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Public Support Only 50% For Prague 2016: Bid Questionnaire Response

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According to the questionnaire response that Prague's 2016 Olympic Committee submitted to the International Olympic Committee, only 50% of Prague citizens support the bid. The results were gathered from an October polling that revealed an increase of 8% from a similar Poll of people across the Czech Republic held in May 2007.

With a Presidential election coming up next month in the Czech Republic and already wavering political support - the bid has some major challenges to overcome.

The bid document also reveals that there are 28,000 hotel rooms currently available and 10,000 are planned by 2016 - but the combined total of rooms could fall short of the IOC requirements - and it's well behind the quantities described by competitors.

The Games would be scheduled from July 29 to August 14. Prague's overall concept is to hold a unique Games in the heart of the city with venues close together - most not more than 20 minutes from each other or from the Old Town Centre of Prague. There will be three main clusters with the Olympic park at the centre of it all. The document explains that the design follows the Prague Strategic Development Plan.

Five venues are already built and ready, 12 need upgrades and nine permanent new venues will be constructed with an additional seven venues being temporary for the Games only. In the center will be a new $348 million Olympic Stadium and the Olympic village will be financed with both private and public funds. Revenues from the Games are projected at USD $969 million.

The bid's budget is financed by mostly public funds with USD $7.7 million alloted for the application stage and an additional $14.6 million for the candidacy phase - a amount well below what the other 2016 bids have planned.

Of the seven 2016 Olympic bids, six of the bid dossiers have now been revealed to the public. Only Baku remains.

You can download the entire document by clicking here (11MB PDF file). Write or read comments about this article

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