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Doha 2016 Releases Olympic Bid Questionnaire Response

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After submitting it to the IOC earlier this week, the Doha 2016 Olympic Bid Committee has released its Questionnaire response to the public.

The 81-page book published in both English and French conveys the bid committee's plans to host the Olympic Games, and how they will conduct their bid to win the opportunity. The bid's concept - "celebrating change" - hopes to instil a change in attitudes and a change in perception by holding the first Olympic Games in an Arabic-speaking land.

Doha proposes to host the Games in late October - a plan designed to accomodate athletes with cooler weather conditions. Although this falls outside the IOC's planned window, the bid committee offers the precedents of Sydney 2000, Seoul 1988, Mexico City 1968 and Tokyo 1964 that all celebrated the Games in October. The International Paralympic Committee has already accepted the planned November dates for its Games.

During the bid campaign, the committee plans to spend USD $48 million try to secure the Games - a number inline with recent campaigns for the Summer Games. $44 million will be government financed and an additional $4 million will come from the private sector.

"We are not going to overspend" Doha 2016 Chairman Mr. Hassan Ali Bin Ali told GamesBids.com today, "everything will be inline with business standards".

If elected to host the Games the bid has planned to be similarly efficient by utilizing 70% pre-existing venues, most that are legacies of the recently-held Asian Games. Additionally, six venues will be temporary and four will require new construction.

"We will still leave a legacy" explained Hassan, "a new Olympic Village and Media Village will be built ... and the there will be much new construction as part of the Qatar Master Plan [the city's long-term development strategy]."

The Olympic Village is positioned as the centerpiece of the bid - a $USD 1.94 billion 67-hectare development project designed to provide living facilities to 18,000 athletes - and formed in the shape of a dove.

An Ipsos poll found that 86% of people in Doha City and region support the Olympic bid and that 95% of the people were aware of the bid. The Qatar government has committed to full financial guarantees that will cover any cost overruns.

"We have a strong bid ... we will focus on sports more than anything else.", Hassan said.

Based on the questionnaire responses, the IOC will choose a short list of candidates in June.

You can download the entire document by clicking here (6MB PDF file). Write or read comments about this article

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