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IOC General Assembly On Doping, New Sports, 2013 IOC Meeting, London 2012

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said Thursday more that 30 athletes who have violated anti-doping rules will not be at the Vancouver Games. The banned athletes were caught in the months ahead of the Games and the results are unrelated to testing done in the days before the start of the Games, said WADA head John Fahey.

The IOC will be conducting more than 2,100 drug tests, about 500 of which are blood tests. It will also freeze samples for years, retesting them for yet unknown substances once tests have been devised, reports Reuters.

Cricket, sports climbing and power boating have been formally endorsed as recognized sports by the IOC, the first step toward eligibility for inclusion at the 2020 Summer Games. IOC spokesman Mark Adams said after a meeting of the IOC's general assembly, "they are recognized federations by us, which now means they can take part in IOC events and eventually obviously postulate themselves if they wish to take part in future Olympics".

Kuala Lumpur lost to Buenos Aires in its bid to host the IOC meeting in 2013 where the host of the 2020 Summer Games will be selected and the appointment of a new IOC President announced. Kuala Lumpur received 31 votes compared to 58 given to Buenos Aires.

London 2012 organizers said they plan to switch off about 1,000 sets of traffic lights and build temporary pedestrian bridges over busy roads to keep the average speed for cars transporting athletes and officials at the London Games to about 45 miles per hour. The plans were outlined at the IOC meeting in Vancouver which is focusing on how London will cope with the extra traffic at the 2012 Games. The IOC has said dedicated lanes used in previous host cities would be kept to a minimum as they would not be suited to London's narrow streets.

Dennis Oswald, the IOC's chief inspector for the London Games said, "the local transportation team has developed excellent ideas that are symbolic of the creativity of the London team...the number of red lights has increased in the last 10 years from 4,000 to 5,000 to maybe the Olympics will be a kind of legacy".

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