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Olympic Bid Roundup

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Tokyo 2016 announced Friday it has released a line of official Tokyo 2016-licensed merchandise. Tokyo’s bid committee has domestic contracts with two licensees for items including T-shirts, towels, pins and Mizuhiki key rings to be sold at various shops in the city. Tokyo 2016 said it believes the merchandising campaign will add further momentum to its bid.

A source at the Azerbaijani Ministry for Youth and Sports told REGNUM that it is unreal that the 2016 Olympic Games can be held in Baku and it will lose the bid to other cities. The source said he doesn’t recall any cases where a bid from a city for such large-scale Games won on its first attempt. He also said the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is aware that South Caucasus today is a region with three frozen conflicts and that there are practically no sports facilities meeting global standards. He said the IOC also knows that the tourist sector is underdeveloped in the country. He added it is possible for the Olympics to be held in Baku as early as 2020 or 2024, saying that by that time Azerbaijan will have more “serious arguments” to win the bid. It will have several sports complexes meeting global standards, tourism will be developed, and “hopefully, all political complications will become the past”.

The sixth edition of the Korea-Japan Youth Winter Sports Exchange Program is being held in Seoul and YongPyong Resort, PyeongChang South Korea January 20 to 26. A rotational exchange program will take place in Hokkaido and Gunma Prefecture Japan February 11 to 17. The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation. Youths from grades 7 to 9 are invited to participate. Jin-sun Kim, Governor of Gangwon Province said, “to host Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is a dream of the entire Korean people. In line with that we are pleased to host a series of international winter sports competitions in PyeongChang including Dream Program, Snowboard World Cup, Biathlon World Cup and Short Track Speed Skating Championships”. He added, “I do firmly believe this Korea-Japan Youth Winter Sports Exchange Program will also contribute to the promotion and development of winter sports in Asia”.

If Taipei’s opposition party KMT’s candidate Ma Ying-jeou wins the presidential election, there’s a report that Taiwan will apply to host major international sports events, including the Olympics. Ma told supporters Saturday that Taiwan will systematically train athletes and seek to host international sports events, including the Olympics. “We must start with less difficult ones to prove we are capable of hosting large sports events. We will apply to host the World University Games in 2015, East Asian Games in 2016, Asian Games in 2018, and Olympic Games in 2024”. Write or read comments about this article

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