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Television Coverage Of London’s Olympic Parade To Be Used In Final 2012 Presentation

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The Evening Standard reports that London will use television coverage from Monday’s parade of Olympians to convince Olympic leaders of Britain’s enthusiasm to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. According to the newspaper, London 2012 officials will show the images of the Olympian team being cheered through central London as part of London’s final presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

London’s print media was full of articles about the parade, but depending on what you read or heard, there could have been 200,000, 150,000 or only 75,000 people at the event, all of them very enthusiastic.

Although the parade attracted far fewer people than last year’s rugby World Cup victory parade, organizers were still delighted with the turnout and the mood.

Britain’s 16 Olympic champions and 19 Paralympic champions joined nearly 90 medal winners in acknowledging the cheers as the two-mile long parade rolled along from the Ritz, through Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket onto Trafalgar Square.

The parade included black cabs and London buses branded with the 2012 logo.

Simon Clegg, head of the British Olympic Association, dismissed suggestions that the parade was poorly supported and said the event will boost London’s 2012 bid. He said, “the turnout was fantastic” and sends out a very strong message to the IOC that Britain is serious about sport.

According to reports many in the crowd complained the event had not been properly publicized.

Clegg said, “you have to bear in mind this was not at a weekend, it was during a normal working day and the turnout was very much in line with expectations. Every national newspaper carried full pager adverts, as well as local newspapers and the BBC gave it a big push. I don’t think we could have done that much more to publicize it”.

Following the parade the Olympic athletes went to Buckingham Palace for an Olympic reception attended by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York, the Earl of Wessex and the Duchess of Gloucester. Write or read comments about this article

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