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Squash Shortlisted For 2020 Olympics

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Zee News reports the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has shortlisted squash for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, according to World Squash Federation (WSF) head N Ramachandran.

Ramachandran said, "Squash is shortlisted for the single slot of 2020 Games. Hopefully it is India at that point of time to host the Games. A review of the existing sports would also be decided by 2013".

He added, "there could even be more than one slot if a sport is dropped. It might be given to other sports. I would be pushing for inclusion of squash".

Ramachandran said he was disappointed when squash was not included in the 2016 Olympics when the WSF bid for it.

He said, "when we bid for it last time, IOC was going through a bad phase because of recession in Europe and they needed additional revenue. Thus, rugby was included.

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