile former Canadian International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Paul Henderson criticized Toronto 2015 organizers, reports the Toronto Sun. He wrote in an e-mail, "TO2015 missed the first two years with no construction contracts signed and none will be finalized in months. Disaster waiting to happen. Construction business is not like building a Ford car. Just in time delivery if the parts does not work. What makes a Games financially successful is that the facilities are in place a year before, which is what Calgary (and) Vancouver have proved".

The Toronto Sun reports the Games are expected to bring more than 10,000 athletes and 250,000 tourists to Toronto and surroundings.

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