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Tokyo 2016 Releases Olympic Bid Questionnaire Response

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On Tuesday, the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid committee released its plan to host the Olympics to the public.

Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games in 1964 but declares that hosting the 2016 Games "will be even more beneficial" then that post-war era citing new benefits to "economic, social and environmental sustainability" in this city's current transitional period.

The bid committee proposes hosting the Games from july 29 to August 14 - well with the IOC's desired timeframe. The plan gives evidence of a federal financial guarantee to cover any cost over runs and some infrastructure projects. The bid budget - jointly funded by private and public sources - will amount to USD $48 million through to the end of the candidacy. Planners estimate Games revenues to be $1.557 billion.

Of 31 planned venues, 21 already exist and 10 new venues will be built including five that will be temporary for Games use only. The venues will lie in 2 tight clusters near the city center.

Planners have designated an Olympic park at the center of the city and expect the Olympic experience to "permeate the city without comprimising Olympic operations". With over 124,000 hotel rooms nearby, ample accomodations is a highlighted strength of Tokyo's bid.

A recent poll indicates that 60% of Tokyo residents support the bid while 62% across Japan are in favor.

You can download the entire document by clicking here (23MB PDF file). Write or read comments about this article

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