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Committee To Consider Boston 2024 Olympic Bid

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Wednesday the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed legislation to create an 11-member committee to push forward an initiative to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Boston. A bill was passed during the summer to examine the feasibility of bidding for the Games.

According to the Daily Free Press, Massachusetts Rep. Theodore Speliotis said the commission is looking at how the universities and colleges in and surrounding Boston, including Boston University, would benefit from hosting the Games.

The commission, which is privately funded, will investigate all aspects of hosting the Olympics, including costs, infrastructure, transportation and security.

He said, "a university like BU can offer so much to an Olympics program in the ways of the new Agganis Arena and the stadium. There's not even any certainty that that particular Olympic Games will be in the United States. But if it is in the United States, I think that we are in the top tier of communities to be considered".

Mass. Sen. Eileen Donoghue, who sponsored the resolution through the Senate's approval on July 30, said despite the significant expenses of the Olympics, the benefits outweigh the costs. She said, "when you look at the tourism aspects of the Olympics, not just during the weeks of the Games but before and well after the Games, it certainly would bring a huge benefit".

Maureen Keefe, race director of the 2013 Head of the Charles Regatta, one of the world's largest rowing events, said because Boston is used to hosting large sporting events, holding the Olympics would be feasible and would help build Boston's infrastructure.

She said, "I know the impact of large-scale athletic events on a city and I think it would bring a lot of people to Boston. We are strong in that we can create an infrastructure not only to support a worldwide event like that and to show off Boston to the rest of the world, but also hopefully whatever infrastructure we would build would sustain the city beyond the Olympics itself in different ways as far as venues, facilities and jobs".

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