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New Doha 2020 Olympic Bid Logo And Slogan - "Inspiring Change"

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Doha 2020 announced Friday its bid logo and campaign slogan. The inspiration for the Doha 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games logo comes from the name itself. The name Doha is derived from the Arabic word "ad-dawha" which in English means "the big tree". According to local legend "the big tree" stood on the site where the modern city of Doha is now located.

Doha 2020 says the "nurturing tree" logo reflects both the historic and modern day characteristics of Doha - a city ready to welcome the world in 2020 and, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to nurture and inspire the next generation through sport across the Middle East and beyond.

The bid slogan "Inspiring Change" reflects the last 12 months of profound change across the Middle East and North Africa. Doha 2020 says this change has been driven by a new desire, especially among younger generations, to connect and share their hopes - through direct action and social media - to seek a more positive future.

The Doha 2020 slogan evolved not simply because Qatar lies in the heart of a region experiencing change, it also came about because of traits unique to Qatar - its economic strength, vision and generosity of sport, education and culture, as well as recognition of its increasing role in the region.

The Doha bid committee also announced its new Website to be located at www.doha2020.qa - however at press time it was not yet online.

Doha, along with the other four applicant cities, have until next Wednesday, February 15 to submit an application file to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  Then, an evaluation report and a candidate short list will be released in May.

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