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Decision To Be Made On Qatar 2020 Olympic Bid Dates

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is to decide Friday whether to let Qatar stage the Olympic Games in autumn if it wins its bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Due to hot summer temperatures the IOC won't consider staging the Summer Games in Qatar in July or August, when they are traditionally held.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Qatar has asked the IOC to allow it to stage the Games in the autumn, possibly as late as October.

The IOC has asked candidates to submit any proposals to hold the Games outside the July 15 to August 31 time period in advance so it could accept or reject them ahead of a full bid. According to The Daily Telegraph, Qatar submitted proposed autumn dates to the IOC last month, and the proposal is to be considered by the IOC executive board at a meeting in Daegu, South Korea on Friday morning.

If the executive board says the proposed dates are acceptable, it is likely that the Qatar Olympic Committee will make a formal bid for the 2020 Games before the September 1 deadline for candidate cities.

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