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Ninety-Five Percent Of Azerbaijan Supports 2020 Bid

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According to a nationwide survey carried out in December, 95 per cent of people in Azerbaijan support the Baku 2020 bid, and 93 per cent of respondents believe that hosting the Games in Baku would have a positive impact on sport throughout the country.

Konul Nurullayeva, CEO of Baku 2020 said, "this poll confirms what we believed - that the bid enjoys wholehearted support, all the way from the President of the country to the very youngest children in the school playgrounds. The bid is also enthusiastically supported by our National Olympic Committee and our sports federations, our business community and the citizens of Baku".

She added, "Azerbaijan has a very young population - more than 50 per cent are under the age of 30. With this bid, together we can inspire and empower millions of young sportsmen and women, together we can accelerate the development of team sports as well as introduce new sports into the country.

"And if we are awarded this great honour, with the Olympic Movement, together we can spread the values of Olympism to a region of the world that will benefit enormously from these values, putting sport and its importance at the forefront of our society".

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