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The IOC Fires Starting Gun On Race for the 2016 Olympics

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Today the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opened the race for hosting the 2016 Olympic Games by inviting the 203 member nations to submit nominations and by releasing a detailed 98-page document with instructions, bidding rules, dates and an extensive questionnaire.

Potential bidders have until September 13, 2007 to submit their intentions to the IOC which must be followed by a signature on the bid rule sheet and an application fee of USD$150,000 before October 1, 2007. The bid questionnaire must be completed by January 14, 2008 - it will be used by the IOC Executive Board to select a short list of candidates in June 2008.

Candidates will be required to pay an additional fee of USD$500,000 and will then produce a detailed bid proposal that must be delivered to the IOC by February 12, 2009. Finally, the election will take place at the 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 2, 2009.

Applicants that are already preparing for their bids are asked not to use thier official logo any time before July 9, 2007 - after the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Bid election in Guatemala. As in past bids, applicants may not use the Olympic rings on their emblems and must include a graphical image with the city name, year and the words "applicant city". Once accepted to the short list they may include the rings and replace the word "applicant" with "candidate".

Bids may not start any international marketing campaing until they have been selected to the short list.

Several cities have already declared their intention to bid including Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Madrid and Monterrey Mexico.

Full schedule and details can be found on the GamesBids.com 2016 page.

You can download the IOC Candidature Acceptance Procedure in PDF format by clicking this link. Write or read comments about this article

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