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Sochi 2014 Debriefed By IOC

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Dmitry Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014, led a delegation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Official Debrief of the Beijing 2008 Games this week. The event was co-hosted by the IOC and London 2012, host of the next Summer Games.

In London, Sochi 2014 officials participated in sessions focussing on the planning, operations and technical elements of delivering an Olympic and Paralympic Games, covering areas such as sport, accommodation, transport, culture, education and logistics. All participants had the chance to engage with Games stakeholders, including athletes, spectators and the work force, said a Sochi 2014 press release.

The Beijing Debrief is a key part of the IOC's Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM) program.

Chernyshenko said following the debriefing, "taking part in the Beijing Debrief allowed us, in partnership with the Olympic Movement, to consolidate the knowledge we gained during the Beijing 2008 Observer Program and potentially gain new and useful insights from the experts at Beijing 2008.

"The OGKM is a unique knowledge resource with information about how each Organizing Committee managed every step of the Olympic Games delivery process. Whilst Sochi 2014 will learn from the past experience of other Organizing Committees, we will not copy them. Each Olympic Games is special in its own right and cannot be repeated. Sochi 2014 will deliver our own Games which will be the most innovative Olympic and Paralympic Games ever.

"After the 2014 Games we will share out experience with other Organizing Committees. Since the very first day as an Organizing Committee, Soch 2014 has been developing its own knowledge bank - which includes our achievements to date and the challenge we have overcome so far in Games preparation", he said.

During the debrief Chernyshenko met representatives of the IOC TOP Partners who play a vital role in the preparation and staging of Olympic and Paralympic Games. Chernyshenko said, "during our meeting we told the TOP Partners about the new Olympic Law. This law regulates the use of the Olympic brand, provides visa-less entry into Russia for members of the Olympic family, and confirms tax exemptions in Russia for the IOC and relevant third parties.

"It is extremely important for us to build strong dialogue with the IOC TOP Partners. They have great experience in the organization and staging of the Olympic Games, and most of them have been members of the Olympic Family for a long time", said Chernyshenko.

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