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Baku 2020 Offers New Sustainable Hosting Model At ANOC

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image Baku's Presentation at ANOC

Delegates at the ANOC General Assembly in Moscow Saturday heard during Baku 2020's presentation its offer to the Olympic Movement of a new, sustainable model of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Lady of Azerbaijan, told the 1,000 delegates gathered at the city's World Trade Centre, "we want Baku 2020 to demonstrate that it is possible to host prudent, responsible Games while honouring the Olympic and Paralympic ideals; and, we want the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and fair play to contribute to the social development of our nation, as it has done so many times before".

She added, "Baku is a vibrant city, a visionary mixture of ancient and modern architecture, a rich palette of cultures and generations of history. Above all, Baku is a dynamic, healthy-lifestyle city. On a fine summer day, you can swim in the warm waters of the Caspian Sea, go for a run along the Boulevard or enjoy sports in several newly constructed, state-of-the-art facilities".

She said the government of Azerbaijan recognized the political and financial investment needed to stage the Games, adding "let me assure you, we are ready. I give you the President's and indeed the entire county's guarantee that if Baku is awarded the honour of hosting the 2020 Games, we will do everything required to ensure that Baku 2020 fulfils your every expectation".

The city's presentation began with the bid's Communications Director Narguiz Birk-Petersen asking delegates to "imagine an Olympic Games in a new region of the world; a Games that introduces one of the world's oldest, yet little known cultures - my culture - in a modern and vibrant celebration of sport and friendship".

Birk-Petersen also stressed the importance of Baku's proposed new hosting model, saying "we want to prove that an Olympic Games is not only a sound investment in a nation's sport, health and qualify of life, but that it can be hosted in a responsible manner, which, in turn, provides a sustainable Games hosting model for the future".

Elkhan Mammadov, Baku 2020 Sports and Venues Director, described his home city's strengths saying, "Baku has an ideal climate for sport, a beautiful waterfront, and an amazing history. And perhaps importantly in these challenging financial times, we offer one of the strongest, fastest growing economies in the world. The positive impact of Baku 2020 is almost impossible to calculate. The legacy for sport in Azerbaijan will transform the lives of athletes for generations to come".

He added, "we offer the Olympic Movement a Games model based on true need; this means sustainable venues designed to remain in place, serving local and regional athletes. Our model can show future potential Host Cities that the Olympic Games are achievable, responsible investments for the future".

All five candidates to host the 2020 Olympic Games had the opportunity to make 10-minute presentations at ANOC.  Doha, Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo also presented Saturday.

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