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Rio 2016 Promotes Bid At Mediterranean Games and “Family Run”

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A Rio 2016 Delegation is attending the 16th Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy being held June 26 to July 5, to promote the city's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The four-member team from Rio includes Carlos Nuzman, President of the Rio 2016 bid committee, Leonardo Gryner, Director of Marketing, and Director of International Relations Mario Cilenti.

Nuzman told GamesBids.com. "we are very excited to be here for the Mediterranean Games and consider this an important opportunity to continue to listen and learn from international competition organizers. The Rio 2016 Games will seek to deliver a unique experience for members of the Olympic Family and events such as this one are an important reminder of the passion that inspires all of us in the international sporting community to continue to create opportunities for the further development of sport and high-level competition for generations to come. We congratulate everyone involved for a great celebration of sport in the region".

Meanwhile Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Summer Olympic bid is also being promoted at the "Family Run" race, part of the Rio Marathon being held Sunday at the end of Olympic Week.

According to a press release nine athletes and a coach who represented Brazil in several Olympic Games will publicize the key points of Rio 2016's bid as they run along the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The "Family Run" is a six km race to take place simultaneously alongside the Rio Marathon. The Rio 2016 team will act in relay - each athlete will run 600 metres carrying the heart-shaped logo of the candidature, which, in place of a traditional baton, will be passed from hand to hand.

Nuzman said, "this relay is a symbol of support for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic project by athletes from different generations. There is no one better than athletes and coaches to evaluate the plans for the Games. The Rio Marathon is a great festival of sport and the Rio 2016 Relay will be a wonderful conclusion to Olympic Week, which celebrated the values of the Olympic Movement throughout the country".

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Rio 2016 Summary
Bid Status: Rio won bid
Bid Date: October 2, 2009
Bid Location: IOC Congress in Copenhagen Denmark
Description: Rio last bid for the 2004 and 2012 Games but did not make the short list. The city is trying to leverage the success of the 2007 Pan Am Games in its run for the 2016 Olympics - and Brazil is currently preparing to host the 2014 World Cup.
Bid Book: Link To Bid Book
Web Site: http://www.rio2016.org.br