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Chicagoans For Rio Explain Their Case

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Chicagoans For Rio, told GamesBids.com they are a small group of private citizens that wanted to add a different perspective. They say they are "proud of our city, ... who love to show off our city, but who don't feel hosting the Olympics is necessary in order to do so".

The group has its own website, Chicagoansforrio.com, where the public is asked to send e-mails to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in support of Rio de Janeiro's bid for the 2016 Summer Games.

In an e-mail to GamesBids.com a spokesperson for the group wrote ,"our chief concern is financial. Our city is well know for building wonderful assets that are significantly over budget (Millennium Park being the latest example). So while the U.S. usually runs profitable Games, it's difficult to believe this city would be able to keep that streak alive".

The e-mail continued, "For those of us who can see both the upside and downside of hosting the Games, watching pep rallies in all 50 wards doesn't qualify as discussions. When our mayor says no tax payer money would be used to host the Games, we all know that's false, and it's statements like that which create a lack of trust about the bid.

"In addition, it's our belief that Chicago doesn't need the spotlight of the Olympics to show off our great city" said the e-mail, adding "last year, we attracted 45 million tourists".

"As for the response, it's been strong and roughly 90 per cent positive. Hundreds have submitted e-mails to the IOC, and one IOC office sent a response that said, 'We've been bombarded. You've made your point'. And really, we haven't made our point - our fellow Chicagoans have. It's nice they had a venue to do so".

When asked why the group decided to support Rio the spokesperson said, "it seems to be the strongest contender. Plus, they have Carnival, so the place is O.K. in our books".

Because the group says their goal has been accomplished no further action is planned said the spokesperson.

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