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Sochi 2014 Expects $300 Million Surplus

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Sochi 2014 organizers expect to get a $300 million surplus once the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are over. Organizers have already raised more than $1 billion in domestic sponsorships and hope to secure deals worth another $200 million.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, head of Sochi 2014, told The Associated Press Thursday they will not need any government money despite the weakening global economy and competition from the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

According to sgvtribune.com he said, "we are really confident we will not apply for public money from the state. There is an obligation of the state to co-invest in the Games, but my goal is to have this money as profit of the Games".

Chernyshenko called Sochi the "biggest construction site in the world" with a 50,000-strong force working around the clock, seven days a week.

He added that Sochi's domestic torch relay, the longest in Olympic history, would be a 120-day, 17,000 mile journey across Russia involving 14,000 torch bearers. The flame will go to the top of Russia's highest mountain, Mount Elbrus, and the bottom of the world's deepest lake, Lake Baikal.

As for plans that the flame would be taken into space, Chernyshenko said, "we are in the process of negotiations now and I expect we will announce it very soon".

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