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Two Koreas May Compete Jointly At 2014 Games

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Bahng Jae-heung, secretary general of the PyeongChang 2014 Winter Olympic bid committee, said Monday that North and South Korea are expected to compete as a joint team by the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, reports Reuters.

The two Koreas have been trying to put together a unified Olympic team and were talking about competing together for the Beijing 2008 Summer Games, but the discussions were side tracked because of political and other problems.

The secretary general told Reuters “at this time we are taking it for granted that there will be a joint team”.

He added that the PyeongChang bid committee does not expect to co-host events with the North if it wins the right to host the 2014 Games because of Olympic rules and the distance involved.

According to Reuters Pyongyang wants equal representation of athletes from the North and South while Seoul says selection should be on merit to create the most competitive team possible.

South Korea has a larger population and has better funded sports associations than North Korea.

Two two Koreas have marched together in past Olympics, including the Turin Games, but competed as separate teams. Write or read comments about this article

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