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Madrid 2020 Unveils Compact SMART Games

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Following its bid application to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Tuesday, Madrid 2020 unveiled its bid plans Thursday which shows that all sub-venues are connected by AVE (high speed rail).

Should Madrid host the 2020 Games there would be 36 sports venues, 27 of which are already built, a new one planned, six permanent addition venues, and two temporary additional venues.

The total budget for the bid during its application and candidacy is $38.6 million (38 per cent corresponding to public financing while private funding represents 62 per cent).

The concept SMART Games represents a management system based on criteria including innovation, sustainability, strict control over expenses, simplification of operating security standards, transport and logistics, maximum accessibility etc. which could be applied to future events.

Madrid 2020 has the support of 75 per cent of its citizens and 84 per cent of the Spanish population. Spain has experience in hosting high-level sporting events - 77 world championships and 85 European competitions in the last few years.

Madrid 2020's proposal is for a compact project with two Olympic areas (Campo de las Naciones and Manzanares) with premises located in a maximum radius of 10 km from the city centre, and an Olympic Village, close to all venues, accommodation and totally accessible services with guaranteed post-Olympic use (social housing, service buildings, green and sports areas).

The media centre would occupy two pavilions with a surface of 170,000 m2, with guaranteed post-Olympic use.

The Media Village is located next to IFEMA with 5,100 rooms located in relocatable buildings to be used for future social projects.

As for accommodation, the city of Madrid offers more than 93,000 rooms, 48,571 in 2-5-star hotels, within a radius of 50km from the Olympic Park.

An Olympic Fund has been established for social, integration, biodiversity and sport. It also offers the use of clean energies, optimal waste recycling, new standards for water management, and sustainability mobility promoting the use of non-polluting public means of transport, or private eco-responsible alternative means, as well as power self-generation.

Madrid 2020's application highlights the city's excellent transport infrastructure and high-capacity roads, as well as the expansion of Barajas airport and its communication lines with the centre, priority given to public transportation with all venues accessible through underground/train, shortening travel times. An Olympic lane will also be established.

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2020 Olympic Bid News Summary
Bid Status: Evaluation commission visits bid cities in March, 2013
Bid Date: September 7, 2013
Bid Location: IOC Session Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: Bid to host 2020 Olympic Games
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Web Site: http://www.gamesbids.com