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Feasibility Studies For Boston 2020, Netherlands 2028 Summer Games

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The Massachusetts Legislature's Joint Tourism Committee said it is considering a bill that would create a commission to study the feasibility of hosting a summer Olympic Games, reports Metro West Daily.

Senator Pam Resor who works on the committee said, “I think it’s very worth looking into. There are a lot of venues in the Boston area that would lend themselves well to that kind of an event and it would certainly bring attention to all we have to offer”.

Rep. Paul Frost said that including all of Massachusetts and neighbouring states in the process has two advantages, sharing the work and the benefits of a potential bid, and promoting New England as a venue for other sporting events. He admitted it would be closer to decades than years before Massachusetts could be ready to host the Games, citing 2020 as the earliest possible year. He said, “we have to start somewhere”.

Meanwhile Dutch News reports that Economic Affairs Minister Maria van der Hoeven has set aside 400,000 Euro for a feasibility study to bring the 2028 Olympics to the Netherlands.

Van der Hoeven wrote on her website, “it would be wonderful if the Games could be held here. It would be great to host them again, a century after we first did so”. Write or read comments about this article

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