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Poll Shows Millions In Japan Aware Of Tokyo 2016 Bid

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Tokyo 2016 said that a recent poll which revealed that nearly 115 million people in Japan (89 per cent of Japanese people) are now aware of its bid and its aims to open a new sporting, social, economic and environmental golden era for the benefit of the country and the Olympic movement, is evidence that momentum behind Tokyo’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games is building.

The survey was conducted between the 1st and 3rd of December and repeated for accuracy between December 6 and 8, with 6,000 participants (2,000 Tokyo residents and 4,000 residents outside Tokyo), ages 15 to 69 years.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, CEO and Chairman of Tokyo 2016 said, “for any bid the first job is to establish a strong level of national awareness and understanding. This is especially true in the discerning and sophisticated Japanese society. To have nearly 115 million people in Japan aware of what we have set out to achieve for our country and the Olympic Movement is very gratifying and even humbling at such an early stage in the bidding race.

“The Tokyo 2016 Bid Committee welcomes the result of this poll as an indication that the vast majority of Japanese people will be ready to embrace the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is this solid foundation that shows the incredible potential passion for the Games that exists in Japan which, when unlocked, will benefit the whole Olympic movement”. Write or read comments about this article

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