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Spanish Olympic Committee Rejects Jaca 2014 Bid

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Jaca, Spain's campaign to bid for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games came to a screaching halt today when the Spanish Olympic Committee rejected the proposal.

Countries intending to bid for the 2014 Games have until July 28 to submit their applications to the International Olympic Committee, however Jaca's bid has already failed to meet the requirements according to the national committee's President Jose Maria Echevarría, based on a letter outlining the bid's goals.

The decision was made in a meeting earlier today.

Jaca last bid for the 2010 Games but the IOC dropped the city from the final shortlist. The Spanish city last made the ballot while bidding for the 1998 Winter Games.

Another Spanish city, Madrid, recently lost its bid to host the 2012 Summer Games to London.

So far bids from Russia, Georgia, South Korea, Austria and Bulgaria have confirmed their intentions to bid for the 2014 Olympics. The election will take place July 7, 2007 in Guatamala City.

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