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Nine Spanish Cities Work For Madrid 2020 Bid

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Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, Alejandro Blanco, President of Madrid 2020 and the SOC, and Miguel Angel Villanueva, Vice-Mayor of Madrid, met with the mayors of eight cities - Zaragoza, Valladolid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Getafe, Malaga, Paracuellos and Valencia - to outline the general guidelines and define the joint strategy in Madrid's bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Botella said that the nine Spanish cities are "willing to share and work together in a common project that is good for all of us - hosting a great edition of the Olympic Games as we did in 1992".

The Mayor listed the reasons why Madrid is bidding to host the Games for the third consecutive time - the first that 2020 is a "great project" with the experience of previous bids and the guarantee of having most of the sporting infrastructure already built.

The second reason refers to Olympic values such as effort, self-improvement, willingness to compete with the best, and team work - "all of them necessary at all times, and especially during crisis periods".

She added that hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games represents a unique opportunity to stimulate the economic activity of the cities involved and of the whole country, as well as to improve Spain's image abroad.

The Mayor called Barcelona 92 a great success and said Madrid 2020 is wishing to organize the best Games in history. She said, "we want to boost our Olympic values to prove our nation's ability to do great things, in order to link the Spain Brand to excellence, and to share the collective enthusiasm of the Spanish people when dealing with shared tasks".

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Bid Date: September 7, 2013
Bid Location: IOC Session Buenos Aires, Argentina
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